Google assistant

At its annual I/O developer conference today, Google announced Google Assistant, a beefed-up voice assistant that can help you do much more than ever before.

Previously, Google’s voice assistant was simply known as “Okay, Google” or Google Now, but now the voice has a name. And with the new naming scheme comes a whole new way of talking to the voice assistant. It can now provide users with more natural two-way conversations and do much more than just schedule events and perform quick Google searches.

an ambient experience that extends across devices

For instance, in the demo shown on stage, CEO Sundar Pichai asked Google Assistant what movies are playing tonight. After the list of movies was read, Sundar responded with “Sure, let’s do Jungle Book.” Google Assistant knew that meant Sundar wanted to order tickets, so it went ahead and did so for him. Take a look at the screenshot below to see just how seamlessly it worked.

Google assistant 2

Google Assistant will be available in a number of different devices later this year, so users will be able to use it at home, on their smartphones or in their car.


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