verizon droid incredible 4g

Much of the online media (guilty, we admit), as well as many end users seem to be totally in love with the new HTC One series (including the flagship One X, the slim One S, and the entry-level One V). Despite that, HTC has announced that none of its current One smartphones will be heading to Verizon, the nations’s largest carrier.

According to Jeff Gordon (the HTC spokesman, not the NASCAR pilot), “Verizon is not going to be carrying either of the HTC One devices currently announced”. If the same treatment will be applied to future smartphones in the HTC One series, that’s too early to tell.

Instead of carrying the One X (as many Verizon customers have hoped), Big Red has recently announced a new member of the Verizon-branded HTC Incredible line: the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE, a smartphone that’s a lot closer to the mid range than it is to the top of the Android crop (currently consisting of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X), as I’m sure the spec sheet clearly denotes:

  • 4.0 inch Super LCD display (non-Pentile) working at a 960 by 540 pixel resolution (275 ppi pixel density)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 SoC (the dual-core Krait processor inside is clocked at 1.2GHz and not the usual 1.5GHz, the Adreno 225 GPU is standard)
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC Sense 4.0 UI on top
  • LTE connectivity
  • 8 MP primary camera, 1.2 secondary camera

I’m sure that Verizon’s customers wouldn’t have complained if the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE was launched alongside a more high-end smartphone from HTC, even if that flagship wasn’t the One X. If Sprint’s Evo 4G LTE is any indication, HTC is still capable of delivering top-notch hardware inside a carrier-customized body style.

If you’re wondering why Verizon and Sprint customize so many of their smartphones, the answer is because they are CDMA carriers. This means that international GSM smartphones don’t work on their network. So if you’re going to customize a smartphone anyway by changing the radio, why not make it entirely unique so it can stand out in a competitive market such as the US mobile arena?

Sprint and Verizon can sometimes afford to completely customize their smartphones because they are among the biggest CDMA carriers in the world (bested only by China Telecom), while Verizon is the biggest US carrier of them all. So, it’s safe to say that both Verizon and Sprint consider themselves to be bigger brands than most smartphone manufacturers.

What is your take on this? Should Verizon get a HTC flagship smartphone soon or is the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE enough? Drop us a line in the comment section below!

Mike Andrici
Growing up in my father's PC store, I was surrounded by and developed a passion for technology ever since I was in kindergarten. However, advancements made in the technology world continue to amaze me on a daily basis! I've been writing about the Android OS since back in October 2008, when Google and HTC launched the first Android smartphone ever, the T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream. Although I'm no company's fanboy, Android is the mobile OS I devoutly support.
  • JayZed

    Thank God I use TMobile.

  • Jaysann22

    Verizon is becoming very arrogant. And that arrogance will be their downfall.

  • Au0614

    I think you’ll find that Verizon will get a major HTC release a little later in the year that will be the next series of high end devices from HTC. if you look at how it has wroked in the past you will notice that when the Evo launched for sprint in June 2010 Verizon launched the Thunderbolt about 8 months later; a very similar phone with more ram and an LTE radio.

    • Jaysann22

      I’m getting the notion that Verizon is starting to depend more on their great wireless service and less on great hardware.

    • Seeteedub

      Uh..yeah. I got the Thunderbolt. Still have it actually. What a wonderful device it’s been….
      Yes, that’s sarcasm. I’m on my fourth (4th) phone is just over a year of buying the Thunderbolt. So…my skepticism abounds…

  • Jm3832

    The Dinc 4 LTE is all Verizon needs as a flagship phone. The Dinc series has the most satisfied customers overall. Yeah, I agree they could’ve beefed-up specs on the Dinc 4 LTE. Verizon’s betting the competition will overshoot their markets, with oversized devices. I can’t see many guys carrying a semi-panels, regardless of specs. It’s just not cool. The Droid incredible 4 LTE will clean house.

  • Jdudbh

    Uh ya, they should always be kicking out top of the line phones when available. I don’t pay them what I do for low and mid range pieces of crap.

  • Chris Walker

    I want a Verizon Flagship phones! the Inc 4g looks awesome but it is lacking two features most other high end phones have which would be the 720p screen and a quad core processor, I know the one series had its problems with the tegra chip. What I would like to see for a “Verizon High-End Android Phone’ would be quad core chip, 720p front screen resolution, LTE, removable battery. The battery that comes with the phone should not be god awful terrible, I just would rather carry a second battery on hand then lug a charger around to where ever I go, a small slim 1700. 1800. 1900 mAH battery would be great. I do not want one of those giant brick batteries.
    On a side note, I hope HTC doesn’t continue with the locked in battery, I for one like carry a second battery with me just encase I need it when I am out and about and my battery dies on me.

