Google I-O 2016 Keynote-2

Google IO 2016 is going strong, but unless you are a developer, you probably don’t want to watch all the session videos. The keynote is all that matters to most of you, and that part of the developer convention has already concluded.

Did you miss the live stream? Don’t worry, Google has put the video online for your viewing pleasure. You can watch it right here:

The whole video lasts just a bit over 2 hours, so be sure to grab your popcorn if you want to go through all of it. Now, if you would rather let us tell you about specific announcements, here is some of our most important Google IO 2016 content so far.

Google IO 2016 coverage:

What do you think of Google IO 2016, so far? Hit the comment to let us know which announcement you are most excited about. I am all about Google Home, which is pretty much Google’s response to the Amazon Echo.

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