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Galaxy S10 Plus vs Pixel 3 XL: The battle for Android’s soul rages on

by Oliver Cragg 15 hours ago0 comments

MWC 2019: Here’s what we expect to see

by Team AA 13 hours ago26 comments

Samsung Galaxy S10 hands-on: Samsung’s latest flagships set a new bar

by Eric Zeman February 20, 20190 comments

Huawei Watch GT review: A fitness tracker in smartwatch clothing

by Kris Carlon 16 hours ago0 comments
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At least 11 popular apps are secretly giving your private data to Facebook

The Wall Street Journal exposes how at least 11 very popular apps are secretly giving your private data to Facebook.
by C. Scott Brown12 hours ago

Pay what you want for training in top cybersecurity certifications

Get all the training you need to pass a variety of cybersecurity certification exams and pay whatever you like.
by AA PicksFebruary 12, 2019

Huawei indicted, China responds. Should consumers worry?

The U.S. has indicted Huawei for fraud, stealing trade secrets, and violating sanctions, but don't toss your phone just yet.
by Eric ZemanJanuary 29, 2019

Think you can spot a phish? Take Google’s fun new quiz to find out

Google has a new online quiz you can take to test out your phishing detection skills.
by C. Scott BrownJanuary 22, 2019

Become a certified cybersecurity specialist for as little as $1

Pay what you want to learn how to beat the hackers with the nine-part Cybersecurity Certification Bundle.
by AA PicksDecember 31, 2018

10-part cybersecurity training for only $30 (deal ends tomorrow)

The 2018 Supercharged Cybersecurity Bundle teaches you the skills of the hackers, and therefore how to beat them.
by AA PicksDecember 10, 2018

Become a certified cybersecurity expert — Just $39 this week

This huge cybersecurity bundle fully prepares you to ace several certification exams and kickstart a lucrative new career.
by AA PicksNovember 21, 2018

Huge price drop on CompTIA cyber security training (deal ends soon)

CompTIA is the preferred cyber security certification of some of the biggest tech giants. You can train for three exams for just $59.
by AA PicksNovember 12, 2018

Get $5k of cybersecurity training for just $59! Fast track your career now

The 2018 Cyber Security Bootcamp Bundle is $5,000 worth of training and prep for several industry-recognized certifications. Today it’s just $59.
by AA PicksSeptember 18, 2018

College isn’t everything — You can still get your dream job in tech

If you’re not heading back to school this semester, you can still learn life-changing skills online. We’ve rounded up some great last-minute career deals for under $100.
by AA PicksSeptember 5, 2018
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