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How to post anonymously in Facebook groups

Just be aware that your identity won't be concealed from everyone.
August 9, 2023

You might not be aware that you can post anonymously on Facebook groups, but it serves a purpose. It was actually brought in due to parenting groups wanting to allow some posters to keep their identities concealed, but it is now something that can be enabled in any group. We’ll run you through how to post anonymously on Facebook.

Doing this is only possible on Facebook groups in which anonymous posting is enabled, and we’ll explain how you can enable this in your own groups. But you should also be aware that these posts aren’t completely anonymous. It will be reviewed by an admin before being posted, and your name and profile picture will be visible to admins and moderators of the group. Facebook itself will also know who you are.

With that caveat in place, let’s get into it.


On the group in question, tap on Write something… to start a new post, then tap Post anonymously and I want to post anonymously. Write the post you have in mind and press Submit.


How to post anonymously in Facebook groups

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Normal group users won’t be able to see your identity when you post anonymously in groups. Your post will appear to be posted by ‘Group member’ in private groups or ‘Group participant’ in public groups, and your profile picture will be replaced by a secret agent icon. Any replies you make to your own post will appear the same way.

The process is a little different depending on whether you’re posting from your web browser or the mobile app. We’ll go through both methods.

On desktop

Start by finding the group you wish to post in. From your Facebook home feed, you can get to your groups either by clicking on the Groups icon at the top of the page, represented by three figures together, or by tapping the Menu button in the top right, represented by nine dots in a square, and selecting Groups from the menu that appears.

You’ll see the list of groups you’ve joined on the left-hand sidebar. Click on the group you’re looking for to take you to it.

Facebook feed find groups

In the middle of the screen above the group feed, you’ll see your profile picture and an input box with Write something… inside it. Click it as you would to create a normal post.

The Create post popup box will appear. If anonymous posting is allowed in the group, you’ll see a banner above your name which says Post anonymously, along with a toggle switch. Hit the switch.

You’ll see another popup window advising you about what happens when you post anonymously. To continue, click on I want to post anonymously.

You’ll return to the Create post window, but now you’re posting anonymously. You’ll notice that your profile picture has changed to a spy icon, and your name has been replaced by Group member or Group participant. The gray text occupying the input box says Submit an anonymous post… Click in that input box and write the message you want to post.

When you’re ready to post your anonymous message, hit the Submit button. Your post will then be reviewed by an admin and will be submitted to the group feed if it is approved.

On mobile

The process on the Facebook mobile app is essentially the same as on desktop, but the route is a little different.

From the home screen on the Facebook mobile app, tap on the Menu button. It’s in the top right of the screen next to your notifications and is represented by a circle with your profile picture in it.

Select Groups from the menu.

At the top of the next screen, select Your groups and then scroll down to the group you want to post in.

Tap on Write something… on the group page to start the process of creating a post.

Above your post, hit the toggle switch for post anonymously. You’ll receive the same advisory notice as on desktop about what happens when you post anonymously. Confirm by tapping I want to post anonymously.

Back on the create post screen, you’ll see the spy icon instead of your profile picture and the name Group participant or Group member. Write your message, and when you’re ready, hit Post in the top right corner.

How to enable anonymous posts in a Facebook group

If you have your own Facebook group, you can choose whether to allow anonymous posting in it or not. It is enabled by default when you create a group, with the caveat that, as the administrator, you will be required to review any anonymous post a participant attempts to make. We’ll run you through how to enable or disable anonymous posts.

Start by going to the Groups section of Facebook as outlined above. If you’re an admin of a group, it will be at the top under the heading Groups you manage. Tap it to go to the group.

Next, hit the Manage button. It is under the group name and your profile picture in the group or in the top right corner, represented by an icon of a star within a shield.

On the next menu, scroll down until you see Group settings under the Settings heading and tap it.

Scroll down the group settings menu and hit Anonymous posting.

The next screen will show some information about allowing anonymous posts and then the option to toggle them on and off. If you want to enable anonymous posting, check the box next to On and then press Save.

The process is very similar on desktop, but the group settings can be found on the side menu on the left side of the group homepage.

Facebook Group on Desktop


Yes, with the same caveat that admins, moderators, and Facebook will be able to see your name and profile picture.

It might be that posting anonymously is disabled in the group that you’re in or that the group admin has rejected your anonymous post.

Your identity will be hidden from other group members but not from the group admins and moderators or Facebook.

Some people feel more comfortable contributing without revealing their identity. The ability of admins and moderators to see their identity is in place to avoid this feature being abused.