chromebook disney plus keyboard shortcuts

Disney Plus is the hottest streaming service at the moment, and it’s available on nearly every platform imaginable. That includes streaming shows like The Mandalorian, movies like Avengers: Endgame, and more on your PC web browser. The nice thing about watching the service on a browser is that you can use Disney Plus keyboard shortcuts. It should make your overall experience just a bit easier.

Here’s a look at the current keyboard shortcuts that are available on PC web browsers when you visit They are also available if you stream on a Chromebook, using the Disney Plus Android app. Keep in mind that those shortcuts only work on the Android app with a Chromebook; they do not work when using the same app with a virtual or physical keyboard on an Android smartphone or tablet.

Disney Plus keyboard shortcuts

  • M – Mute sound
  • F – Fullscreen mode
  • Esc – Exit fullscreen mode
  • Spacebar – play or pause video
  • Right arrow – go forward 10 seconds in video
  • Left arrow – go back 10 seconds in video

That’s all the Disney Plus keyboard shortcuts we know of so far. If any more are discovered or added to the service, we will update this post if needed.

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