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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: All the rumors in one place

Phillip Prado January 24, 2020 216 shares

Forget flagships, mid-range phones are making the biggest technological leaps

Robert Triggs January 19, 2020 760 shares

5G will struggle until it’s affordable for all

Eric Zeman January 23, 2020 247 shares

Who is BBK, the world’s second largest phone manufacturer?

Robert Triggs January 19, 2020 1413 shares
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10 best new Android games from January 2020!

Looking for a fun, new Android game? We can help! Here are the best new Android games from the last month!
Joe Hindy17 hours ago2931 shares

10 best new Android apps from January 2020!

Are you looking for some new apps? We got you covered with the best new Android apps from the last month!
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We asked, you told us: 65% of you throw caution to the wind and auto-update apps

I'm surprised more people don't have automatic app updates turned off.
Jimmy WestenbergJanuary 25, 202085 shares

Why you might want to disable automatic app updates on the Play Store

The Google Play Store defaults to allowing automatic app updates, but should you perhaps disable this feature?
Hadlee SimonsJanuary 23, 2020169 shares

15 best Android survival games!

Survival games bring out the human being in all of us. Here are the best survival games for Android!
Joe HindyJanuary 23, 2020532 shares

15 best RPGs for Android for both jRPG and action RPG fans!

RPGs are one of the most successful genres on mobile and the only home for jRPG fans. Here are the best RPGs for Android!
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10 best health apps for Android!

Getting healthy is important and your smartphone can help! You can help get fit using these awesome Android health apps.
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10 best dating apps for Android!

Getting into the dating scene can be difficult for some. Dating apps help and we've rounded up the best dating apps on Android right now.
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10 best rhythm games for Android!

Rhythm games aren't as mainstream as they were, but there is still a loyal fan base that loves the challenge. Here are the best rhythm games on Android!
Joe HindyJanuary 17, 2020701 shares

10 best calendar apps for Android!

Having the right calendar app can be essential if you're a busy person. Check out these amazing calendar apps and get your day straightened out!
Joe HindyJanuary 16, 2020571 shares
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