google play dave burke installs-Google IO 2016

What would any conference be without those sweet, sweet numbers and statistics companies love boasting about? Google is no exception, and you can bet they gave us the usual proof of success.

Only last fall the search giant announced they had hit 1.4 billion Android users. These are bound to download a handful of apps from the Google Play Store; we now know amount to a whopping 65 billion. And that is only counting the last year!

Meanwhile, the most popular browser has reached another milestone in the mobile department.  Google Chrome now has over 1 billion monthly active mobile users.

We often complain about too many smartphones getting announced each year (or month). It was specifically a problem some years ago. Though things seem to be slowing down, the influx of released handsets is still significant… we just don’t hear about most of them. According to Google, over 600 Android phones have been released in the past year.

In addition, Android Auto has managed to make it to over 100 cars and stereo units (100 more coming before 2017). They have also partnered with 12 Android Wear manufacturers. Lastly, it was mentioned Google Photos now has over 200 million active users.

Overall, these numbers all seem pretty impressive, but they are also to be expected. After all, Android is the most popular mobile platform and Chrome is the most used browser. There is more than numbers to learn here, though. We will continue covering everything coming from Google IO 2016, so keep it tuned to our homepage to learn more!

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