Verizon Wireless has the most mobile phone subscribers in the U.S., but the company uses most of its marketing push for promoting its post-paid unlimited plan. You would be forgiven if you didn’t know Verizon also offers prepaid plans.

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In addition to Verizon prepaid plans offering limited high-speed data, you can also buy one with unlimited data. In this article we will take a look at various Verizon prepaid plans, and let you know which one might be best for your needs and budget.

Verizon prepaid plans – limited data


If you just need some data, you can start with Verizon’s $30 a month pre-paid plan, which offers 500MB of high-speed data— Verizon throttles speeds down to 128 kbps if you use all 500MB before the end of the billing month — along with 4G mobile hotspot access. If you pay Verizon’s $35 a month prepaid plan with Auto Pay billing selected ($40 a month without Auto Pay), you can boost that high-speed data to 3 GB per month, again with 4G mobile hotspot access. Both of those plans include unlimited talk and text inside the U.S., along with unlimited texts to over 200 countries.

At the moment, ff you get the prepaid plan that’s $45 a month with Auto Pay ($50 a month without Auto Pay), you can get a high-speed data increase to 15GB (normally its 8GB), along with all of the features in the $30 and $40 a month tiers and unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico.

All Verizon prepaid plans with data limit video streaming to 480p resolution.

Verizon Wireless unlimited prepaid plan

If you want the comfort of using a prepaid plan with unlimited data, Verizon offers such a plan for $65 a month with Auto Pay ($70  a month without Auto Pay).  Verizon says it can “prioritize your data behind other customers during times/places of network congestion” so keep that in mind if you plan to use a lot of data on this plan. It includes unlimited talk and texting in the U.S., along with unlimited texts to over 200 countries and unlimited talk to Mexico and Canada, along with limited video streaming at 480p resolution. There is no 4G mobile hotspot access available with the Verizon unlimited prepaid plan.

Verizon Wireless family prepaid plan discounts

Verizon recently revamped its top three family prepaid plans, which offer discounts for adding up to 10 additional lines. You can save $10 a month for each additional 3GB prepaid plan you add to your account, and save $20 a month for each 8GB prepaid data plan. You will also save $20 a month when you add an unlimited prepaid plan to your account. You can also mix and match prepaid plans, so you get an unlimited plan, but your family gets limited 4G data plans.

Travel Pass support in Mexico and Canada for $5 per day

All Verizon prepaid plans can now support the carrier’s Travel Pass for U.S. customers who travel to Mexico and Canada, along with the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. They will be able to use their normal talk, text, and data prepaid plans while in both countries for the additional price of $5 per day, and customers will only be charged during the days they use it. In addition, Verizon offers the same Travel Pass support in over 30 other countries for $10 a day.

Verizon Wireless tablet and hotspot prepaid data plans

There are also Verizon prepaid plans for people who own LTE-based tablets, or stand-alone mobile hotspot devices. They begin at $35 a month with Auto Pay ($40 a month without Auto Pay) for 3GB of high-speed data. For $45 a month with Auto Pay ($50 a month without Auto Pay) that limit goes up to 8GB of high-speed data, although Verizon currently has a promotion where it has added 7GB of additional data for free to this plan. 

These kinds of plans are perfect for people who want to go on the road with their tablet or mobile hotspot, but don’t want to sign a contract to use Verizon’s network.

Verizon SIM card for prepaid unlocked phones

If you have purchased an unlocked smartphone from a third-party retailer (like Amazon) that can use Verizon’s LTE network, you can get the carrier’s 4G SIM Activation Kit for free. The kit comes with a Verizon SIM card for your unlocked phone. You can then sign up for one of the carrier’s pre-paid plans.


While Verizon prepaid plans don’t get promoted very much, they do offer some competitive options. The main issue with its prepaid plans, for people who already own an unlocked phone, is that not many of them work on the CDMA-based network Verizon uses. Users with those phones should make sure they will support Verizon’s network.

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