  • Bob

    They absolutely need the HTC One series. Its got all the specs, the sleek size, the screen, the audio, the camera, this is terrible news.

  • Phil

    I was going to switch to Verizon (tired of weak TMobile coverage) but this has changed my mind. Now I’m not sure what I’ll do. Maybe wait and hope Verizon picks up a solid new flagship in the future>

  • jgholl

    I loved my HTC droid Incredible (with an extended battery). But I travel to Europe annually and Verizon is not user friendly there. I’m not sure why Verizon and HTC can’t collaborate to produce a high end Incredible (or similar model) that can use GSM instead of CDMA.

  • Seeteedub

    Wow…just to simply say No to the hottest phone (sorry GSIII lovers) out there? That is really arrogant. And why can’t these companies just leave the phones to EVERY provider. I know the CDMA/GSM issue… but this is so annoying. I should be able to have any damn phone I want as long as I pay for it and my monthly bill.

  • devmasta

    I don’t see the problem. This is literally the same phone as the One S except for different exterior styling and non HD screen. The processor is the same as all the American phones, dual core S4, albeit slightly underclocked( to produce better battery life). All in all, HTC isn’t going to put a quad core processor in an American phone. Probably because quad core is irrelevant when all the apps are made for single and dual core architecture anyway.

  • Will1283

    This is a really dumb move

  • jlsoaz

    I am waiting for this phone because, and only because, I heard it might also have GSM in addition to 3G/CDMA and 4g/lte. I have yet to see one of the websites address this question. Could this website look into that? I was told it would have GSM, but then a Verizon rep over the phone told me it was unclear. The cardholder for LTE and GSM were similar but not the same? I couldn’t tell what he was talking about. The key question for me, in my wait.

  • SpdFrk

    I think their intention is to push the Droid Razr to death. The HTC One Series would easily overshadow the Razr. Due to all of the attention that the HTC One is getting, the Razr would easily be overlooked by customers if the HTC One was sitting on a Verizon display close to it. My guess is that Verizon bought into the hype of the Razr, got themselves into a contract with Motorola, and are now realizing that the Droid Razr was never going to become the next big hit. They should have realized it when they powered the first Razr on, only to see what is almost an atrocity of a screen. The first time I saw one (while I was selling Verizon Phones at a unnamed electronics store), I seriously thought our display unit was defective. It images appeared a little blurry in comparison to any other Android Phone, all of the colors were off, and the screen brightness was lackluster. Even the low-end Android Phones had screens that looked far better than the Razr. The Razr bandwagon crashed quickly, and now I think Verizon is focusing on damage control while waiting to get clear of the whole mess. The Razr can’t compete with other phones in performance or screen appeal, so they are promoting it in other ways… enter the Droid Razr Max with its long battery life. The Droid Incredible Series are phenomenal phones, and I believe the Droid Incredible 4G is going to do the series proud. It’s a safe move on Verizon’s part as it isn’t carrying a lot of hype, but it will still make customers, as well as loyal HTC fans very happy. I think Verizon’s decision to pass on the HTC Flagship won’t be a detrimental one, but it isn’t going to do them any favors. The strength of Verizon’s network will help to keep many customers from jumping ship on them. Realistically speaking, you can own the most powerful and amazing smartphone on the planet, but if you can’t get signal, then what’s the point?
    Just my opinion…

    • Jeffrey Hoffman

      I agree with your assessment of Verizon heavily promoting the Razr, i bought the HTC Rezound because it is a way better phone, But Verizon didn’t promote it, so its sales were not very good. I’m extremely happy with my Rezound, and would be even happier with a quad core HTC One. The Rezound is actually a better phone than the HTC Incredible 4G, but doesn’t have the “Droid” label on it.

  • jlsoaz

    SpdFrk, you may be right, I don’t know much about the lineups and competition. I will say that the strength of the network is a big factor in keeping me…. my only really good choices are Verizon and ATT, where I live, in my exact home location.

