• Huawei and LG will reportedly not announce their flagship smartphones at MWC.
  • Their decisions are allegedly due to Samsung announcing the Galaxy S9 at the yearly mobile tech showcase.
  • This would represent a change in strategy, since Huawei and LG have announced smartphones at MWC in years past.

With CES behind us, Mobile World Congress is next on the tech conference schedule. If a report from ETNews turns out to be accurate, do not expect Huawei or LG to show off their rumored flagships at the annual get-together.

Reportedly, Huawei and LG will not unveil the rumored P20 and V30+α due to the expected Samsung Galaxy S9 announcement. Samsung executives confirmed the news in early January, with a recent leak making the Galaxy S9’s appearance increasingly likely.

If true, this would not be a surprising move on LG’s part. Even though the company announced strong financials for Q4 2017, its mobile division has continued to lose money. This led LG Electronics CEO Cho Seong-jin to announce that the company is finished with the yearly smartphone release cycle.

Instead, LG will unveil new smartphones “when needed,” with the V30+α rumored to be an extension of the regular V30’s lifespan. An LG spokesperson confirmed to The Korea Herald that the company has a few announcements planned for MWC, but if the rumored flagship update is ruled out, we wonder what those announcements are.

As for Huawei, an alleged roadmap pegs the P20 for a Q2 2018 release. The Chinese manufacturer remains tight-lipped on plans for the next P-series phone, though that silence was expected to be broken during MWC.

Since nothing has been confirmed, we should take this report with a grain of salt. Regardless of what happens, Android Authority will be in Barcelona to deliver the latest news from the yearly mobile tech showcase.

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