Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S Drop Test!

by: SamJune 3, 2012

Yesterday we did a terrible thing. We took a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 and purposefully dropped it multiple times for you. It was awful to watch, but we know that our viewers get a strange enjoyment from cell phone obliteration. We also dropped a brand new iPhone 4S and filmed that too! Before we get to the real fun, let’s take a look at how the iPhone 4s matches up to the Galaxy S3.

Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4s

This video is mostly for your amusement but it does have a slight undertone of consumer advice. Some people – no matter how much they love their smartphones – can be very clumsy. We have all had the horrific experience of watching our device slip out of our grasp, only to see it descend towards the unforgiving floor. It’s these sorts of accidents that show which device comes out on top.

Each phone was dropped in three different orientations and in this order: rear, side, and front. After each drop we filmed a brief evaluation of the damage, and we also tried to asses the amount of damage after all three drops. Once we were done with both phones, we did a side by side comparison. You may be a little surprised by the results!

We hope you enjoy!

And, now that you’ve seen the results, maybe it’s safe to say that Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2 didn’t stand up to the true test of durability after all. What do you think? Is the Galaxy S3 still more durable? Let us know!

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  • Flip

    I have been saying this since the start was released. Who cares what a phone looks like or how it feels because we all put some type of case around it to protect it from accidents like this.

    • Flip

      Since the Samsung S3 was released. That gorilla glass is a joke


      • Jaysann22

        True that. Definitely not as tough as the Gorilla glass on the One X….

        • guest

          Yea i think they used a cheaper glass for the s3 because they couldnt make the phone light like people wanted with all those features

  • AppleFUD

    Drop any type of glass just right and it will crack. . . duh!

    And that’s why we want flexible screens. Gorilla glass is really only good for scratches and some extra flex — keys in the pocket/purse, etc. . . And NO case is going to save the screen if it hits something hard directly on the screen because cases don’t cover the screen.

    I know I’ve come close to doping my phones over the years but can’t actually remember ever dropping one.

    • Flip

      You are correct when you say that gorilla glass is only good for scratches. But the video that was posted by them is a bit misleading.

      A protective case will in fact protect you phone from the drops that was in this video. As a person who drops my phone quite often because of the type job that I have I don’t even have a scratch on the phone compared to not having one. When my phone wasn’t protected it looked much like the one in this test after drops.

      • AppleFUD

        You did not read my comment carefully enough. I’m saying you case will NOT protect the screen if it hits directly. The case protects the edges, flat fall, etc. However, if it drops onto something, like a rock, that impacts directly on the screen it is done regardless of the case.

    • Terrence Greene

      They dont need to cover the whole screen i mean just being a mm higher then the screen would add a considerable amount of protection..

      As for me i have dropped my phone a couple times.. With my thin soft rubber case it has not received much damage at all.

      The thin bit of rubber no matter how you drop it receives the initial force of the drop.

      It disperses it into the phone in a manner that causes it to pop back up and go into a flat spin..

      the case is then ripped off the phone due to sudden acceleration…

      Finding its self in a OH SHIT situation the battery then pops the canopy and ejects from the phone…

      The phone now being lighter floats gently to the ground to its final face down resting point therefore requiring you to turn it over to confirm the worst possible outcome…

      but of course not before performing a final kart wheel as to say “I hope you got insurance”

      • AppleFUD

        like Flip you did not read my comment carefully enough. . . see my reply to Flip.

  • Bennett E Todd

    Otterbox should use this for marketing. I’m only peeling my Defender off my Gnex when I need to remove the sim to shift to my next phone.

    • JR

      The Defender is too much. I prefer my commuter, protects the phone without the bulge and it works like a charm.

  • Cassilias

    Hope there is something wrong with those phones for you to smash them like that, otherwise there is something really wrong with YOU. I would kill to have a smartphone like that and you just smash them….Something is wrong with you people, very wrong!

    • TheGreatLeon

      Says the guy who would kill for a phone.

    • Scared dude

      Scary dude, lol

    • Doron Zehavi

      Anyone who has surplus cash or property, Cassilias would love to have it, please do not burn it in a fire or otherwise destroy it.

