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10 best merge games for Android

Fun fact, the first merge game was called Merge Dragons.

Published onMarch 22, 2024

Griddie Island best merge games android
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Merge games have a simple premise. You take a thing, merge it with another item, and it creates a better something. I use the word “thing” here because merge games can have you merging almost anything. That includes monsters, numbers, objects, and whatever else. A lot of developers combine merge mechanics with idle mechanics as well. These aren’t much different from match-three games. Match-three games have you removing items by matching similar shapes, whereas merge games add new things to the board when you reach identical figures. In any case, here are the best merge games for Android.

Since they are often discussed together, we also have lists for the best clicker games, idle games, and idle RPGs if you’re interested.

The best merge games for Android

2048 or Threes

Price: Free / $0.99

2048 screenshot 2023

2048 and Threes (Google Play) are two original merge games on mobile. Both games play very similarly. You merge two of the same numbers to create a new number that is double that of the old one. From there, you make another one and merge those as well. 2048 uses factors of two, whereas Threes uses factors of three. Otherwise, the games are nearly identical. We like these games because they are easy and family-friendly. Threes costs you $0.99 whereas 2048 if free to play. 

Griddie Islands

Price: Free to play


Griddie Islands is one of the most popular merge games on mobile. You start on an island where you merge little Griddies to create newer, bigger Griddies. The goal is to unlock everything. There is also an incremental idle element as well. Griddies produce money when left alone, and you use that money to upgrade things even more. The merge and idle elements make it a chill game and a good option. 

Hexagon Dungeon

Price: Free / Up to $4.99

Hexagon Dungeon has simple merge mechanics. The goal is to merge three hexagon monster blocks to generate an upgraded monster block. This clears the board so you can add and merge more monster blocks. It plays and feels a bit like a match-three game, which we don’t mind. It’s a unique twist on both genres. There is also a tiny bit of story to play through as well. It’s pretty good overall, although some reviews say it could use more polish.  

Medieval Merge

Price: Free to play

Medieval Merge is another game that uses both match-three and merge mechanics. Players craft various tools and then merge them to create other tools. You’ll fix up the town and beat terrible guys as you progress through the game. The game encourages players to explore their surroundings; there’s even a little story for you to experience. It feels less focused on the mechanics than some other games, which is a good thing sometimes. The only downside is the developer’s nerf-happy updates that make the game harder and harder on players. Other than that, it’s a good time. 

Merge Mayor

Price: Free to play

Merge Mayor is another merge puzzle game. This one uses merge mechanics, match-three mechanics, and city-building mechanics. You merge items to help grow your town, complete missions and progress through the story. The game also boasts few pay-to-play mechanics, offline support, and decently balanced gameplay that isn’t easy or hard for most. Overall, it’s a good experience, and we think the developers did a good job balancing free-to-play elements, advertising, and gameplay with this one. 


Price: Free to play

NecroMerger is a merge game that hits most of the correct notes. Players merge minor monsters like skeletons and zombies into more powerful monsters before feeding them to their Devourer. The Devourer grows in power, and the idle elements of the game take over to generate resources for you. You spend the resources to expand your lair and do other things. That’s the central gameplay loop. There are over 70 monsters to merge, plenty of things to unlock, and more things to do. The advertising is optional, the in-app purchases don’t get in the way, and it’s deep enough to play long-term. There isn’t much wrong with this one. 

Om Nom: Merge

Price: Free to play

Om Nom: Merge is a merge game spinoff of the famous Cut the Rope series. This one is a reasonably standard merge game. You merge the Nommies to create new creatures. Those creatures consume fruit in the forest. There are dozens of animals to unlock, various locations to do your merging, and power-ups to help advance faster. The beginning of the game is much faster and more fun than the endgame, but you aren’t supposed to play these games forever. It’s family-friendly, cute, and enjoyable for a while at least. 

Random Dice: Defense

Price: Free to play

Random Dice: Defense combines the merge mechanic with tower defense and match-three. Players merge their weapons in a match-three style to defeat bad guys before they get to the end of their lane. The gameplay is fun and slightly furious, which gives it a more action feel than many other merge games. There is also online PvP, solo play, crew battles where you play with others, and unique challenges to keep things fresh. There are no forced ads as of this writing so you can play as you please. This is one of the good ones, especially if you like tower defense games and merge mechanics. 

Triple Town

Price: Free / Up to $8.99

Triple Town screenshot 2023

Triple Town is a merge game that is mixed with city-building mechanics. You merge various items to generate new items. You use the new items to merge again or build your city. You start with things like rocks and grass. Eventually, you wind up with something like buildings. Some obstacles are along the way, but it’s usually no big deal. The developers are also very open about the fact that you get turns. Players can buy more turns with in-app purchases or subscribe to the game for unlimited turns for a year. We like that since you can pay once to overcome the game’s biggest drawback. We wish more turn-based games did something like that. 

Vivid Knight

Price: $10.99

Vivid Knight is a sort of wild card on this list. It’s a roguelike adventure game, first and foremost. You create a party, dive into dungeons, find loot, and repeat to form the best possible party. You get jewels from dungeons, which you merge to increase your party’s stats and unlock various new abilities. That’s the main merge mechanic. Since it’s a secondary mechanic, we’re unsure if that qualifies this game as a merge game. However, it’s often recommended in merge game circles, so we’re adding it here. It’s a good game with quick gameplay and many things to do. 

If we missed any big merge games, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.

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