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10 best bubble shooters for Android

Bubble shooter is a classic arcade game and you have choicess on mobile. Here are the best bubble shooters for Android!

Published onMarch 16, 2022

Bubble Shooter Original best bubble shooters for Android
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Bubble Shooter is a classic arcade game from the early 1990’s. It hasn’t evolved a lot over the years, but there are plenty of clones and spin-offs. It’s a bit of a niche genre since it centers around a single game. However, plenty of people found enjoyment for that game over the years. There are some decent options for bubble shooters on mobile. Here are the best ones we could find.

The best bubble shooter games for Android

Bubble Shooter by Ilyon

Price: Free to play

Ilyon is the current rights holder to the Bubble Shooter franchise. Thus, this is the official Bubble Shooter game. It shows, too. The game boasts over 1,800 levels, a classic mode with three difficulty levels, a colorblind mode for accessibility purposes, and you can even remove ads with a single in-app purchase if you want to. It is the default standard in the genre so it’s just a regular bubble shooter-style game, but it’s the official one so of course, we’re going to list it.

Bubble Shooter 2

Price: Free to play

Bubble Shooter 2 screenshot
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Bubble Shooter 2 by DroidHen is a reasonably good bubble shooter. It uses a squirrel as a main character and the mechanics are like most other bubble shooters. The game includes some boosters, daily rewards for logging in, and collectibles to earn as you complete levels. There are 500 levels in this one and the graphics are decent for the genre. Most of the complaints for this game are people who are stuck at the end of the game with nothing left to do so it is imminently beatable.

Bubble Shooter Legend

Price: Free to play

Bubble Shooter Legend is a typical bubble shooter with some nice extras. The game comes with over around 700 levels, four booster powers, and a star system as a carrot to replay levels over again. The flashy animations and soundtrack are definitely aimed at kids, but adults can enjoy it as well. The developers update the game consistently with more levels so you can keep playing even when you reach the end.

Buggle 2

Price: Free

Buggle 2 is a bubble game that pits teddy bears against bees. You shoot bubbles, finish levels, and continue the rivalry as you play. The story isn’t all that deep but at least it’s something other than just playing level after level all day long. Some other features include over 1,300 levels, various boosters to obtain and use, and periodic events that grant extras in the game.

Frozen Bubble

Price: Free

Frozen Bubble is one of the few free bubble shooters with no in-app purchases or ads. That makes it great for people on a budget or for those who dislike microtransactions. However, it is one of the simpler options on the list. There are three game modes, including a versus mode where you can play with a friend over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Otherwise, the app has virtually no permissions and it’s the least obtrusive game on the list in that regard.

Gameloft Classics: 20 years

Price: Free

Gameloft Classics 20 Years screenshot
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Gameloft Classics: 20 years is a collection of old games from Gameloft’s olden years. There are a variety of once popular online arcade games here. One of them is Bubble Bash 2. The game is demonstrably old school, but long time fans of the bubble shooter genre get to reminisce with one of the classics. The entire Gameloft Classics bundle is free so you get all of these games without paying a dime. It’s a nice little thing Gameloft did.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Price: Free to play

Inside Out Thought Bubbles is a bubble shooter featuring characters from the Inside Out movie from Disney and Pixar. The game includes over 1,000 levels and that’s quite a bit for a movie mobile game crossover. Otherwise it’s pretty typical of the genre. There are various power-ups to help you complete levels faster, obstacles for players to overcome, and more. It also has a Facebook element so you can play with friends and exchange gifts. It’s a free to play game so prepare yourself for that mentally, but otherwise it’s a decent game.

Magnetic Balls Bubble Shoot

Price: Free to play

Magnetic Balls Bubble Shoot is one of the older bubble shooters for Android. It’s a classic game that takes the bubble shooter genre and adds a bit of magnetism to it. You shoot balls into the group and it magnetizes to them. Additionally, you can knock balls out of their spot and into other spots. It adds another game play element that some bubble shooters don’t have. Some of the game features include over 380 levels, almost 100 collectible items, adjustable difficulty levels, an endless game mode, and and a color blind mode for better accessibility. It’s fun and it’s a classic.

Original Bubble Shooter

Price: Free to play

This is a port of the original Bubble Shooter game. It’s also the biggest one on the list with over 3,000 levels to play through. Some of the other game features include an arcade game mode, daily login rewards, friends support via Facebook, a color blind mode, and it’s playable offline. This is one you can probably play for years before you complete it. There are some in-app purchases but a little patience and you shouldn’t need them.

Spookiz Pang

Price: Free to play

Spookiz Pang is a wild card on the list. It’s the newest bubble shooter and it launched in 2021. It’s a promising release with over 1,000 levels at launch, several different characters, and a cartoon horror theme. The game also has power-ups, over a dozen obstacles to deal with, and you can play it offline. The graphics quality could be better and we’re not fans of the ads. However, developers usually tweak these kinds of things post-release so we’ll evaluate when we update the list again to see how it turned out.

If we missed any great bubble shooters for Android, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.

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