OnePlus 7 Pro camera review

OnePlus 7 Pro camera review: Average at best

Edgar Cervantes 4 hours ago 212 shares

We went behind the scenes with the OnePlus camera team. Here’s what we learned.

Dhruv Bhutani June 21, 2019 145 shares

Amazon Prime Day 2019 to be held July 15-16: Everything you need to know

Team AA 8 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy Fit review: Affordable, simple, and all-around good

Jimmy Westenberg June 21, 2019 67 shares
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Use an Android phone as a security key: How to do it (Update: Unlock iPhones)

Who says you need to buy a dedicated hardware security key fob to thwart cyber-criminals? Certainly not Google.
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Start training as a cybersecurity expert for as little as $1

The nine-part Cybersecurity Certification Bundle is the latest 'pay what you want' special offer.
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Apple, Google, WhatsApp hit out at GCHQ proposal to spy on your encrypted chats

The GCHQ suggestion means law enforcement agencies could drop in on your chats, and you wouldn't receive a notification.
Hadlee SimonsMay 30, 2019322 shares

Update your WhatsApp now to avoid this dangerous exploit

A hack purportedly developed by an Israeli security firm used WhatsApp's VoIP calling functionality as an attack vector.
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Price drop! This 10-part cybersecurity training is just $30 today

The 2018 Supercharged Cybersecurity Bundle teaches you the skills of the hackers, and therefore how to beat them.
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Become a certified cybersecurity specialist for as little as $1

Pay what you want to learn how to beat the hackers with the nine-part Cybersecurity Certification Bundle.
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Train to become a cybersecurity expert for just $35

Learn how to become a certified ethical hacking expert after 78 hours of online training.
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Gearbest user info left unsecured, reportedly exposing 1.5 million records

Gearbest claims affected users are limited to those who bought items between March 1 and March 15.
Hadlee SimonsMarch 18, 2019109 shares

Pay what you want for 117.5 hours of cybersecurity training

If you want to start your journey as an in-demand cybersecurity expert, this certification bundle is a solid starting point.
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At least 11 popular apps are secretly giving your private data to Facebook

The Wall Street Journal exposes how at least 11 very popular apps are secretly giving your private data to Facebook.
C. Scott BrownFebruary 22, 2019346 shares
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