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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Everything we know so far (Updated: June 28)

Update: Looks like the Galaxy Watch 5 series just jumped through the FCC.
June 28, 2022
A Galaxy Watch 4 user checks for software updates in the watch settings.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Update: June 13, 2022 (08:07 AM ET): We’ve updated this hub to include a tweet from leaker Evan Blass (Evleaks) which may reveal the colors we can expect for the Galaxy Watch 5 line.

Update: June 13, 2022 (09:52 AM ET): We’ve updated the Galaxy Watch 5 rumor hub below with an FCC listing that gives away some of their specs. Read on for all the latest.

Original article: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 successfully raised the bar for Wear OS devices. It even introduced (and monopolized) Wear OS 3, keeping Samsung ahead of the competition for months. However, the device is reaching the end of its fame as the spotlight turns to the next generation. Rumors and speculation suggest that the Galaxy Watch 5 is on its way, and might be bringing some big improvements.

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Will there be a Galaxy Watch 5?

In this twilight zone of a year, it might seem like yesterday that Samsung’s current flagship smartwatch arrived. In reality, the launch of the next generation is already around the corner. A series of leaks have essentially confirmed that a Galaxy Watch 5 is in the works. The real question is how the company will follow up the success of its previous generation and what innovations Samsung has planned to stay ahead of the curve.

When will the Galaxy Watch 5 release date be?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 displays its app screen on a black background.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Previous generations of the Galaxy Watch line have arrived each year in August. In 2019, we got the Galaxy Watch Active 2  rather than a direct successor to the Galaxy Watch. However, in 2020 Samsung returned to its August launch date with the Galaxy Watch 3.

We expect the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 to follow suit and arrive sometime this upcoming August. That means the device is likely only a few months away and, more importantly, will beat the highly anticipated Pixel Watch to users’ wrists.

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What features and specs will the Galaxy Watch 5 have?

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 on a leather surface displays the watch face Cute Character.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

There has already been plenty of speculation about what we can expect from the next Galaxy Watch and we have no doubt that more leaks and rumors are coming. We’ll keep this coverage updated as we learn more.


We loved the two-prong approach of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Luckily, leaks suggest the next generation will see multiple models as well. So far, specifics have been a bit convoluted, with early rumors suggesting two to three models.

Originally, SamMobile suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 would be nixing the line’s Classic version and instead offering two models: a Galaxy Watch 5 and a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Roughly two weeks later, GalaxyClub reported their discovery that Samsung is developing three versions of the device under different iterations of the codename “Heart.” These include Heart-S, a 40mm or 42mm version with a model number SM-R90x, Heart-L a larger 44mm or 46mm version with model number SM-R91x, and Heart-Pro, a single-sized version with model number SM-R92x. These coded projects seemingly confirm that a Pro model is on the table as well as two other models.

That said, Samsung recently released a new beta update to its Health app, adding support for the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro models. Notably, the update didn’t mention support for a Classic model, suggesting that Samsung may indeed skip it this time around. However, it could also be that Samsung simply forgot to mention Galaxy Watch 5 Classic support by mistake.

Meanwhile, rumors have been light on what might make the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro “pro” but we’d hope to see upscale design features and high-end materials like those found on the 4 Classic. Early Galaxy Watch 5 Pro rumors suggested a much larger battery as well, but this has not yet been verified.

Evan Blass, known as Evleaks on Twitter, may have more insight to offer. A recent leak from Blass contains a screenshot of code, including the codenames we mentioned above and the proper names for the potential Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 line up. It also suggest colors we may expect to see for each model.

Thought you guys might find this interesting.
— Ev (@evleaks) June 16, 2022

The Galaxy Watch 5, in small and large models codenamed Heart-S and Heart-L, is listed in silver or graphite. The Heart-S, or small model, looks like it will also be available in Pink Gold. The Heart-L, or large model, looks like it will be available in Sapphire. Finally a Pro model listed in the code as “Project X” will be available in gray titanium or black titanium.

