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How to request a refund or dispute a transaction on Cash App

If your cash is still recoverable, these steps might help.

Published onApril 5, 2024

Sending and receiving money on Cash App is a major reason to use the app, but what if you realize you sent funds to someone who tried to scam you and you want a refund? Usually, once you send a payment on Cash App, it’s instant. However, there’s still slightly more to the story. Will Cash App refund money if you’re scammed? Here’s what you need to know.


Cash App cannot guarantee you will get a refund if you get scammed.

You can try to cancel a pending transaction if you work quickly, but transfers are instant. To try to cancel a payment, open Activity >Find the payment > Tap Cancel if the option exists.

You may also request a refund on Cash App. To do this, open Activity > Find the payment > Tap '…' > Tap Refund > Tap OK.

If you want to dispute a transaction, open Activity > Find the payment > Tap '…' > Need Help & Cash App Support > Dispute this transaction.


Will Cash App refund money if you’re scammed?

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Cash App payments are instant, and Cash App cannot guarantee that you’ll get a full refund if it turns out you sent money to a scammer. You can report a transaction as fraud, and the Cash App team will investigate the situation to try to get a refund, but again, it’s not a guarantee.

How to cancel a pending transaction on Cash App

Usually, Cash App transactions are instant, but sometimes, you may have a short window of time to cancel one. Acting quickly is your best chance of ensuring success. Here’s what to do:

  1. Open the Activity tab in Cash App and find the payment you want to cancel.
  2. If the option to Cancel is available, tap it immediately.
  3. If you don’t see the option to Cancel, it is too late.

How to request a refund on Cash App

Sometimes, you may have sent money by mistake to a friend or colleague, and in these instances, you’ll likely have more success asking for a refund. To request a refund, do the following:

  1. Open the Activity tab in Cash App and find the payment you want to be refunded.
  2. Tap the ‘…’ button.
  3. Select Refund.
  4. Tap OK.

You can also use the Request on the Cash App home screen to ask someone for your money back.

How to dispute a transaction on Cash App

If worst comes to worst and you must report a transaction for fraud, here’s how to initiate the dispute process:

  1. Open the Activity tab in Cash App and find the payment you want to dispute.
  2. Tap the ‘…’ button.
  3. Select Need Help & Cash App Support.
  4. Choose Dispute this transaction.

The Cash App team will try to investigate the situation based on the details you report. Again, there’s no guarantee you will get a refund, however.

Other options for reporting fraud on Cash App

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You can take further steps to report a fraudulent transaction on Cash App, but once more, how successful these attempts can be will vary. You can also block people and merchants, but that doesn’t do anything for the money you’ve already lost.

Inform your bank of the fraud

Contact your bank’s fraud department and explain the situation. They may offer further guidance, including closing your current bank account to avoid further impact on your funds and opening a new one.

File a police report

You can contact your local police department’s non-emergency number (that is, don’t use 911 in the United States), ask for the fraud department, and explain you have been defrauded. They may file a report and open a case, but again, there’s no guarantee they can help.

File an FTC complaint

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) keeps track of scams and fraud, and you can report what happened to you to the FTC. They may not be able to get your money back either, but they could use your case as evidence to track down and stop the scammers from acting again. You can file a report by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP or by visiting


Cash App transactions are usually instant, so a scammer may have already taken your money and disappeared by the time you have a chance to file a dispute. That means even if Cash App finds the transaction to be fraudulent, you’re out of luck.

Cash App itself is not a bank so it is not insured by the FDIC. Its partner bank, Lincoln Savings Bank, is insured by the FDIC, but that insurance does not apply to money in your Cash App account unless you have a Cash Card. Regardless, FDIC insurance does not cover scams or fraud.

You can try similar methods described in this article to get refunds on your Cash Card purchases as above. But because Cash Card transactions can also happen at retailers, there are some further steps you can take. Here’s what they are:

Request a refund from a retailer

If you notice suspicious activity in your Cash Card history at a retailer you don’t remember visiting, you can request they refund you. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Open the Activity tab in Cash App and find the payment you want to be refunded.
  2. Tap the payment.
  3. Tap Completed.
  4. Tap Need Help?
  5. Tap Call Merchant.

From there, you can request a refund. Note that it can take up to 10 days for the refund to arrive.

Report your Cash Card as lost

If you have lost your Cash App card or if it’s been stolen, you should report it as lost:

  1. Tap the Cash Card tab on the Cash App home screen.
  2. Tap the image of your Cash Card.
  3. Select Problem With Card.
  4. Tap Card Stolen.
  5. Confirm your PIN or touch ID.

It is generally not recommended to accept money from strangers on Cash App or any other payment platform. There is always a risk of fraudulent activity, such as the sender using stolen funds or attempting to scam you.

If you do receive money from a stranger on Cash App, it is important to be cautious and verify the sender’s identity before accepting the payment. You can also check with Cash App support to ensure that the payment is legitimate and not part of a scam.

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