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Here are all the carriers that get you an iPhone 15 for free

There are several carrier plans which include a free iPhone 15 handset as part of the subscription.

Published onFebruary 21, 2024

Apple iPhone 15 colors

The iPhone 15 arrived late last year. If you haven’t picked it up yet it will set you back quite a chunk of change, depending on the model and storage size. Is there a way to get a free iPhone 15? Actually yes. There is a catch, though.

Where can you get a free iPhone 15?

So back to that catch we mentioned. No one is going to give you a free iPhone for nothing. The only way to get it is through your carrier and there might be a few hoops to jump. Also, be aware you’ll typically see these ‘free phones’ in the form of credit discounts over a long period of months. If you cancel your plan or change up phones sooner than expected, you may end up owing back some money.

Below we take a quick look at the carriers and retailers currently offering an iPhone 15 for free when you sign up.


Verizon is actually offering a few iPhone 15 deals. First, if you trade in an eligible iPhone you can get up to $830 offer. That’s not enough to cover an iPhone Pro model, but it’s enough to cover the base iPhone 15 and almost completely cover the Plus as well.

The best Verizon iPhone deal requires you to add a new line. Both new and existing accounts are eligible, but this really only works for existing customers if you are planning to add a new family member. This deal will give you up to $1000, though it also requires a trade-in. This price is enough to cover the base iPhone 15 Pro, but you’ll still likely have to shell out a few hundred for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.


T-Mobile is also offering quite a few free iPhone 15 deals. The best deal gives new and existing customers the chance to own a free iPhone 15 Pro with an eligible trade-in, though you’ll need to switch to Go5G Plus or Next if you aren’t on these plans already.

Other plans also have some solid discounts, though the iPhone 15 won’t be free, just cheap. For example, Go5G and Magenta will both give you $350 off with a trade-in. For those on the Magenta Max plan, you’ll be able to get $650 off any iPhone 15 model. Have another plan? You’ll still likely be able to get around $200 off when trading in your older iPhone.

Lastly, when you buy an iPhone 15 via T-Mobile you can get a second one for $700 off with a new line.


AT&T no longer offers the latest iPhone for free but you can get it for as little as $4 a month by trading in an eligible phone and signing up for one of its unlimited plans. You’ll get up to $830 with qualifying trades. Your phone didn’t make the cut? Some older models will qualify for smaller discounts as well, such as the older iPhone X series.

Boost Infinite

Boost Infinite is also offering a free iPhone 15 deal, specifically the Pro model. All you need to do is sign up for the Boost Infinity Access Plan. No trade-in is necessary. This makes Boost’s offer the best iPhone deal, though not everyone will be willing to make a switch to a whole new carrier to take advantage. Nonetheless, this is a heck of an offer.


The standard iPhone 15 is the lowest-priced model at $799. A cheaper alternative in the Apple line would be the Apple iPhone SE (2022).

None of the carriers in the US are offering the phone for free, but with the discounts mentioned above you can still get it for just a few hundred.

If you’re coming for an iPhone 13, probably not. If you’ve had an iPhone or Android device for years, then absolutely. For those who don’t mind spending more, we will say that the Pro is the better deal.

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