clay bavor daydream-Google IO 2016
Update (5/19): During its VR at Google presentation a bit earlier today, Google’s head of VR Clay Bavor mentioned that Google is in fact building its own Daydream headset and controller. There was no word as to what these devices will look like or what type of hardware they’ll feature, but this is still notable because it’s the time Google has mentioned it’s creating its own VR hardware outside of Cardboard.

Original post (5/18): Today at the Google I/O conference event, Google unveiled their new platform for virtual reality called Daydream, which aims to take the direction Google Cardboard has been going a step further by optimizing VR standards for mobile devices. This initiative comes part and parcel with a new kind of headset, which will bring Google VR users a new degree of immersion.

(Update: "Android VR" spotted in dev console) Stand-alone Android VR rumored to be unveiled at Google I/O

The reference headset has been distributed to developers and manufacturers, and we can expect to see the earliest versions hitting the market this fall. Unlike Google Cardboard, which features only a headset with little means of tactile interaction beyond a single button mounted to the headset itself, the Daydream reference unit come with specs for a multi-button handheld control. This accompanying device has sensors dedicated to determining its position in physical space, allowing you to interact seamlessly with digital objects in virtual reality. It also features a large touchpad to allow for more nuanced manipulation.

daydream controller-Google IO 2016

The future of VR looks bright in the hands of Google. Let us know what you think of Daydream and its reference unit in the comments below.