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How to clear cache and data on your Fire TV Stick

Burn away the deadwood for smooth streaming.
March 7, 2022

After using your Fire TV Stick for a while, you may experience certain apps running slower or not working correctly. The culprit is often a corrupted cache that has become too large. Here’s how to clear cache and data on your Fire TV Stick for smoother streaming.

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To clear cache and data on your Fire TV Stick, go to Settings--> Applications--> Manage Installed Applications. Select an app and choose Clear Cache or Clear Data.

How to clear cache and data on your Fire TV Stick

Whether it be YouTube, Netflix, or Disney Plus, clearing the cache and data will help your apps run smoothly. Navigate Settings from the far right of the home screen, then select Application.

applications fire tv stick
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Scroll down to select Manage Installed Applications.

manage installed applications fire tv
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Select the app that is giving you trouble and choose either Clear Cache or Clear Data.

clear cache firestick
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Clearing the cache will remove temporary data storage, while clearing data will restore apps to their default state. We recommend clearing the cache first since clearing data means you will have to log into the app again.

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How do I clear the cache for all apps on my Fire TV?

There is no way to clear the cache of every app installed on your Fire TV Stick at once. You will have to clear cache and data for specific apps individually.

What is a Fire TV cache?

Each app has a cache that temporarily stores data to help it launch faster and reload where you left off. However, problems like slow speeds, lag, and app crashes can occur when the cache grows too big. In most cases, clearing the cache will resolve these issues, but if not, you can clear data to reset the app to default settings.

Should I clear the cache on a Fire TV Stick?

To ensure smooth operation, you should regularly clear the cache on your Fire TV apps.

Should I clear the data on a Fire TV Stick?

If you are experiencing app crashes or slow speeds, you should try clearing the cache first, but if that doesn’t work, you should clear data to reset the app to default settings. See also how to restart a Fire TV Stick.