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What is a Snap Score and how to increase it

Get the inside scoop on Snap Score, the metric that measures your Snapchat activity, and learn how to boost it.

Published onFebruary 27, 2023

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms, with millions of daily active users. And while many of us are familiar with the app’s fun filters and disappearing messages, there’s one feature that’s a bit more mysterious: the Snap score. In this article, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about how Snap score works, including what it is, how it’s calculated, and what it means for your Snapchat experience.


A Snap score is a unique measure of your activity on Snapchat based on factors such as the number of snaps sent and received, stories posted, and streaks. Snap scores are updated in real-time and appear on your Snapchat profile.


What is a Snap score, and how does it work?

Snap score is a metric that measures your activity and engagement on Snapchat. Essentially, it’s a numerical representation of how much you use the app. To see your Snap score, open up your Snapchat profile, and you will find your score beneath your username. Tap on your score to see a breakdown of your stats.

I only use Snapchat for messaging, so my score is based on the number of Snaps I have sent and received. But there are a variety of factors that Snapchat uses to calculate your Snap Score, including:

  • Snaps sent and received: Your Snap score increases each time you send a snap to a friend and receive a snap from a friend.
  • Stories posted: You also earn points for posting snaps to your Snapchat Story.
  • Streaks: Your Snap score will increase even faster if you have a “streak” with a friend (meaning you’ve sent snaps back and forth for several days in a row).
  • Number of friends added: The more friends you add, the higher your Snap score will be.
  • Bonus points for using the app: If you’ve not been using Snapchat for a while and have started using it again, you’ll earn bonus points.

It’s worth noting that the exact algorithm for calculating the Snap score is not public knowledge. In Snapcahat’s own words, they say your Snap score is “determined by a super-secret, special equation” involving the above factors, and Snapchat has been known to tweak it over time. While that description isn’t exactly helpful or transparent, we have a few tips you can follow to increase your Snap score.

How to increase your Snap score

The easiest way to increase your Snapchat score is simply by using the app more often and using all of the app’s features. The Snap score’s only purpose is to be a gamifying element to drive engagement with the app. You use the app and are rewarded with a new high score.

That being said, if you want to increase your Snap score on Snapchat, you can try a few strategies. Here are some tips to boost your score:

  • Stay active: Using the app regularly is the most effective way to increase your Snap score. Send and receive photo and video snaps from your friends, and post to your Story frequently. Your score won’t improve if you only send text messages on the app, so send photo and video snaps to earn points.
  • Start streaks: Maintaining a streak with a friend is a great way to stay engaged with the app and earn more points. However, sending the same Snap to multiple users won’t increase your score. You need to send unique snaps to each user to earn points.
  • Add more friends: Your number of friends on Snapchat can affect your score. Adding more friends will increase the potential for sending and receiving snaps and ultimately increase your score.

How to see someone’s Snap score

Are you feeling competitive about your Snap score? Some Snapchat users have reported feeling pressure to maintain a high Snap Score, which can be seen as a status symbol among friends. If you’re curious, you can compare your Snap Score to others by viewing your friend’s profiles. You’ll see their current Snap score beneath their username, the same as on your profile.

snapchat see someones snap score
Adam Birney / Android Authority

If you are wondering if you can see someone’s Snap score without adding them, the answer is no. There is no public leaderboard for Snapchat scores, so you can only see the scores of people you are friends with on Snapchat. If you can’t see someone’s Snap score, they will likely have removed you from their friend list or blocked you.


Your Snap score updates in real time, meaning it updates as soon as you send or receive a snap or post to your Story.

No, Ghost Mode does not conceal your Snap Score. Your score will still be visible to your friends, even if you have enabled Ghost Mode.

No, sending and receiving text messages in the Snapchat app does not increase your Snap Score. You need to send photos or video snaps to earn points. The same goes for group chats; only sending group members photos and videos will increase your Snap score.

No, you cannot freeze your Snap Score. It updates in real time based on your activity on the app.

In general, your Snap Score only increases over time. However, it’s possible that your score could decrease slightly if you delete a snap or Story that you’ve posted.

No, Snapchat does not notify users when someone checks their Snap Score. However, if you send a snap to someone, they can see your score if they tap on your username.

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