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Here's how to sync your Samsung Health data with Google Fit

It's easier than you'd think!
December 1, 2021

Google Fit launched for Android in 2014, allowing smartphone owners to collect data from various fitness wearables that supported it. While watches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 3, and Galaxy Watch Active 2 primarily use the Samsung Health app for tracking fitness data, they can hook up to Google Fit, too.

Officially, Samsung smartwatches only sync data with Samsung Health and not Google Fit, but thanks to a third-party app called Health Sync, it’s possible to sync Samsung Health data to Google Fit.

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How to sync Samsung Health data to Google Fit

If you have not already, the first thing you need to do is download both Google Fit and Samsung Health apps on your smartphone. You might have one of these apps pre-installed already on your phone, but maybe not both.

Then, download the third-party Health Sync app from the Google Play Store. Do note that Health Sync gives users a one-week trial, after which you can either subscribe to the app or drop a one-time payment for a permanent license. Nevertheless, the trial period is long enough to provide an adequate experience.

google health s health sync

After you install the Health Sync app, here’s how to use it to sync Google Fit data to Samsung Health:

  1. Open Health Sync. Read the First Usage Actions dialog and hit OK once complete.
  2. Choose the Sync Direction on the next screen. Select Google Fit as the base app. On the next screen, select Samsung Health and tap OK.
  3. The next screen will confirm the two apps you’ve chosen and the sync direction of the data. Read the Declaration of Consent by tapping on the box. Tap Accept once you’ve read through the document.
  4. You’ll need to install Samsung Health and Google Fit on your phone on the next screen if you haven’t already.
  5. Once you’ve installed both apps, tap Check Google Account Connection. Select and authenticate your Google account on the next screen.
  6. Once complete, an Initialization Finished dialog will appear. Tap OK to continue.
  7. Finally, the last step is selecting the fitness data categories you wish to sync between Google Fit and Samsung Health.
    • The categories available: Activities, sleep, heart rate, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen saturation, and nutrition and water.
    • One category is not available, namely steps. Samsung has prohibited all third-party apps from moving steps data to its platform.
  8. Tap on the categories you wish to sync. Keep in mind that both Google Fit and Samsung Health will ask for permission to transfer that data for each category.

If you’ve set up Health Sync correctly, the app will display Sync status: OK. If there’s an issue, the app will also display the reason for the problem.

With this third-party app, it should be pretty simple to get most of your fitness data synced between Google Fit and Samsung Health.

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