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Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular match-three games games of all time. It boasts hundreds of millions of downloads, a strong pop culture influence, and more. However, it’s not the only match-three game in the world and there are many others with some unique mechanics. Thus, if you like the match-three style but want to try something a little bit different, we have you covered. Here are the best match-three games for Android!


Price: $2.29

10000000 is an older match-three game that still gets updates in 2018. It’s also one of the few match-three games without a freemium price tag. Players start with no money. The goal is to earn enough money to escape and that cost is ten million. The match-three element comes into play in the combat. You match three shapes together to deal that kind of damage to the opponent. It actually adds a strategy element because you may want to save that massive melee combo you spotted on a stronger opponent. Anyway, the game runs for $2.29 with no additional in-app purchases or ads. It’s a diamond in this genre.

Basically any Bejeweled game

Price: Free to play

Bejeweled is a popular series of games like Candy Crush Saga. They use very similar mechanics. You match game pieces. Those pieces leave the board and new ones drop down. There are many variants of Bejeweled on Google Play. They all basically play the same way as well. However, each one does have a game play mechanic or two to differentiate them from the others. Most of these games are freemium as well. We have Bejeweled Blitz linked at the button below. However, any Bejeweled game plays about the same way.

Dr. Mario World

Price: Free to play

Dr. Mario World is a mobile spin on the classic game from the early 1990’s. The game board has a bunch of viruses. Dr. Mario must send the appropriately colored pills to each virus to clear them from the map. The game features a metric ton of levels, an online Versus Mode, various power ups, various playable characters, and even assistants. This game is a bit slower of a play than most match-three games. Plus, we wish you had a bit more energy than what you get. However, aside from these minor complaints, the game is actually quite fun.

Indy Cat Match 3

Price: Free to play

Indie Cat Match 3 never achieved viral success like Candy Crush Saga. However, it’s still a really good match three game. Players match shapes, complete levels, and collect various cat-themed artifacts to progress through the game. There is a little bit of a story line, but it’s not overly deep. Overall, the experience is goofy, fun, and inoffensive. It’s good for both adults and kids. It is a freemium game like most titles in this space.

King’s other games

Price: Free to play

King is the developer of Candy Crush Saga. As it turns out, they have tons of games like Candy Crush Saga. Some of them include Candy Crush Soda, Farm Heroes Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, and about half a dozen others. All of these games follow the same recipe as Candy Crush Saga. They feel and play virtually the same with slightly different themes. Those who enjoyed Candy Crush Saga will likely also enjoy these. They’re all freemium games just like Candy Crush Saga.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

Price: Free to play

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile was the first official Pokemon game on mobile. It disappointed some people that it was a freemium match three game. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad match three game, though. Players match three icons as usual. Completing a match allows your Pokemon to attack. The first Pokemon to fall is the loser. The developers plan on adding more events and Pokemon in future updates. We’re not sure how far off those updates are.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile - best match-three games

Puzzle Quest (multiple games)

Price: Free to play

Puzzle Quest is a popular series of match three puzzle games. There are several games in the franchise, including some with pop culture themes. For instance, there is an Adventure Time Puzzle Quest, a Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest, and even a Marvel Puzzle Quest. The mechanics are slightly different in each game to coincide with the theme. However, at their core, they’re actually fairly typical match three combat games. Players match three (or more) shapes and it performs an action like attacking.. They’re all freemium games as well.

Sugar Blast

Price: Free to play

Sugar Blast is a match-three game by Rovio, developer of Angry Birds. This isn’t Rovio’s first attempt at a Candy Crush clone, but this one is definitely the developer’s best effort yet. It features a boatload of levels, simple mechanics, and some classic match-three mechanics. Balls fill the level and you clear them by matching up three. There are power ups and other free-to-play stuff in the game. However, it doesn’t seem to bug too many people. You don’t really start seeing complaints until you get around the 200 level mark and then the game starts getting unreasonably difficult.

Toy Story Drop

Price: Free to play

Toy Story Drop is another classic style match-three game. However, this one has a Toy Story theme. Players use a variety of abilities to clear shapes from the board and, of course, you can match them up to do so as well. The game uses a lot of locations and scenarios from the movies for a bit of extra charm, although it doesn’t affect game play in any meaningful way. This one does have a narrative, though, and it’s not bad for its genre.

Triple Town

Price: Free to play

Triple Town isn’t as popular as some other match three games. It probably should be because it’s pretty good. Players in this game grow a city full of bears. Growth occurs by matching the various tiles together. It’s a neat, family-friendly concept. Additionally, this game has another advantage that other games in this genre don’t have. You can purchase unlimited turns and remove any play time limitations. It’s not necessarily cheap, but the ability to remove that limitation is rare in any freemium game.

triples town best Android games like Candy Crush Saga

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