    I just read tonight that there will supposedly be some sort of software move to some of the existing Verizon Droid LTE phones to make them GSM compatible. If true, and if it really works, that *might* allow me to consider outside of the HTC Incredible 4G LTE, but still, aside from the smaller-than-I want screen, that HTC sounds like the one I really want. I wish Verizon was not seemingly taking so long on this.

  • Jon

    I’ve been waiting for the one x and Verizon failed again. They need to get the flagship phone since they are the top dog service.

  • Jon

    Well put, I think you hit the nail in the head.

  • Corey

    Verizon needs to keep up with other carriers.. adding all there junk bloatware is just annoying. I would love to see the htc one x on verizon but they choose samsung. i just dont get it. the best carrier with the worse phones. After having htc and most other brands, htc is just top dog for me. I want the latest and greatest instead of what verizon is offering.

    • Seeteedub

      I think they felt burned by the Thunderbolt. We all did.

      Then again, they put out the cleaned up and refine “Thunderbolt 2” (Rezound), and all’s been well with that phone…for the most part.

      • Oscar Martinez

        what do you mean? I love my thunderbolt to death, man. But seriously though, when April comes around (upgrade eligibility), I hope freaking Verizon has a flagship htc phone by then because I hate Motorola (which Verizon seems to love so much)

        • seeteedub

          If you love your Thunderbolt…get a Rezound. It’s everything the T-Bolt is…except faster, cleaner, and better in every aspect. I went through four Thunderbolts…and I absolutely LOVE my Rezound.

    • Genorok

      i’ve had HTC phones, Sony Phones, Motorola Phones, LG Phones and an Iphone. I can’t believe that Verizon doesn’t support the two best of these that I’ve ever had. My favorites being the Xperia Series and HTC’s phones. These were responsive, had unique features and were top notch. Verizon is falling and the only way they are going to save themselves is to get the best phones.

  • Hawg187

    High end. Always provide a full array of products and let the consumer decide.

  • How Now Cow

    Agreed! Shame on you, Verizon, for not having an ICS, top end, world phone offering! ICS has been around for 6 months…and some of us can’t avoid traveling where only GSM will work.

  • jlsoaz

    I like masochistically going to the Verizon Wireless phone upgrade area and checking off “Global Ready” and “4G Technology” and seeing how they offer no (zero) phones in this category.

    Then I can go to ATT and check off SIM cards and 4g capable, and narrow it to PDA/Smart-phones and see one or two dozen phones to consider.

  • madpiyal

    HTC should make it global. its not gonna bring a huge num of customers if its only for Verizon. Cause its not that much appealing as a flagship phone. But it is very appealing as a mid-range mobile phone & will cover the 4 inch territory for HTC(One S-4.3, One X-4.7, One V-3.7). And i personally think 4 inch is the best display for a mobile(bigger is better is not true when you are dealing something mobile like MOBILE phone).

  • Richard

    Who just wants, good enough? Verizon had done this vary thing over and over.
    Verizon customers pay the most for service we should have the best choices of phones available.

  • jlsoaz

    What might be interesting is if Verizon actually right now was selling the HTC incredible 4g instead of it being still planned, but not yet for sale. Then we could start to compare and discuss and lament their lack of the ONE series.

    I just checked and the only HTCs for sale including older pre-owned Incredible 3G versions for “free” with a contract. Maybe they have the “can you hear me now” guy on a plane to Europe to test things out and are asking us just to wait a little bit longer.

    • jlsoaz

      err…. what I meant was lament the lack of a One series phone while being able to compare it more readily with the Incredible…

  • Cindy

    I would like to see Verizon get the HTC One S – Seems that AT&T always gets the good stuff first. Most of us want the best technology out there. It should be our chose not Verizon as to what phone we can buy.

  • jlsoaz

    Dear Verizon:

    When are you claiming this HTC Droid Incredible 4G be available?



    • Seeteedub

      Who cares when it is available?? It’s mid-range at best.

      When you have every other carrier dangling the newest and fastest mobile device…and you decide to bestow a blah phone to your bill-paying peons…that’s just part and parcel for Verizon.

      They’ve given customer service a rest…their only concern is your wallet and separating you from it.

      • jlsoaz

        Hi Seeteedub:

        As far as I can see (and I don’t know all the workarounds and tricks), this is the only (Verizon) phone that would give me the ability to receive calls while overseas on my regular number, and at the same time go with a high-end 4g LTE Android setup while in the US.

