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How to remove someone as a Best Friend on Snapchat

What does it take to get on your Best Friends list?
December 15, 2022

If you use Snapchat a lot, you will find that Snapchat chooses “Best Friends” for you. These are the users you interact with most, meaning you send them Snaps and messages more often than others on your My Friends list. Who shows up as a Best Friend for you is account-specific, meaning, if someone is a Best Friend for you, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are one of their Best Friends. Let’s clarify how to remove someone as a Best Friend on Snapchat.

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To remove someone as a Best Friend on Snapchat, limit your interactions with them or delete them from your My Friends list.


Snapchat denotes Best Friends for you based on its own algorithm. It considers how many Snaps you’ve sent each other and how many messages you’ve sent in chat. As such, you cannot manually remove a Best Friend; there is no dedicated button to assign or remove someone as a Best Friend. So, can you remove someone as a Best Friend on Snapchat?

How to remove Best Friends on Snapchat

Replacing them

This is the most natural solution. Snapchat automatically removes someone as your Best Friend if you stop sending them Snaps and chat messages. If you start interacting with other people more, you’ll have a better chance to replace that person as a Best Friend with someone else.

Deleting them

If you delete someone as a friend on Snapchat, they — along with your chat thread, messages, and Snaps — will disappear from your account. As such, this is another way to remove a Best Friend.

To do so, go to their profile > ⋯ > Manage Friendship > Remove Friend.

Changing the Best Friend emoji

Don’t get us wrong, changing the Best Friend designated emoji will not remove anyone as a Best Friend. However, if someone else is going to be looking at your Snapchat, you can better hide your Best Friends by changing the Best Friend emoji.

Lowering the number of Best Friends on Snapchat

Some accounts have access to a function allowing you to lower the number of Best Friends for your account. This is found in Settings > Manage > Number of Best Friends.

Not everyone can access this, though, so your best bet would be to limit your interactions with the person you want to remove as a Best Friend.

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