Camera shootout: OnePlus 9 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

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OnePlus 8 Pro one year later: Is it still worth buying?

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Can companies stop with the ludicrous branding on the back of phones?

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E3 2021 wishlist: What we want to see

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WhatsApp flaw lets attackers suspend your account using your phone number

You don't even have to offer any input of your own.
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Your next phone might have an under-display face unlock sensor

You wouldn't need a notch or fingerprint reader to securely sign in to your device.
Jon FingasJanuary 26, 2021

Schools are buying phone-hacking tools — and they don’t need warrants to search

The tools are the same or similar to ones law enforcement officials use against mass shooters and domestic terrorists.
C. Scott BrownDecember 11, 2020

Smartphone ads can be used to find your location within a 1 meter accuracy

If you value smartphone security, you might want to invest in an ad blocker.
C. Scott BrownDecember 11, 2020
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