Palm Pre with Android

Palm Pre with Android

Thanks to Slashdot, there is a rumor floating around that Palm may be dropping their beloved WebOS platform in favor of Android. The leak comes from a Slashdot reader who believes that an internal memo is (or will be) circulated stating the following,

“While Palm is incredibly proud of our engineers who spent timeless work and effort to bring us this advanced operating system, consumers simply have not caught on. To provide a better future for ourselves and our customers, the only logical choice is to transition our hardware and software to the Android platform.”

According to the supposed memo, many of the best features of Palm’s WebOS are going to be integrated into Android and according to Slashdot, “Software engineers are to begin working on Palm’s own builds of Android as soon as the device maker officially joins the Open Handset Alliance, which other executives at Palm say could be as soon as next week. An official statement from the company is expected as soon as the union is made.”

This is an incredibly interesting piece of gossip as it spells out a future for Android in which there is one common application store, but multiple flavors belonging to different manufacturers.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.