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Cash App not working? Here's how to fix it

Start sending and receiving money again with these quick fixes.
September 8, 2023

Cash App is a mobile app that makes it easy to send money to friends and family online, and it has also evolved to let you invest in stocks and cryptocurrency. It’s quick and convenient and has become one of the most popular ways to send and receive money, which is why it can be pretty jarring if Cash App suddenly doesn’t work. If you’re having problems with the Cash App not working, here’s what you can do to fix it.

Check if Cash App is down

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The Cash App not working may not be because of any problems on your device but because of the service itself. Use a site like Down Detector to see if others are reporting issues with the app. Cash App also has a status checker that shows whether there are any ongoing problems with its different features, like sending and receiving money, using the Cash card, making direct deposits, and more.

Use the Cash App website

If you’re facing problems with the Cash App mobile apps on Android or iOS, you can use the Cash App website to make any necessary transactions. It offers the same functionality and a similar user experience and is an excellent alternative to mobile apps. Of course, if Cash App is having server issues, transactions won’t work on the website either.

Check your network connection

The Cash App requires an active Internet connection to complete online transactions. Ensure that your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, and you can test the connection using other apps to see if network connectivity problems are specific to the Cash App. Check out our guides on what to do if your Android phone doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi and how to fix issues with the Wi-Fi not working in general.

Clear the app cache and data

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Clearing the app cache and data is a common troubleshooting step to fix Android app problems, so it’s worth trying to resolve the issue of the Cash App not working. You can clear the cache by going to Settings > Storage > Other apps > Cash App and tapping Clear cache (the steps may differ based on your device and Android version). You can also try Clear storage, but that will erase any saved app info, so you will have to log in again.

Update or remove and reinstall Cash App

App updates bring bug fixes, so ensure that you keep Cash App updated to the latest version to avoid issues. If updating the app doesn’t work, you can try removing and reinstalling the app.

Check for multiple device logins

Cash App doesn’t allow logging in to multiple devices with the same account. However, you can log in to another device or the Cash App website if you log out of the other devices. Ensure that you aren’t logged in to multiple devices simultaneously, as that may cause transactions to fail.

Change your Cash PIN

If you’ve forgotten your Cash PIN, keep in mind that Cash App will block any transactions and access after multiple failed attempts. To change or reset your PIN, tap on your profile icon and go to Privacy and security. Select Change Cash PIN and enter a new four-digit code.

Contact your bank

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Your bank may decline a Cash App transaction when transferring to and from your bank account if it doesn’t recognize your account. You will need to contact the bank to authorize transactions and provide them with your Cash App routing number. It’s best to link a debit card to your Cash App to take advantage of instant transfers. However, remember that there are fees associated with using the Cash Out feature for instant transfers.

Contact Cash App customer support

If everything else fails, your only option is to contact Cash App customer support. You can visit the support website for a phone number or social media handles. On the app, tap your profile icon, scroll down to Support, select Start a chat, and send a message with your issue.


Yes, you can cancel pending transactions if the app isn’t working. Find the pending payment in your transactions and select Cancel.

Cash App might freeze your account because of suspicious or fraudulent activity or if you have violated Cash App’s terms of service in any way. It’s best to contact customer support to resolve this issue.

Cash App may cancel a payment if it detects suspicious or fraudulent activity. The funds you attempt to transfer will return to your Cash App account instantly or to a linked bank account in 1-3 business days. Ensure that the linked debit and credit cards are in your name to prevent canceled payments.

Yes, Cash App is generally safe, but it isn’t federally insured and doesn’t offer fraud protection with authorized charges. There are plenty of scams that you may fall victim to if you aren’t careful. It’s best to make and receive payments only from people you know and don’t provide sensitive personal and financial information to anybody.