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10 best kids games for Android

There are more and more devices coming out for kids and it's a good idea to load those up with good kids games.
January 8, 2023
LEGO Super Mario best kids games for Android

Kids games are a bit of a weird topic. Kids mature faster these days than before, and many older kids are probably more interested in popular games like Fortnite. Thus, we focused more on grade school kids who might still be interested in educational games and games with child-friendly themes. Every game on this list is perfectly safe for kids, and most of them don’t have things like micro-transactions or offensive advertisements. Parents should be able to hand their phones to their kids and let them play. Here are the best kids games for Android.

The best kids games for Android

Bubadu kids games

Price: Free / Varies

Bubadu is a developer studio that has released a ton of kids games. They’re not all amazing, but a good number of them are worth checking out. The games don’t always have educational value but they are fun to play and include games about being a doctor, going to the supermarket, being a dentist, and about things like making cakes and building things. Each game has its own set of mechanics, but they’re never difficult to learn and the ideas presented should be pretty simple for most people. You can download most of the games for free. The full versions are usually relatively cheap as in-app purchases. Bubadu has two developer pages. The first is linked above. The other is called M by Bubadu and that collection contains all of the other kids games.

The Endless kids games

Price: Free / Up to $28.99

The Endless games are a collection of kids games. There are a few in the collection, including Endless Alphabet, Endless Reader, Endless Numbers, Endless Wordplay, and Endless Spanish. The games are relatively simple to play. They also have educational value for the player. The free versions of the games have a little bit of content. You pay to get the rest of it. The games are surprisingly expensive, but they’re rock solid experiences.

Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock

Price: Free

Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock is a kids game with educational elements. It features voice over work by Stephen Fry as he masterfully plays Albert Einstein. The game includes a bunch of mini-games that help teach kids how the concept of time works. Of course, they learn the basics like telling time on an analog clock, but there are some more complex stuff in there as well. The game’s execution is outstanding, even for older players, and we definitely hope this developer adds more titles soon.


Price: Varies up to $32.99

Intellijoy is a developer in the Google Play Store that specializes in kids games. There are simple titles like Connect the Dots and ABC Letters alongside more recreational stuff like Kids Painting and Preschool Puzzles. Most of their apps and games are well-regarded by parents and are great for younger kids. You can browse their entire library by clicking the button below. Another option is using their all-in-one app to buy all of their games for $32.99. The games cost more if purchased separately. If you don’t want to pay, pretty much all of these kids games come with a free version.

LEGO games

Price: Free / Varies

LEGO Super Mario screenshot 2022

LEGO games make for excellent kids games. They have a variety of titles, including comic book games, Star Wars games, and several of their own, original games. Most of the games are adventure games with varying mechanics, but almost every game is easy to learn and enjoyable to play. The vast majority of them are completely free. There are a few that interact with existing products. For instance, you can buy figures and then use them in the LEGO Hidden Side game. We actually appreciate LEGO going with augmented reality experiences like that. It is one of the few developers that try that kind of fancy stuff in a kids product.


Price: $6.99 with in-app purchases

Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever. It’s popular with grown-ups, kids, and everybody between. Players start out in a blank world and they mine stuff as well as craft stuff. You can set younger kids in creative mode where they don’t need to worry about anything. Newer kids may find survival mode more satisfying. No matter how you swing it, kids love this game. In fact, I keep it installed on my Xbox for when friends come over with kids because they literally all play this game. It runs a bit expensive at $6.99, but the extra in-app purchases are for customizable skins and don’t affect the game at all.

PBS Kids games

Price: Free

PBS Kids is PBS’ development studio for kids stuff. They have a variety of kids apps and kids games that cover everything from kid-friendly TV to time-killing games that also teach. Their collection is fairly large. Many of the games include characters from the various shows that PBS puts out. There is also an overarching game called PBS Kids Games that kind of combines a lot of these elements into their own game. Pretty much all of their stuff is completely free. That makes it good for kids and your wallet. Their latest game, The Cat in the Hat Builds That, is pretty good as well.

Pet Bingo

Price: Free

Pet Bingo is an excellent free kids game from Duck Duck Moose. It’s a mix of a pet simulator, bingo, and a math game. Your kids get simple math puzzles and are rewarded with cute little animals to take care of after they solve the puzzles. The math portion covers basic arithmetic and the numbers can get surprisingly high. The developers say this game is best for ages 5-10, though, so the larger numbers might be for the older kids. The game’s Google Play description mentions a 50% off sale, but Google Play itself lists the game as free and we didn’t have to pay anything for it during our testing.


Price: $18.99

Poio is an educational game with a hefty price tag and a ton of content. It wants to teach kids how to read and it seems like the game goes through the whole process. The game continually adapts to your child as the child learns. Thus, it’s always providing a challenge. By the end, your child should be able to read the storybook to you rather than the other way around. It doesn’t have a ton of Google Play reviews because of its $18.99 price tag. However, those who took the plunge seem to enjoy the game quite a bit.

Toca Boca games

Price: Free / Varies

Toca Boca has some of the most popular kids games on mobile. Their big thing is putting you in scenarios where your kids can do things. They have games oriented toward cooking, taking vacations, going to school, going to the big city, and even doing hair. Most of the games have free and paid versions so you can pick and choose which ones you need. They can be a lot of fun. There are also a ton of games to choose from. You should be able to find something your children like.

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If we missed any of the best kids games for Android, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.