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10 best idle clicker games for Android

Idle tap games aren't for everyone, but we're still rounding up the best idle tap games for Android.
January 9, 2023
Egg Inc best idle tapper games for android

Clicker games are enjoyable for the same reason fidget spinners are. You give yourself a reason to make a repetitive motion and over and over again until you get tired. The games are fun in their own right and are often mixed with other genres, like incremental, to add more depth. There are a metric ton of clicker games on mobile. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t very good. We went through and found ten of the best ones we could find.

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The best tapper games for Android

AdVenture Capitalist

Price: Free to play

AdVenture Capitalist is one of the most popular tapper games on mobile. It’s also an excellent example of what an idle tapper game looks like. You start the game by hammering on the screen to generate resources. You use the resources generated to buy upgrades. The upgrades generate resources in the background. There are also upgrades to make each tap worth more, so you can grow in two different ways. It’s a solid time killer, and good for a solid hour or so of gameplay every few days.

Almost a Hero

Price: Free to play

Almost a Hero is an idle RPG with clicker mechanics. You hire a group of otherwise useless people and turn them into heroes through level grinding and gear upgrades. From there, they go on adventures in the background and passively generate loot and revenue for you. In addition, the game features a few different gameplay modes, customization options, and unlockables for you to discover. It’s a nice mix of popular idle mechanics, and the in-app purchases aren’t terribly aggressive, either.

Bitcoin Billionaire

Price: Free to play

Bitcoin Billionaire is very similar to AdVenture Capitalist in terms of mechanics. It’s an idle game with clicker mechanics. You generate revenue by clicking or passively in the background. Upgrades generate more revenue per click or per tick, depending on which route you want to take. As you progress, your environment gets nicer, and there are various things for you to unlock. It’s not the deepest game, but like AdVenture Capitalist, it’s good for short play sessions over a long period of time.

Cookies Inc

Price: Free to play

Cookies Inc is one of those tapper games that hits the right marks. You generate revenue by making various types of cookies, and then once you get enough, you can purchase upgrades to generate even more cookies. The gameplay isn’t much different from most other games on the list. However, it includes an optional multiplayer mode, it can be played offline, and it doesn’t shove adverts in your face unless you want to view them for boosts. We like that formula. It’s otherwise a serviceably good idle clicker.

Egg Inc

Price: Free to play

Egg Inc is one of the most popular and recognizable idle clicker games on mobile. You start with a chicken farm and tap a button to house chickens. The chickens generate eggs, which generates revenue. You can see where this is going. We like this one because the graphics are nice, the concept is neat, and growth is fairly quick. There are in-app purchases along with ads for things like boosts, but you don’t need them to get to the end of the game. Most complaints come from performance issues when you get to late game, but otherwise, it’s a good play.

Endless Frontier

Price: Free to play

Endless Frontier is an idle RPG with clicker elements. It plays like many others. Your heroes fight on and on forever, with some occasional assistance from you. As they grow, they become capable of fighting more, larger monsters. The game also includes extras like pets, 9,000 stages to complete, an online PvP mode, and more. It’s quite a bit lighter on tap mechanics than some others, but it’s still a fun overall experience.

Grimoire Incremental

Price: Free / $4.49

Grimoire Incremental screenshot 2023

Grimoire Incremental is a minimal incremental game that also has tapper elements. The player gains resources incrementally, and purchases upgrades that helps generate more revenue. You can also tap for resources as well. What makes this one unique is that it gives you branching choices. You’ll use your magic as you see fit, and the result can mean growth in a variety of different ways. We think it’s pretty neat. Antimatter Dimensions is also pretty good as is ISEPS, but we think Grimoire Incremental has the best tap elements of the three games.

Idle Apocalypse

Price: Free to play

Idle Apocalypse is another incremental idle game mixed with a tapper game. You tap and wait for resources to generate. From there, you build a tower and upgrades to advance the game. It’s more multifaceted than some others on the list, and you have several different goals you can aim for. It’s not super complicated, but we like that the game has decent linearity, and that it feels like you’re making extra progress. It competes well in this space.

Tap Wizard 2

Price: Free to play

Tap Wizard 2 is a bit more tap than it is idle. You have a hero who walks around and you tap to attack. In fact, the idle mechanics are only really there to generate some progress. The vast majority is made in-game with actions you perform. We think the menus could be a slightly better laid out, but the RPG elements are good, the mechanics are good as well, and there isn’t too much wrong with it. You can even choose to watch ads voluntarily to get boosts. We always approve of that system.

Tap Titans 2

Price: Free to play

Tap Titans 2 is another popular and well regarded tap game. You tap the screen to attack bad guys. Once defeated, you earn experience points and loot to better improve your attacks. We like this one because it’s more or less the same formula as other tapper games, but the RPG elements give it a stronger sense of growth. The game scales up over time and you become truly powerful. The only downside to this one is that it doesn’t make advertisements optional, so you’ll see them when you play the game. That seems to be the only major complaint. Most of the rest are performance issues during endgame when things are going completely bonkers.

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