        It certainly comes through that many experienced Verizon customers do not care about this “tri-mode” aspect (GSM, 4G-lte, conventional CDMA?) feature and that most (or all) reviewers also do not care about this, …. I haven’t even read a conventional review which can verify for me one way or the other if I have accurately understood things…. but for some of us, it is a deciding factor.

  • Livejunk

    They are about to customize their way right out of my business!

  • Ron Roush

    bye bye verizon, after 10 years, its over.

  • TheOriginalGregToo

    You’d think Verizon would have learned their lesson with how badly they screwed up by not getting the galaxy s2, and the iphone before that…I really can’t grasp what incentive they would have for not offering high end android phones. The sad part is I think the decision makers at Verizon actually think they are offering high end phones in the form of the razr and incredible. Verizon, you need to get a clue.

  • GMan

    I’m eligible for an upgrade but I’ve been waiting for the One X. It’s disappointing that it won’t be available under VRZ. For the first time, I’m thinking to maybe transfer to AT&T which has the Gal Note and now the One X.

    • joe

      I’m in the same boat. What is wrong with the Galaxy s III though? I’m thinking that might be the avenue I’m going to take.

      • Jane M.D.

        it doesnt support Adobe Flash!

  • Well, Verizon passing on the One X is one of the reasons I’m seriously considering switching over to AT&T… Having unlimited data is the only thing that keeps me, and VZW is anxious to get rid of that.

    • Lisa G

      The unlimited Data Plan disappears once you get a new phone an renew your contract with them. Just like everything else you lose when you get a new phone. Verizon doesn’t appreciate their customers that they have had for years.

  • rdnck

    Verizon blows and I’m switching to ATT so tired of crap Motorola and an expensive billl

  • this sucks. I’ve been waiting for the next HTC flagship for Verizon, not to mention making some of our company users hold off on upgrades. Two years is a long time to be stuck with an average device. I was sure that Verizon was going to be getting some version of the HTC One shortly.

  • vzw is practically begging me not to sign my next 2yr agreement, begging me to switch carriers. 10 years of paying my bill and the customer loyalty programs have disappeared, their phones are weaker and weaker compared to ANYONE, and now they wont let me keep my unlimited plan with my next 2yr upgrade. why should i stay? is the cell service really that much worse everywhere else?

    you know what? I’m going to see if they “can hear me now” over at AT&T. Looking forward to picking up a galaxy note and htc one-x. screw this Motorola crap i’ve been buying the past few years. please at&t take my money, vzw doesnt want it anymore.

    • david

      i often feel the same way, and i’m not even the one paying the phone bill. my dad started with verizon probably about as long ago as you did, and eventually got all 5 of us in the family on a family plan. he has been paying a monstrous amount of money every month for years and he has almost never had any complaints because the cell service way outperforms the competition in so many areas where we live, work, travel, etc.

      but every couple of years, it’s time to upgrade phones, and all of a sudden it’s like we may as well be new customers (not that they should be treated like this either), they try to rip us off for every last penny, hide cheaper plans, lock us into things, block us from using discounts or upgrades when needed most, etc. it’s like walking up to your lifelong friend and having them slap you in the face and call you a jerk. and to top it all off, they have the weakest phone selection with massive delays on highly demanded models.

      and now all this nsa stuff… verizon really can be a rude company, but for some of us, we’re kind of stuck with them because there are so many areas where the reception and lte coverage are just vastly superior.

  • Andrew

    Verizon is becoming very arrogant. Whether it will be their downfall or not remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, as soon as the remaining contracts on our current family plan are up we will be moving to AT&T. With the cost of these phones on the ever increase I want the best bang for my buck, and Verizon has lost my loyalty, and my money, especially when they put the kibosh on the unlimited data plans. Add to that; i am tired of being lied to.

  • Fazi13

    lets all hope that HTC’s newly leaked 1080p Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 w/ 4G LTE will come out soon

  • emjaysea

    If you want a top of the line phone from Verizon today, there’s the galaxy s3, and that’s it. Considering there are many exciting cutting edge devices out today, this seems more than a little short-sighted on Verizon’s part.

  • Jesse

    I have been really disappointed with Verizon for quite sometime! I do not care for their customer service at all. I am disappointed in their phone selection. I wanted to upgrade to the HTC ONE, but since it will not be coming to Verizon I am considering ending my contract. I have had no luck with motorola phones & have always loved the htc phones. Im sorry Verizon but you are going way down hill!!!

