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10 best virtual pet apps and games for Android

Sometimes you can't get a real pet but you can have a virtual one. Here are the best virtual pet apps and games for Android!
March 28, 2023
Hellopet best virtual pet apps and games

Sometimes having a real pet is difficult. Maybe your apartment complex is strict, or your loved ones are allergic. It’s not great, but there are other alternatives, like virtual pet apps. These are a subset of the simulation genre where you adopt, feed, clean, and take care of a little virtual pet. The genre has its ups and downs, but the games are usually family-friendly and adorable. They also saw a fairly large resurgence in popularity over the last few years. You may even recognize some names on this list, like My Tamagotchi Forever by the same company that did the little Tamagotchis in the 1990s. Here are the best virtual pet apps and games for Android.

The best virtual pet apps and games for Android


Price: Free to play

Bubbu is similar to Tamagotchi in terms of mechanics. You start out with Bubbu and you take care of it. Players can do things like feed, dress, cuddle, and bathe their Bubbu. Plus, there are over 30 mini-games, a small fashion game element, and a house builder element as well. The extra activities give players something to do between the important stuff like feeding. It all centers around the virtual pet theme and it ties together pretty well. The developers also have Duddu, a similar game with a dog instead of a cat. You can go with either one. The games are basically the same.


Price: Free (with ads)

Dogotchi Google Play

Dogotchi is a throwback to the old Tamagotchi days. It features a very simple 8-bit UI and a cute little dog to take care of. You give it shots, feed it, play with it, and take care of it. The game features 12 dogs, a growing up mechanic, various mini-games, and customizable colors. You unlock dogs by raising your existing pups to adulthood. This one is entirely free with no in-app purchases. There are ads and we wish we had a way to pay to make them go away. Otherwise, this is a great free option in this genre. The developer has several other retro-style virtual pet apps as well.

Frojo virtual pet games

Price: Free (with ads)

Frojo is a developer on Google Play with a ton of virtual pet games. Some options include My Corgi, Moy, Oliver the Virtual Cat, My Chicken, My Lil’ Dino, and many others. The games all play more or less the same way so really all you need to choose is the animal you want to take care of. They are all fairly self-explanatory except for Moy, which looks like a purple octopus alien creature. The games include a bunch of mini-games as well as little things you can do to take care of your virtual pet. They are all family friendly, completely free (with advertising), and easy enough to play for most people.


Price: Free to play

Godville is one of the more unique virtual pet apps we’ve seen. You basically play the role of God. You have a subject that does all of your work for you, including adventuring, slaying bad guys, collecting loot, and such. It’s a ZPG (zero player game) and that means the game plays itself. You simply tell it what to do. You can have the entire RPG adventure experience without actually doing it yourself. The player decides things like what guild your minion joins, what quests they do, and even make them build temples for you. It’s a neat little game and surprisingly fun for how little you do.


Price: Free to play

Hellopet is another unique virtual pet game. This one uses screen overlay functionality on your phone to give you a little pet. The pet runs around on your phone basically all the time. You may see it wander by when answering a text message or while scrolling your app drawer. The game itself has you adopting the pet, taking care of it, and play little mini-games. At its core, it’s a fairly traditional virtual pet game. However, we couldn’t help but geek out our dog ran across the screen while scrolling Twitter one day. The in-app purchases on this one could be a lot better, but it doesn’t seem to affect the most fun parts of the game that much.

My Boo

Price: Free to play

My Boo is another traditional-style virtual pet app and one of the more popular ones. You adopt and raise a cute little blob monster. Players raise it, give it attention, feed it, and customize it with various clothes and such. To be honest, you won’t find a lot of unique stuff with this one. The game just does all of the virtual pet stuff well and that makes it easy to recommend. The advertising can be a little over the top sometimes, but you can pay money to make those go away. It’s a decent overall experience.

My Tamagotchi Forever

Price: Free

My Tamagotchi Forever is the mobile remake of the popular little game from the 1990’s. However, this doesn’t look or act anything like the classic game. It does provide a good virtual pet apps experience, though. You adopt your Tamagotchi and do all of the usual stuff including raise it, play with it, feed it, and clean up after it. This one also includes a neat augmented reality feature that ties into the game quite well. We highly recommend the game just to try out the AR features alone, honestly. It’s a freemium game with freemium mechanics. However, with a little patience, you don’t have to worry about them.

Neko Atsume

Price: Free / Up to $3.36

Neko Atsume is a very popular cat game. In fact, Android Nougat’s Easter egg was very similar to this one. Players spend their time laying out food for cats and then adopt those cats. The goal is to collect all four dozen or so cats available in the game. You can customize the living environment of the cats and give them toys to play with. It’s not a classic virtual pet game. However, it has enough of the elements and we really like how adorable this one is.


Price: Free to play

Pou is an older virtual pet game, but it’s also insanely popular. It plays like most virtual pet apps. You get a Pou and you take care of it. That includes feeding, playing, and dressing it along with some other game mechanics. It’s not terribly complicated, which we like. You open it, take care of your Pou, and that’s that. Some niceties include cloud saving, relatively frequent updates for bug fixes and such, and more. It’s safe, fun, and it’s also family-friendly.

Talking Tom series

Price: Free to play (usually)

My Talking Tom Friends screenshot

The My Talking Tom series (by Outfit7) is one of the most iconic mobile virtual pet apps. The original My Talking Tom has over 500 million downloads at the time of this writing. In any case, there are a bunch of games in the series to choose from, including My Talking Tom 1 and 2, My Talking Angela, Talking Tom Gold Rush, and a few others. You feed your Talking Tom, take it to the bathroom, and even talk to it. There are a bunch of mini-games and customizations to play with as well. The games are still among the best virtual pet apps even after all these years. We linked the whole Outfit7 collection at the button above.

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