There is a vast selection of game apps from the Google Play Store. Most games are linked to our hobbies and interests. Playing these apps allows us to do things that seem difficult to achieve in real life. Through these games, we can be fast and furious drivers, skilled basketball players, spacecraft captains, and a lot more. For those who love to cook, you can also become a professional chef with cooking game apps. These apps let you become a real and professional cook right on your Android device.

We took the trouble of searching the vast sea of apps on the Google Play Store and found the best apps to help you achieve your dream of becoming the fastest and the best cook or chef. Below is our list of the best cooking game apps for your Android device.

Bistro Cook 2

Become a professional chef and serve your hungry customers with the Bistro Cook 2 app. This app makes you a chef and lets you cook your virtual meals on your Android device. The basic control of the game involves tapping the screen to select ingredients, preparing food, and serving your hungry customers. You also need a sharp mind and quick fingers to play this game.

You will be given a set of ingredients to cook. Each ingredient is grouped into 4 pantries: vegetables, meat, others, and drinks. Your customer’s order will also appear on top of the screen.

Your task will be to prepare the meal before the orders pile up. For instance, if your customer orders a fried egg, you will need to tap the egg in the other pantry and tap the frying pan to cook the egg. A progress bar will appear below the dish. Once the bar is full, you can now serve the fried egg by tapping on it and tap the customer’s dish. You also need to avoid burning your food.

I was able to play the game with its easiest difficulty and I was able to cook with my eyes closed. The real fun starts in the app’s medium and hard levels. In these levels, you will have additional ingredients to select, more dishes to cook, and a huge pile of customers waiting to be served.

Become a professional chef with the Bistro Cook 2 app.

Cooking Dash

Becoming a cook is hard work. You need to have the skills in preparing a good meal. The Cooking Dash app lets you experience how it is to become a cook in a kitchen. The game can be played in two modes: Casual Mode and Time Mode.

Casual Mode lets you cook and prepare the dishes for your customers. The game can be played by tapping on the items found in the kitchen. You will also see customers lining up at the counter to order their meal. To cook a meal, just tap on an ingredient to select it and tap the frying pan to cook. A bar gauge will also appear below. Once the gauge is full, you can serve the meal to your customers. You need to be careful not to overcook the dish. Some ingredients, such as cabbage and bread, can be served immediately. You need to act fast — you don’t want angry and starving customers in your restaurant.

Time Mode doesn’t involve cooking your dish. All the dishes have been cooked and displayed on the counter. All you have to do is follow the customer’s order and serve the right food to them. You will also need to act fast, this mode has a time limit. The more customers you serve within the time limit, the more points you earn.

Be fast and feed your hungry customers with the Cooking Dash app.

Stand O’Food 3

Hamburgers are among my favorite foods. Thinking of the juicy patty, the thick dressing, and the delicious buns makes makes me crave for one. If you like hamburgers and you want to run your own hamburger stand, you can do so by playing Stand O’Food 3 on your Android device.

The game lets you play as a cook in a hamburger restaurant. Create a burger and serve it to your hungry customers. The restaurant looks like a burger factory with all those conveyer belts carrying the ingredients for your burgers. Customers will specify the ingredients of their burgers. Tap and arrange the ingredients in their proper order and serve them to your customers. You also need to serve fast. Your customers don’t have the patience to wait for your burgers.

After each round, you will be given a summary of how much you have earned. You can use your earnings to buy additional ingredients and equipment that will help you in the game. You can buy spices to increase the price of your burgers or add accessories to entertain your customers. You can also unlock and serve additional menus such as cakes, lasagnas, fries, and a lot more.

Become a cook and manage your own burger factory with the Stand O’Food 3 app.

Cake Now-Cooking Games

One of my goals in life is to be able to learn how to bake my own cake. I think I can achieve that goal by playing the Cake Now-Cooking Games on my Android device. Although it’s not a real cake and I can’t taste it, playing this app lets you create your own virtual cake. This app is perfect for kids who want to bake cakes without spilling flour all over the kitchen floor.

The first thing you’ll need to do is select the shape of your cake. Afterwards, you will then mix the ingredients to make your cake and bake it in the oven. The fun part is decorating your cake. The app features a variety of decors to design your cake with. I have managed to create a chocolate cake and placed a few decorations on top (see screenshot above). I called my virtual cake the Choco Forest Cake.

You can also save your creation on your device’s SD card. You can even send your virtual cake along with special greetings to your family and friends via email.

Create and bake virtual cakes with the Cake Now-Cooking Games app.

Sushi Bar

Sushi is a Japanese food which consists of a vinegared rice (shari) and combined with a variety of ingredients called neta. The most common neta is seafood. Sushi is also one of the most popular foods worldwide. If you like eating sushi, you can be a sushi cook and manage your own restaurant with the the Sushi Bar game.

Basically, the game lets you play the role of the sushi chef and manage you own sushi bar. You can make sushi by tapping the correct combination of ingredients. The ingredients consist of the rice and the other toppings such as shrimps, salmon, nori, tako, and many more. Customers will also order particular types of sushi. You can refer to the sushi recipe book to learn how to prepare a certain sushi.

