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Metro by T-Mobile is the no-contract subsidiary of T-Mobile that was previously known as MetroPCS. Whatever name it uses, it has some excellent deals on both plans and phones if you want to save some money, and we have the best current Metro by T-Mobile deals you can get from the carrier. Many of the deals are in-store only, so you’ll have to check your location carefully.

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Best Metro by T-Mobile deals:

  1. Get a new iPhone SE for $99.99
  2. Get an iPhone 7 for $29.99 when you switch
  3. Bring a tablet and get unlimited tablet data for $15 a month
  4. Get a free phone when you switch
  5. Pay $25 per line and get four free LG K51s
  6. Save 50% or more on connected devices

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best Metro by T-Mobile deals regularly as new ones launch.

1. Get a new iPhone SE for $99.99

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The first Metro by T-Mobile deal, and possibly the best one, will put a brand-new iPhone SE in your pocket for $99.99.

That’s right, the already budget-friendly iPhone SE with Apple’s newest A13 Bionic chip is even more affordable on Metro by T-Mobile. All you have to do is purchase the device and port an eligible wireless number to receive a $200 instant rebate.

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For the last $100 of the discount, you have to stick with Metro for six months on a qualifying plan. On the bright side, you can receive the $200 instant rebate on up to four devices per household. That’s like getting four iPhone SEs for the price of two.

2. Save $320 and get an iPhone 7 for $29.99 when you switch 

This Metro deal lets you get the iPhone 7 for $29.99 when you switch. Sure, the iPhone 7 is no longer the latest or greatest, but $29.99 is a tough price to top.

Saving $320 on an iPhone 7 is truly as easy as switching to Metro by T-Mobile and bringing an eligible phone number. As long as you haven’t been a T-Mobile or Metro customer in the past 90 days, you should have no trouble. If you want new devices for the whole family, this deal works up to four times per household.

3. Bring your own tablet and get unlimited tablet data for $15 per month

metro by T-Mobile deals - bring your own tablet

Metro by T-Mobile is also offering a way to stay connected on your tablet anywhere you go. If you bring your own device and purchase a SIM card, Metro will hook you up with unlimited data for $15 per month. 

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The offer page doesn’t specify if certain tablets are eligible or not, though it does state that the deal is available in-store only. If you absolutely need to get your tablet set up, please remember to practice safe social distancing habits when you venture out to the store. The deal will probably be around for a while, so it might be safer to wait until restrictions start to ease up.

4. Get a free phone when you switch

metro by T-Mobile deals - free phone

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to try Metro by T-Mobile, what price is better than free? Right now, you can pick up either a Samsung Galaxy A10e or an LG K51 when you switch.

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All you have to do is port in a number that hasn’t been on the T-Mobile network and the carrier will give you either $179.99 or $189.99 off your new device. Both phones make for great mid-range picks, and the LG K51 goes hand-in-hand with the next deal on the list.

Although the phones are free, you’ll have to cover the $15 per line activation fee, but that’s small change compared to paying for a device. If you want a larger phone and a triple-camera setup, you might want to try the LG K51. However, the Samsung Galaxy A10e will be a more familiar switch for Samsung fans and is rocking a Full HD display.

To make the deal even sweeter, Metro will also hook you up with a line of unlimited data for just $40 per month when you switch. You can only take advantage of the unlimited discount in stores though.

5. Pay $25 per line and get four free LG K51s when you switch

lg k51 metro

Our next deal is the best bet if you’re looking to switch your whole family to a new carrier. The plan is $25 per line and the phone is free.

When you switch to Metro by T-Mobile and add four lines of service, you’ll pay just $25 per line per month for unlimited talk, text, and data, and Metro will throw in four LG K51 phones for free. It’s the easiest way to upgrade your entire family and fully immerse yourself in the LG cosmos. 

This is another in-store only deal, so please make sure you’re following social distancing guidelines if you do need to switch right now.

6. Save 50% or more on connected devices

metro by T-Mobile deals

Every carrier is made even better when you add accessories, and Metro by T-Mobile is no exception. When you add a line of service, you can save big on a variety of peripherals from tablets to smartwatches and hotspots. The Alcatel JoyTab makes a great pick if you want to grab a tablet for free.

Many of the best accessory deals are actually safety-focused — the Pintrac Pet tracker, MetroSmart Ride, and the Timex FamilyConnect just to name a few. A hotspot device can be a lifesaver for working on the go as well, and the MetroSmart Hotspot is just $29.99 right now. You can add 10GB of data per month for just $35 more.

That’s all we have at the moment in terms of the latest Metro by T-Mobile deals. Of course, if any more deals are announced from the no-contract wireless carrier, we will update this post with those details.