Longer battery life

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 rests on a beige cushion while charging.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority
Luckily, leaks suggest that a bump in battery life might be coming. Sure, the battery on Galaxy Watch 4 has Apple beat, but when competitors like Fitbit and Garmin offer devices with week-long battery life, 40 hours is a bit hard to swallow.

If Samsung increases the Galaxy Watch 5’s battery capacity to 276mAh as rumored, users should be looking at longer use time between charges. That being said, other factors affect battery life, including display resolution, so it’s not yet possible to say if we’ll feel the increase outright.

After the new Galaxy series passed through the FCC in mid-June, we found out that the watches should land with 10W wireless charging support. However, keep in mind that previous Galaxy watches also supported wireless charging but only with specific pads. We still don’t know if the Galaxy Watch 5 series would support charging from all pads.

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Body temperature sensor

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 rests face down, exposing the band's spring bar.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Rumors about upcoming wearables aren’t always accurate, but in this case, we’re crossing our fingers: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 may also introduce a thermometer function. According to ETNews, this feature would not only be useful for detecting early signs of COVID-19 but it would also be valuable for women tracking their cycles.

Unfortunately, trusted resource Ming-Chi Kuo has voiced some doubts about the plausibility of Samsung getting this sensor ready for launch. He states that algorithm limitations will likely keep it on the shelf for now. This would be disappointing for sure, but at this point, it’s too uncertain to say the possibility should be put to rest.

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What will the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 price be?

A Galaxy Watch 4 displays Samsung Pay, one of the digital payment options on the device.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority
  • Galaxy Watch: $329
  • Galaxy Watch 3: $399
  • Galaxy Watch 4: $249
  • Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: $349

The values above reflect the starting price tag for each previous generation of the Galaxy Watch when it launched. Depending on the size and LTE capabilities users selected, pricing rose from there.

With inflation and Pro models to consider, it’s hard to predict where the Galaxy Watch 5 will ring up. We’d hazard to guess it will fall somewhere between the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 3. If a Pro model arrives, it’s possible that it will bookend the pricing spectrum around $399, while the other models are priced much lower.

What we want to see

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 rests on a black leather case displaying the watches Welcome screen.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

There are a few other changes we hope Samsung brings to the new lineup. These are in addition to longer battery life (and faster charging), as well as some of the rumored improvements discussed above.

Less exclusivity

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 ECG app asking to download the Samsung Health Monitor app
Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Both older Wear OS watches and past generations of the Galaxy Watch worked with iPhones, but the Galaxy Watch 4 jumped ship. We know most Apple users will opt for the Apple Watch 7 anyway, but who doesn’t like options?

More unfortunate is that some of the device’s most exciting health-tracking features only work if it is paired with a Samsung smartphone. Other Android users do not have access to the ECG, which requires the Samsung Health Monitor app. Blood pressure measurements are also exclusive to Samsung smartphones. We hope to see a Galaxy Watch 5 with tools that all Android users can tap into. If it’s not too farfetched, we’d be happy to include iPhone users too.

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More Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 styles

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic being held in someone's hand.
Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

We would definitely be on board for the rumored multi-model availability rumored above. However, we would also love to see more band styles and bolder colors from the company. Third-party bands offer users every option from metal and leather to nylon and resin. Luckily, these are often quite affordable. We are also definitely hoping for band compatibility between the Galaxy Watch 4 and 5, because we’re well-stocked.

However, more exciting out-of-the-box looks would be fun to see including additional case colors. Is it too much to ask that smaller wrists at least get the same green option as big wrists? Based on the colors tipped off by Evleaks as discussed above, it doesn’t look promising.

Which upgrade would you like to see most on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5?

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Those were all the things we want to see on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, but what are some of your expectations? Drop us a line in the comments section. Also, take our poll above to tell us which upgrade matters to you the most.