    • guest

      I’m sure they get paid to do things like things. Just like movies make money and yet still crash million dollar cars, its business

  • Rubz

    In fact, I think these videos are very important to us, It give us an idea of how much pressure can resist.
    I like Androidauthority :)

    • not really.
      It was more like a comparison test to make happy the galaxy fans and the apple fans but is not really possible to make a comparison in those cases.
      You will almost never make your phone fall in conditions similar to the ones in the test and usually the phone falls from the pocket height and it will never fall straight face down.
      My sgs2 fell from my pocket a lot of times but only has a few scratches on the back and nothing more, while on the crash test it failed as all the phones fail (not xperia active)

      • Ricequeen15

        Also too, most people have a protective case over it.

      • Jay

        I dropped my Nokia C7 from about shoulder height (when taking out from a shelf) and the board inside, the chips and the display were severely damaged and the phone would never turn on, obviously. So, it can happen. But I had dropped it many times before from pocket height and nothing really happened. So, moral of the story is, just don’t buy expensive phones if you don’t know how to use it.

        • Aaron

          Every1 is talking about the iPhone and the galaxy you fucking retard!

  • Wolfman

    It’s all marketing rubbish. Same with the fiberglass material Corning uses to make Sunrooms. While technically impressive, the value vs reward of owning the extras usually doesn’t live up to the presentation.

  • Validemail

    The lady in the video is so pretty

    • Brett Kubler

      Not pretty beautiful!!

      • B.Farkers

        You need to get out more too

        • Locaness:)

          LMAO :P

    • B.Farkers

      You need to get out more.

  • Hexenmeister

    You should have sent me that one and I would drop it on bed thousands of times xD

  • So it means there are not Gorilla Glass on SGS3? LOL

  • Mosdefnitely

    i hope they’d do same test for the Motorola Defy, Mini, Xperia Go, Acro and Samsung

  • Kamaliqwan

    wow..its really not so gorilla..

  • Steviant

    The moral of the story is to not use your smartphone with the screen pointed towards the ground.

  • Realist

    can you guys do a video like the one x being used as a hammer? that would really be a viewing pleasure. lol. when I see a phone that pops up its back cover and battery when it falls, it looks and feel very cheap and stone age, I Dont know, I used to love the idea that the battery can be replaced and the memory can be expanded but come to think of it, how many songs can u listen in a day.I Have hundreds of songs but I Only end up listening to my favorites.Same goes with movies. With games, I Deleat it soon as i finish it. And the lady in the video is kinda sexy,hehe. Hi!

    • some guy

      some people have thousands of songs, my library has over 18 thousand, an iphone with no expandable storage is a joke to me lol

      oh and removable battery with a cover that pops off is a safety feature not a stone age feature, the battery flying across the pavement is expelling some of the kinetic energy in the impact. Being that the battery is the heaviest component of the phone this makes perfect sense. Ever heard of a crumple zone in a car? same idea.

      • colormedisappointed

        Stop that! My sides are splitting from laughing so much!

  • wonshikee

    There is nothing really better about Gorilla Glass 2 vs Gorilla Glass 1. Why? Even though it’s stronger relative to it’s thickness, manufacturers will use them thinner than GG1 because we all know that sub 9mm is what we crave for in our phones, therefore negating the extra durability it might provide.

    Hope you guys had insurance on those bad boys

  • JR

    What you do when you buy some protection is to increase the amount of damping so some of the kinetic energy doesn’t reach the cell fragile parts. I think as well that they made the cell thinner compared to its size and the glass is larger the stresses probably will be higher due to bending and that is why the glass breaks when it his when they drop it from the side. The face down drop didn’t dissipate a lot of energy (just the backplate bounding off the cell) and the glass took the whole hit and that is why it was broken for good (the glass was already broken). The iPhone needs to dissipate more energy since it is heavier and glass on both panels so it always going to break when compared to a half plastic lighter device.

  • Guest ^^

    What a waste of the phones.

  • Jeremyveltre13

    i feel like curved glass may have a nice look but i feel like it is much more prone to breaking. then again samsung phones always tend to break really easily from my experience. im not rough with my phones but we all know accidents happen and samsung devices NEED to have insurance on them.

