Huawei reveals latest version of Emotion UI in new video

Huawei Emotion UI
by 1 year ago

Huawei’s not a company known for its subtlety, preferring to break world records rather than innovate understatedly. That being said, the company’s newest version of software for Android seems to be a happy confluence of sensible features and unique design.

Huawei Ascend Mate Review

by 1 year ago

Is the Ascend Mate enough to help Huawei break into a market currently dominated by Samsung and LG? Okay, probably not, but is this a phone worth buying? Read our review to find out.

Hands-on with Huawei’s new Emotion UI. Why isn’t there an app drawer?

by 1 year ago

Some of you may have silently wept as news emerged that Huawei was coming out with its proprietary user interface to run atop Google’s stock launcher. While the name Emotion UI has become more familiar to the ears ever since, not too many have seen its real life implementation. Here’s a brief walkthrough of Huawei’s first take on Android skin.

Huawei’s new Emotion UI gets its own Chinese official website, should be up for download soon

by 2 years ago

Although it’s still not a name to be reckoned with in the Western technology world, Huawei is certainly making efforts to change that and get in the high-end mix. The Ascend P1, P1S and especially the Ascend D Quad are the devices that could put Huawei on the map in Europe and the US, but unfortunately they still can’t be found in many parts of the world outside Asia. Huawei will also be trying to draw the attention of tech users with a couple of software innovations, the most important one being the introduction of the Emotion UI for Android…

Huawei to unveil the Emotion UI on June 9

by 2 years ago

Since all Android smartphone manufacturers run the exact same OS (and the vast majority of the apps as well) on their devices, the people in charge of the marketing departments of such manufacturers often seem to believe that the only way to differentiate their products from those of other manufacturers is by creating custom UIs that they slam on top of Android’s standard (also known as vanilla) user interface. But although they’ve got the “differentiating” part just about right, I’m not sure exactly how many smartphone users go for a specific manufacturer over the other because the custom UI is better. In…