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11 best idle RPGs for Android

A good idle RPG feels as good as some regular RPGs.

Published onMarch 22, 2024

IdleOn Worlds best idle RPGs for Android

The idle RPG is a growing genre. It mixes the incremental-style growth of an idle game with traditional RPG elements. The result is a game that feels like an RPG, but one that kind of grinds itself. That’s kind of the charm with them. You log back in, receive your rewards, and continue playing further along than where you left off. Some games in this space are highly successful, and their popularity has grown because of the sheer number of releases. Here are the best idle RPGs on Android right now.

We also have lists for incremental idle games, merge games, and idle clicker games if you’re interested. 

The best idle RPGs for Android

AFK Arena

Price: Free to play

AFK Arena screenshot 2023

AFK Arena is, by far, the most popular idle RPG on the list. That means it has a lot of fans as well as a lot of detractors. The gameplay loop is relatively simple. You select a group of heroes, and they do combat. Combat takes place without much input from the player. The game has over 100 heroes available through Gacha mechanics. Your heroes also continue battling even when you’re offline, so you can collect the rewards when you log back in. It’s a simple system, but one that has spread like wildfire through the mobile gaming community. It’s not the first, but it’s one of the most popular, and the developers add stuff fairly consistently. 

Almost a Hero

Price: Free to play

Almost a Hero is an idle RPG with a sense of humor. You draft what the game calls idiots, and then you turn them into heroes. There are 17 heroes to collect, each with its own set of upgrades you can buy as you play. Like most idle RPGs, your heroes continue fighting even after you log off so you can get rewards when you come back. The game also features a few different game modes, decent customization for each hero, and one of the easier menu UIs of the games on the list. It’s good for all the right reasons. 

Blade Idle

Price: Free to play

Blade Idle is a genuinely enjoyable idle RPG. You control a character who runs around dealing devastating attacks on hoards of enemies. You upgrade your hero by unlocking skills and improving his equipment. The game plays itself somewhat, so you don’t need to be online all the time. It’s not a complicated premise or gameplay loop, so you’ll settle in relatively quickly. The game has some pay-to-win stuff, but there are enough rewards for free-to-play players to be happy as well. It’s not the kind of game that jumps out at you, but it’s good nevertheless. 

Clickpocalypse II

Price: Free

Clickpocalypse II screenshot 2021

Clickpocalypse II is a simple, but fun idle RPG. You start the game by selecting a hero party that delves into a dungeon until they can go no further. You can upgrade your heroes, use items and potions, and even use magic attacks to keep them alive for as long as possible. In terms of gameplay, you watch most of it. The graphics are a bit too retro for us, but you can’t beat how simple and satisfying the mechanics are. We wasted a little too much time testing this one. 

Ever Legion

Price: Free to play

Ever Legion screenshot 2023

Ever Legion goes a bit above what you find in most idle RPGs. The world is 3D, which is unusual in this space, and the graphics, while not stellar, aren’t 16-bit retro-inspired either. You play through the game, leveling up your characters and progressing the story as you normally do. There are a bunch of heroes to recruit, online PvP, and the idle gameplay generates loot for you while you’re offline. In terms of pure mechanics, you won’t find anything incredibly unique here. However, it ticks the right boxes and gets the job done. 

Farm RPG

Price: Free

Farm RPG screenshot 2023

Farm RPG mixes idle RPG mechanics with a farming simulator. You set the game to farm, fish, craft, and trade things, so you earn revenue over time. From there, you upgrade your farm to produce more goods. There are help requests to fulfill, a surprisingly nice online community, and plenty of things to do. It’s a bit lighter on the RPG side of things than others, but there is so much to do, and the game is so easy to play, that it’s not a big deal. We like this one quite a bit. 


Price: Free

Godville is one of the more humorous games in this space. You play the role of God, and you command a follower to do things on your behalf. That’s the whole game. You create your hero, and it does all the boring stuff, like level grinding on its own, so you can relax and do other stuff. Check in now and then to ensure everything is going well. Some people played this game years ago, stopped, and logged in randomly years later to see their hero still toiling away like they always do. It’s entertaining, fun, and one of the most hands-off idle RPGs we’ve ever seen. 

IdleOn Worlds

Price: Free to play

IdleOn Worlds is an excellent idle RPG. It also uses MMORPG elements since players all play in a shared world. Players start the game, create a character, and start playing like they would in any RPG. However, you eventually get the power to create more characters, which you assign to do more things. Those characters continue with their routines even after you’ve logged out, so you come back to plenty of resources. This one also has guilds, an MMO-style open world, and plenty of achievements to earn. It’s also cross-platform with the PC version, so you can keep playing there as well. It’s an easy recommendation, and it’s genuinely enjoyable to play. 

Lost Vault

Price: Free to play

Lost Vault is a post-apocalyptic idle RPG with fantasy elements. You play the usual roles like ranger or wizard, but you do so in a modern world that has collapsed. Players take on bad guys to gain loot and resources. The resources are used to pay for upgrades, which helps you collect more resources. There are also some MMORPG elements, as you can interact with other players as well. The idle element has your adventurer going off on auto explorations to gather more resources. The only downside is the pacing. It’s not for everyone. The game uses water as an energy system, and you burn through it pretty quickly. It’s a marathon type of game, not a spring one like you typically see in the mobile RPG space. 

Melvor Idle

Price: Free/ $9.99

Melvor Idle is one of the few premium idle RPGs on mobile. It’s inspired by games like Runescape, and players have a lot of control over things like growth. Players spec their characters to gather things like wood and fish while also attacking bad guys to generate loot and more resources. For the idle elements, it uses an incremental system where you generate resources automatically, with upgrades generating resources more quickly. Most idle RPGs use incremental gameplay a little, but Melvor builds more into it than most. It’s a bit expensive at $9.99, but there is a free version you can use to get your feet wet. 

Tap Wizard 2

Price: Free to play

Tap Wizard 2 is an idle RPG that also uses clicker mechanics. You do battle by clicking the screen a whole bunch, and then you continue to get resources and levels while you’re not actively playing. The game is set in a fantasy world, and you are a wizard. The loop from there is pretty simple. Generate resources, upgrade your wizard, and that generates more resources to upgrade your wizard. We like that there’s a good clicker element to this, so players can play the game a little bit. 

If we missed any big idle RPGs, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.