  • Zaharak85

    no doubt that s3 is better but the craze for iphone 4s is more with more facilities i prefer iphone 4s and i suggest u to

    • Apple Marketing starts here.

    • AppleFUD

      Well, if your statement is a sign of the intelligence of an iPhone user. . . I’ll stay away. Apparently if you are an iPhone user you no longer have the ability to form a coherent thought or to express it in a coherent manner.

  • Kolzy_123

    lol s3

  • you should have given them to me lol :P

  • ???

    this is what screen protectors are made for. what ever glass the iphone has tho, once it cracks you have to get it replaced cuz even tho the screen works you will cut your finger, shards break off and like your parents are supposed to tell you dont play with broken glass.

  • Barry Fruitman

    I recently dropped my Galaxy Nexus and the glass broke. :( But amazingly the cracks are barely visible and the touchscreen still works perfectly. I didn’t even notice it was broken for an hour! When I dropped my old iPhone it shattered in a million places just like the video.

    P.S. I love redheads!

    • Theoneyouhate

      Your comment is FAIL

    • Thisguy

      When I dropped my 3GS tons of time I didn’t get a single scratch, not even a dint or a mark.

      When I dropped my new Galaxy Nexus it shattered completely and the screen wouldn’t even turn on.

      • Ynwa Stryder

        I dropped my iphone twice now, and both times it shattered badly. It breaks too easily. Buying a Samsung next!

        • I dropped my iphone 4 and it shattered but steve jobs materialized from the ether and touched a magic wand to it which installed an app for that, the screen repaired itself and for an added bonus steve gave me $100 and a protective case. Wow. Top that samsung.

          • sam

            I dropped my iphone 4 and it shattered but steve jobs materialized from the ether and touched a magic wand and my iphone turned into Samsung.

          • Abu Laloque

            i never drop any iphone coz i never own it..

          • Eneslukac00

            Wow what a good lie

          • Hothead 1999

            i love iphones also

    • Luis Nani

      Do I have to Believe this?

  • Morten christensen

    What a simple way of making final conclusions. Let us do that in general, then life will get much more easy to live.
    HELLO… you make 10-100 drops before concluding anything…

  • Email

    The bigger screen the easier to break the glass… it’s that simple.

  • Dropped my HTC Desire about 20 times and it only has a few scratches..last time in cartrolled down a flight of stone steps. They don’t make them like this any more

  • Aww… poor iPhone. But unless you still work.
    GSIII, wtf! Gorilla Glass 2, my ass and you’re useless. .____.

  • That’s weird… my Sensation had gorilla glass and it took about an 5 feet fall on it’s face and only had a dead pixel in the screen, no cracks or anything. Maybe it was something to do with the design as well.

  • iPhart

    Remember: Gorilla Glass is mostly AGAINST SCRATCHES .
    So , please do not BS.
    Besides one test like this, can not be official. Each small angle of dropping make big defference.
    You have to drop at least 100/200 sets to have some fair result.
    Galaxy S3 fall very badly on the concrete, as you can see , but look better after the “test:. This, that 4S still respond somehow doesn’t matter- it is unusable anyhow

    • «This, that 4S still respond somehow doesn’t matter- it is unusable anyhow»

      Well I’d beg to differ.

      After such abuse/damage, having a Functioning Device does matter, as one could assume that we’d be as as careless about backing up the content as we are with the physical integrity of the device.

      Anyhow, as ugly the case can be not getting one is less and less of an excuse when we know ourself to be clumsy or forgetful (or with kids or careless friends)


  • Hm

    I’ve dropped my Nokia N86 loads of times and it’s barely even scratched. There again, I don’t give a monkeys about phones.

    • Fullbackmann25

      That’s why you read the article ?

  • Fbi Htetookhant

    What the hell you waste your fucking phone that phone can give Africa child to survive

  • Mei

    So much for Corning Gorilla Glass 2. They should have made the glass stronger as well as thinner. Looks like it compromise when it went thinner.

  • Android Rocks!

    There goes about £1000 worth of phone!

