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Android weather widgets: What they are, how to use them, and more

Keep an eye on your weather with style!
June 22, 2022

Google introduced a new design language with Android 12, dubbed Material You (the evolution of Material Design). It’s one of the most significant user interface improvements we’ve seen come to Android, and it came with plenty of features. One of people’s favorite inclusions is the addition of a couple of Android weather widgets.

About Android weather widgets

As mentioned above, these new Android weather widgets were introduced with Material You on Android 12. As such, these widgets were only obtainable through Android 12’s beta program, which has ended for Pixel devices by now.

Now that Android 12 is available, you can get the new weather widgets on any smartphone with said software version, and there are plenty of them now. Not to mention most modern smartphones will eventually get the update, if they haven’t yet. Regardless, there are now ways to get almost identical widgets on non-Android 12 devices (more on that later).

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Google’s new weather widgets became very popular for multiple reasons. They are simple, informative, and adaptable. You can make them smaller for a quick glance at the weather. It’s also possible to make one of them larger to obtain much more weather information.

How to use Android weather widgets

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Those with an Android 12 device will have no issue using Android weather widgets.

How to add them on Android 12:

  1. Tap and hold on to any empty area of your home screen.
  2. Tap on Widgets.
  3. Scroll down to find Weather and expand the section.
  4. Tap and hold on to your widget of preference, then drag it to your home screen.
  5. When the widget shows up on your home screen, you can tap and hold onto it and release it. This will allow you to resize the widget.

The smaller widget will show much less information. If you expand the larger, square widget, you’ll get information like the forecast, weather by time, and weather by day. Additionally, tapping on the widgets will open the Weather app, where you can get full access to more details.

Note: These steps were put together using a Google Pixel 4a with 5G running Android 12.

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Get the new weather widgets without Android 12

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It’s really not possible to get the new weather widgets without Android 12 or higher. You can, however, download apps that mimic the looks and functionality you get from them. There are plenty on the Google Play Store, but the most popular one is Android 12/13 Weather Widgets by developer Mohamed Ibrahem. It’s free and works like a charm.

How to get them on Non-Android 12 devices:

  1. Download and Install the Android 12/13 Weather Widgets app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Tap and hold on to any empty area of your home screen.
  3. Tap on Widgets.
  4. Find the Android 12/13 Weather widgets and pick your favorite one.
  5. Tap and hold on to the widget and drag it to your home screen.

Sadly, these aren’t as interactive as the real Android 12 weather widgets found on Material You. They don’t adapt to size, and tapping on them doesn’t open the app. At least you’ll get the general look, though.

Note: To ensure the process worked, these specific instructions were put together using a phone without Android 12. More specifically, we used an LG Wing running Android 10.

Widget vs. shortcut

While the weather widget from Android 12 is exclusive to newer Android devices, another popular tool is the Google weather shortcut. The difference with the shortcut is that it will show up as an icon on your home screen, with no information. It will look just like any other app. A widget will showcase information, such as the current temperature and further details.

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The new weather widgets come with Material You, available on Android 12 or higher.

You can’t officially use the new Android weather widgets without Android 12 or higher. Still, you can download very similar ones from the Google Play Store.

No. You will have to join the Android 13 beta testing if you want to test new Google features. If your device is compatible to join the program, it almost certainly already has Android 12.