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Last year’s Samsung Galaxy Buds stole our hearts and ears as the ideal companion for Samsung Galaxy S10 users. This year, the company introduced an updated iteration to accompany the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone line: the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. The new model struts a nearly identical aesthetic and with some improvements under the housings.

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Although we’re seeing smartphones race to be the thinnest and lightest, the Galaxy Buds Plus have increased in weight — by a measly 0.7g — to accommodate larger battery cells. The Galaxy Buds Plus promise improved battery life over the original Galaxy Buds: 11 hours of standalone playtime compared to the original model’s specified six-hour battery life. On-the-go battery life has also improved as the case still affords just one extra charge cycle. This brings total listening time to 22 hours, compared to the senior unit’s 13 hours.

Samsung’s making use of its Spotify partnership; users can directly access Spotify via the touch panels.

Samsung also improved fast charging. Now, just three minutes in the case yields an hour of audio playback, whereas 15 minutes of charging supplied just 100 minutes of playback on the original Galaxy Buds. The Galaxy Buds Plus retain wireless charging capabilities, too, so you can still impress your friends by charging the case atop your compatible Samsung smartphone.

If you fancy yourself a gym rat, you’ll be pleased to know you can exercise with the IPX2-rated Galaxy Buds Plus. Other things that remain the same are Bluetooth 5.0 firmware, Ambient Aware mode, and touch controls. Now, though, you can directly access Spotify — sorry, Tidal users — from the earbuds. Pretty neat.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Buy it Now
$149 .00

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus boast better microphone quality

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 of 2

Samsung also made big upgrades to the microphone array. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are equipped with two outer and one inner microphone, which should result in greater clarity during voice transmission. It’s not that the original Buds’ microphones sound bad, but it can’t outperform that of the Apple AirPods. I anticipate the technology will more effectively mitigate background noise while also focusing on the speaker’s voice, but we’ll wait for SoundGuys’ testing to make any official observations.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus will be available on February 14, 2020 in black, white, blue, and red and will retail for $149.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Compact true wireless earbuds with neat tricks up its sleeves
The new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus boast the same design as the originals, now with improved battery life, Spotify integration, and quicker fast charging.

Samsung also announced three new phones today: the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. Check them out below:

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