  • verizon should definitely get the one X, give me a choice for my top of the line phone instead of just one!!!

  • Harry Platypus

    Apples $1B victory over Daddy-deep-pockets Samsung signals a sea-change for the Android market. HTC and other small manufacturers are doomed.

  • Cballsohard29

    I agree with Richard and so many other posts, we pay more and still don’t have the absolute best in choices! Yes they should get this series! It reminds me of when the iphone was exclusive to att&t and it took a century for Verizon to get on board! I have the HTC thunderbold and I still love it, so I am interested in upgrading to another quality HTC phone, but unfortunately Verizon won’t be carrying it…I’m thinking maybe its time to try a new company after 10yrs

  • zagg324

    Verizon did not make a smart move not getting the One X.
    Droid Incredible 4G is not enough

  • Vanwiee

    WOW… I really hope this isn’t true! Some other sites have shown a pic of the phone with red accents indicating that it would be, a Verizon phone. On the other hand, this article has supposed quotes from a rep… who knows, maybe someone botched an interview and had to lie about it LoL? Those things do RARELY happen… we will see…

  • jrluke

    VZW should stay up with the latest technology regardless of manufacturer. When I go to upgrade my phone which won’t be too far off, I want to choose from the best current phones on the market including HTC. It seems their content to ride the Razr phones, iPhones and Samsung and take a pass on their weaker selling brands ie HTC.

  • Rami

    I am agreeing to many posts here and it made me realize that we actually dont have the best choices. earlier today i was looking at one of my friend’s htc one s and it was amazing. fast and didnt feel cheap like most of the verizon phones. why cant the highest paying customers have this? males me want to switch carriers

  • Annie

    I was really upset when I saw this… the HTC looked like one of the best phones on the market… this is seriously making me want to switch carriers…

  • Jane M.D.

    I had the Incredible 1 and thought that it lived up to its name and was even more than incredible. Then I accidentally dropped it in a puddle of water. :( I was due for an upgrade from Verizon and so I got the Incredible 4G. I discovered after the purchase was completed that all new smartphones have stopped supporting Adobe Flash Player. What a let-down! As I used my new Incredible 4G it kept flashing a sick-computer green screen. It also Died on me a few times during those initial days… I was worried so I brought it back to the Verizon store. They gave me another brand new Incredible 4. As I was setting up my Home Screens on this new phone, it kept freezing, shutting off, and turning back on. It also flashed that sick-computer green screen even more often on the replacement phone, so I brought it back and asked for my money back. VERIZON CHARGED ME A RE-STOCKING FEE ON THEIR DYSFUNCTIONAL MERCHANDISE!
    I now have decided that if I want a good phone that works at the capacity I require (it doesnt die, has a strong OS, and supports Adobe Flash) I have no choice but to find a new copy of the Incredible 1 somewhere online.

  • iamzb

    Well they have the DNA which I love hopefully they update to Sense 5.0 soon or I may have to seek a custom rom xD

  • I recently moved to Verizon and love their built network and LTE service but the HTC ONE should be offered. There is no excuse for “Big Red” to be turning down such great Smartphone. It makes me double think the mistake I might of made when switching over.

  • Jacquie

    Well my Verizon contract is up. “Just fine” isn’t really just fine with me. I think I’ll have a look at AT&T. At this point if I upgrade my phone with Verizon I’ll no longer have my unlimited data plan because they dropped that perk too, so I’m feeling no loyalty at all to Big Red. Can you hear me walking away now Verizon?

  • Dragonfly

    No the Droid incredible is not good enough!!! I have been with Verizon a long time and this decision could very well cause me to leave. I have had the Thunderbolt for over 2 years now and I will not settle for another phone I don’t like! I want the HTC One!

  • KACHE4


  • BR

    Expensive with dated phones. Looking for excuse to switch.

  • Veno

    What a shame to pay on the best phone out there(IMO)….it does make one consider changing carriers, but when your a powerhouse such as Verizon is,
    I guess they feel they can afford to be so arrogant…ya think? :-/

  • Cl

    Very disappointed!

  • Shonnieboy

    Well that is all I needed to know …. Good bye Verizon! I’m going to get the HTC One one way or another! Great stock option for sprint and ATT!

  • nate

    If u can’t go with the best. Than stay at home.