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How to get the Google weather app on your phone

The Google Weather app is good at hiding, but we're better at finding!
February 26, 2023

The Google weather app is among the best. It has a clean design, shows all the essential info, including wind, rain, and sunrise/sunset times. It’s also free, which makes it all that more enticing. The only issue is that it isn’t listed on the Google Play Store, so how do you even get it?


You can't really get the Google Weather app, but you can create a shortcut on your home screen to access the web app directly. To do this, open the Google app and search for "Weather." Scroll to the weather widget, and tap on the three-dot menu button. Select Add to home screen, and confirm by tapping on Add to home screen.

Editor’s note: All instructions in this post were compiled using a Pixel 7 Pro running Android 13. Keep in mind steps might differ depending on your hardware and software.

The good news is that chances are you already have Google’s service, as it lives within the Google app. Just open the Google app, which comes pre-installed on most Android phones. If you don’t have it for some reason, you can download it.

Once the Google app is opened, search for “weather” and select the option that shows your local forecast info.

Tap the three-dot button in the upper-right corner of the weather widget, select the Add to home screen option, and then finish the process by tapping Add to Home screen when the pop-up window appears. The shortcut will be placed on your home screen.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open the Google app on your phone.
  2. Type “weather” into the search box and select the result with the weather summary.
  3. Tap the three-dot menu button.
  4. Select the Add to home screen option.
  5. Tap Add to home screen when the pop-up window appears.
  6. The shortcut will then show up on your home screen.


Google Weather currently grabs its weather information from

Yes. Once you open the Google Weather web app, there are three tabs you can choose from: Today, Tomorrow, and 10 days.

Google’s Weather app is a pretty full weather service. You can get information about humidity, dew point, pressure, UV indexes, visibility, precipitation, wind speeds, wind direction, sunrise/sunset times, and more.

Yes. Tap and hold on to the added icon and drag it to the Remove section of the screen.