Ingredients for your sushi are limited. You need to monitor your supply and make calls for delivery of additional ingredients. You can also offer ocha or sake to make your customers wait longer.

One technique that I found in playing this game is to make sure the food conveyer belt has sufficient supply of sushi. You don’t have to wait for the customer to order before making your sushi. Also keep your eyes on the number of ingredients and make frequent calls to add to your supply.

Become a sushi master chef and manage your own restaurant with the Sushi Bar app.

Sushi Dash Lite

Another sushi cooking game is Sushi Dash Lite. Here, you will become a sushi chef and manage your own sushi restaurant.

Just like the Sushi Bar app, you will be given a set of ingredients to make your sushi. But, instead of just simply tapping the ingredients, the game involves arranging the correct ingredients at their respective counters. You can tap between two sushi counters and transfer ingredients. Slide down the ingredient and roll it in the sushi mat to make your sushi. Take note the ingredient at the bottom of each counter will be transferred to the mat and create a certain sushi.

The main goal of the game is to maintain your restaurant and keep your customer happy. After each round, you will be given a summary of your total earnings for that day. You can use your earnings to buy stuff for your restaurant such as a new sushi mat or a new sushi counter to gain more customers.

Roll the ingredients together and make sushi like a pro with the Sushi Dash Lite.

Cake Mania – Main Street Lite

If you have a sweet tooth and go crazy with cakes, you will then surely love playing the Cake Mania – Main Street Lite game on your Android device. Although this app doesn’t actually satisfy your sweet tooth, this game lets you control Jill and help her make cakes and manage the cake shop.

The game lets you prepare cakes for your customers. Each customer will order a specific type of cake. You will need to go to the oven and select the desired cake shape. After baking the cake, you will also need to decorate the cake with its specific toppings. If you make a mistake, you can throw it in the trash can and remake your cakes, but you will lose some coins, too. Each customer also has her or his own unique attributes, so you will have to be very keen in dealing with your customers.

The goal of this game is to reach your daily quota by serving as many customers within each day. You can also use your earnings to buy additional equipment to help you perform your job faster. You can buy additional ovens or buy Jill a new pair of sandals to make her walk faster.

Satisfy your sweet tooth and manage your own cake shop with Cake Mania – Main Street Lite.

Clinton Burger Stand

The Clinton Burger Stand game lets you control Clinton as he serves his people by filling their stomach. Your task will be to help Clinton cook hotdogs, fries, and much more in his mini food stall. You can play the game in two modes: the Career Mode and Speed Mode.

Playing the Career Mode lets you follow the story of Clinton and his mini stall. You will be given goals that you need to achieve everyday. You can also unlock new places as the game progresses. The game can be played by tapping and dragging the things around the screen. Tap the hotdogs to grill them and tap the buns to put them on the counter. Once done, you can drag the hotdogs and place them inside the buns. You can also add ketchup or mustard to your hotdogs. In further levels, you will also need to cook burgers, fries, and a lot more.

The Speed Mode lets you play a single round. This mode will test how fast you can serve your customers. You will have to be really quick and score as many points as possible within a given time limit.

Serve people by serving yummy hotdogs with Clinton Burger Stand.

Cupcake Stand HD FREE

Bake cupcakes and make children happy with the Cupcake Stand HD FREE app. Your task will be to create cupcakes for the kids and reach your daily quota. Your customers are also picky, so make sure to make the cupcake color, filling, and design are the same as what your customers order.

The game lets you manage a cupcake stand. Your task will be to make the cupcakes by following the orders of your customers. You can top your cupcakes with chocolate cream, cherries, choco sticks, and a lot more. Make your cupcakes fast to earn big tips from your customers. Challenge yourself with the app’s unlimited stage mode.

There are also some instances that the green Bug Droid will visit your stall. That robot is really picky and you will need to create 5 different cupcakes and place them on the cupcake stand. You also need to place the cupcakes in their designated places.

Manage your own cupcake stand with the Cupcake Stand HD FREE app.

Ice Cream Now-Cooking Game

Another perfect cooking game for your kids is the Ice Cream Now-Cooking Game app. This app lets you create and design your own virtual ice cream on your Android device.

The app features a variety of choices to design and create your own ice cream. You can create ice cream in a cone or put it on a plate. You can also choose different decorations to design your ice cream. I was able to create my two personalized virtual ice cream. One was a chocolate and mocha ice cream with colorful candies. I call that ice cream the Omnom Candy Delight. The other one was a healthier variety. It was a strawberry and mango ice cream, topped and decorated with a variety of fruits. I call this the Toothy Fruity Deluxe.

This app could entertain and stimulate the creativity of your kids. Adults can even use this app to experiment and buy the ingredient to make their virtual ice cream into real desserts. Watch for Omnom Candy Delight and Fruity Toothy Deluxe at stores near you.

Create and design your own ice cream with Ice Cream Now-Cooking Game.

With these cooking apps, you can become a professional chef, a sushi master, a dessert expert, or a cook at a food stand. Just make sure to prepare and grab real food to eat once you’re done making your virtual recipes. What other cooking games app are you playing that instantly make you a professional chef? Share those apps in a delicious comment below.

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