Asus Zenfone 8 review: Pint-sized powerhouse suffers predictable pitfalls

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Asus Zenfone 8 series buyer’s guide: Everything you need to know

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10 years on from the first Chromebooks: Google was right about them

C. Scott Brown May 11, 2021

Asus Zenfone 8 Flip impressions: Wait, this isn’t the flagship?

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Exynos 2200 (with AMD GPU) could be an M1 competitor by coming to laptops, too

A new report suggests we could see the new AMD-powered chipset in laptops first in the second half of this year.
C. Scott BrownMay 10, 2021

Exynos 2100: What you should know about Samsung’s flagship chipset

From specs to supported phones and performance, here's what you should know about Samsung's flagship chipset.
Hadlee SimonsMarch 31, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Snapdragon vs Exynos: How big is the performance gap?

Massively improved, but still not there yet.
Dhruv BhutaniJanuary 30, 2021

Confirmed: Samsung’s next flagship Exynos processor will have AMD GPU

Samsung has confirmed that the follow-up to the newly announced Exynos 2100 processor will have an AMD GPU.
Hadlee SimonsJanuary 12, 2021

Samsung Exynos 1080 launched: Flagship power in a mid-range chipset

Samsung's latest mid-range processor offers flagship-level CPU and GPU performance.
Hadlee SimonsNovember 12, 2020

Report: Samsung could supply Exynos chipsets to Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo

Samsung previously supplied Exynos chips to Vivo, but it looks like two more big names could join the table.
Hadlee SimonsNovember 3, 2020

The underpowered Galaxy Note 20 Exynos model risks splitting the series in two

With an improved Snapdragon 865 Plus, is the global Exynos 990 Galaxy Note 20 really Samsung's ultimate flagship?
Robert TriggsAugust 9, 2020

We asked, you told us: The Galaxy Note 20 Exynos debate is only just beginning

Exynos remains a stumbling block for would-be Galaxy Note 20 users, but it's not as huge as we thought.
Andy WalkerJuly 31, 2020

Expect the horsepower gap to widen between Snapdragon and Exynos Note 20

It looks like those hoping for a new chipset in the Exynos Galaxy Note 20 will be disappointed.
Adamya SharmaJuly 13, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series could get a massive chipset upgrade

A new leak points to a major CPU and GPU upgrade over the Exynos 990 seen in the S20 series.
Hadlee SimonsMay 28, 2020
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