Oppo Find X review: Finding space

by David Imel June 19, 20180 comments

Pop-up cameras: Which does it better, the Vivo Nex or Oppo Find X?

by Oliver Cragg June 21, 20180 comments

Steam Link Android app review: PC gaming goes mobile

by Robert Triggs June 22, 20180 comments

After a week with YouTube Music, my heart is still with Spotify

by Duncan Elder June 21, 20180 comments
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Become a cybersecurity expert with this training bundle

This online cybersecurity bundle fully prepares you to ace three certification exams and start a career in online protection.
by AA PicksJune 17, 2018

Fingerprint lock? Science wants to use your brainwaves instead

Fingerprint and retinal scanners are nice, but still crackable. A team of scientists are working on a way to use your unique brainwaves instead.
by C. Scott BrownJune 5, 2018

Deal: Microsoft 365 Security Training 98% Off

The Complete Microsoft 365 Security Training Bundle has 85+ hours of instruction in cybersecurity. This week it’s down from $3,000 to just $49.99.
by AA PicksJune 1, 2018

Drupe app back on the Google Play Store following security vulnerability (Updated)

Drupe made it a point to reaffirm that all permissions requested by the app are needed for the app to run certain features.
by C. Scott BrownMay 14, 2018

Deal of the day: Become a cybersecurity expert for just $30

Worldwide cybersecurity spending will reach $96 billion in 2018. The world needs experts, and you can step up for only $30.
by AA PicksMay 11, 2018

Find a new Android exploit? Sell it to a secretive company for $3 million

If you need an extra few million dollars, claim the Crowdfense bounty by selling Android exploits. However, who knows where it goes from there.
by C. Scott BrownApril 26, 2018

The Google Play Store has a serious crypto scam problem

More disturbing news today about how Google's lax quality control for the Google Play Store is resulting in crypto scams galore.
by C. Scott BrownApril 20, 2018

In the future, your phone will be your password on the web

The World Wide Web Consortium is pushing to eliminate passwords. The W3C password solution uses your phone as an authenticator for any site.
by C. Scott BrownApril 10, 2018

Cloudflare launches free, fast, “privacy-focused” DNS server

The new Cloudflare DNS server is supposedly faster and more secure than Google's widely-used service. Try it out today!
by C. Scott BrownApril 2, 2018

Big Four carriers reveal next generation of two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication has helped people keep their personal info more secure, but it's certainly not hacker-proof. We need a new system!
by C. Scott BrownMarch 1, 2018
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