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Finally, 35 years after David Hasselhoff and KITT first gave us the idea, we will be able to talk to our cars if the SmartCar Chatbot takes off.

Essentially you’ll be able to talk directly to your car, in a conversational manner. Forget about awkwardly barking commands from a set menu and imagine a casual back and forth chat, with the car making suggestions as you go.

The start-up has used machine learning to give its Facebook Chatbot a massive vocabulary.

A chat window is just the start

Right now, the app works like a Facebook Chat window and it’s limited to useful stuff like locking the car  or pre-heating it on a cold day, but we’re not far away from voice commands and conversational English.

Artificial Intelligence can take the Siri concept to the next level and turn your car into a companion with its own character that evolves with every interaction.

“We’re excited to see what developers will build on the  Smartcar platform in the  future,” said founder Sahas  Katta.

Hyundai will use the system

Hyundai has already adopted the system for the Ioniq EV and we can see this turning into an exciting and slightly weird aspect of the electric revolution that we never really considered.

That’s because part of the in-car entertainment could be talking to the car itself and forming some slightly unnerving emotional bond with the AI behind the dashboard. It will know your habits, it will have some great road trip suggestions and you’ll never argue about music.

In fact, this AI in-car friend is sounding better all the time.

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