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In 2014, the Google Fit app launched for Android, which allowed smartphones owners to collect and show data from fitness wearables that supported it. Unfortunately, some of the most popular fitness-based smartwatches are made by Samsung. They include devices like the Samsung Gear Sport, the older Samsung Gear S3 and others. What’s so bad about that? These devices use Samsung Health app to collect and display fitness stats instead. 

Officially, the Gear smartwatches only sync up data with S Health, and not the Google Fit app, even though both apps are available for all Android owners. However, there is a way to sync up and connect Google Fit to S Health, thanks to a third party app called Health Sync.

Google Fit to S Health via Health Sync

The first thing you need to do, if you have not already, is to download both Google Fit and Samsung Health apps on your device. You might have one of these apps pre-installed already on your phone, but likely not both.

Then just download the free third party Health Sync app from the Google Play Store.

You then should open up that app, and it should ask you to choose which of your Google accounts you want to use with Health Sync. It then will ask permission to view and store your stats and other info from Google Fit.

google fit s health

After that, the app will ask you to sync up Google Fit to S Health, or go in ther other direction and sync S Health to Google Fit. Keep in mind that if you choose the latter option, you should make sure that you have disabled steps and activity tracking in Google Fit or it could lead to some data conflict issues. Finally, the app will ask you to select the types of fitness data you want to sync up between the two fitness apps.

Google Fit to S Health – Conclusion

With this third-party app, it should be pretty simple to get your fitness data synced up between Google Fit and S Health. Did you have any issues with using the Health Sync app? Let us know in the comments!

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