  • Glass will still Be glass
    I was kinda surprised that the Metal Frame of the iPhone didn’t Damage further the Glass panels, looks like a smarter choice tho than a Plastic phone (with minimal Metal structure)
    Obviously the motherboard is better protected by Apple’s choice…

    In any case, if you Know yourself to be a clumsy or careless owner, do buy a Fraking Case (*OtterBox* for extreme abuse, *Speck CandyShell* To be safe)

  • N Nelson71

    I have the galaxy s II. & It’s been dropped a million times. Not even a single scratch. I Love My fon!! #TEAM DROID

  • Tvesters

    The samsong wave still alive after many times landing on the floor :=) !!!

  • i dropped my iphone 4s worked great

  • UXO

    The moral of the story is each time you drop your phone there is no way of knowing how it’s going to land and thus makes this test completely pointless except for that fact that if you drop your phone and the screen breaks, you’re screwed anyway. On one of the phones she said that she got some glass in her hand, even if the phone is still functioning, who wants to now place that to the side of their face. Not me.

  • Taylor Mccroskey2010

    Wow that really makes me up set after hearing all this hype about the gorilla glass 2 that would be in the s3 and it does worse than the iPhone wow ruined my day :(

  • Sam Tomlinson

    This was actually interesting to watch. Great post Sam!

  • mldi

    What’s with this sudden hate towards Gorilla Glass? Seriously? At one point, people cursed at manufacturers for NOT using Gorilla Glass.

    • AppleFUD

      People (stupid people) have wrongly concluded that Gorilla glass will prevent breaking. Gorilla glass is glass and is NOT designed to withstand severe impacts. It is designed to withstand scratching and some slight bending, not direct hard impact.

      Until we have plastic flexible screens they will break easily on direct impact. . . regardless if someone at some fruit company says the phone is tough enough to “throw against the wall.”

  • Rottenronnie1954

    It would be great if Corning & Samsung were asked how come Gorillia Glass1 stands up better to drop test on SG2 then Gorrilla glass2 on SG3 .
    Drop test is much more relevant for real life use then flinging a ball bearing @ the glass in .
    I was stunned to see how bad SG3 GG2 performed .

  • Rob

    What’s the ladies name? x

  • Duaneporter

    phillips savy – indestrucible (not waterprof but)

  • Jaysann22

    I would think the Iphone would sustain more damage as it has more weight behind a fall… Definitely need insurance and or a case for both phones either way…

  • Bachinphx

    Moral to the story: DON’T drop your phone people!

  • aztrochimp

    Ummm, we dont tend to drop our fones at chest height, more like pocket or hip height? Sometimes when getting out of the car…so this is useless.

  • SGS2 owner

    Maybe Samsung used the wrong glasses :). Gorilla Glass 2 technology is superb. Check the youtube link. Looks like fabrication fault to me. SGS2 uses Gorilla Glass 1 why didn’t the screen broke then when SGS2 phone dropped.

  • SGS2 owner

    The glass thickness plays also a big role. Gorilla Glass 1 of SGS2 phone is thicker. Thats why its performing better then GG2 with thinner glass. When the phone screen is broken people will pay for new screen part. More money will be flowing towards Samsung and phone repair centers.

  • Mohitkarkhanis

    i phone rocks ….!!!

  • I dropped my PS3 without realising the devastation. I wish they made a drop video for it. :( I would have been much more careful!

  • Michael philip

    As with cars and the vote, not to be trusted in women’s hands.

    • HJDH

      Grow the hell up.

    • AW

      I don’t think that sounds as funny as you want it to sound.

  • Michaelphilip

    Seriously tho’, does anyone not use a case? I’ve never dropped a phone but a solid case offers some comfort…I always think of resale too…

  • Rasyidsharip

    samsung is the best

  • Ghansah Samuel

    Not a bad effort.. Hmm, got me thinking of my next phone to buy…

  • Next time use a girl with big (.Y.)

  • Mariettanieva

    nice 1….congratz ti ipone 4s…i will choose you….

  • Buda Dangol

    Hows about you try the drop test with three different phones rather than the same phone three times for each model. each drop weakens the strength of the phones chassis. Also try doing it in a controlled environment. The height should be exactly the same and the position of drop should be the same as well as the point of impact if this can not be achieved then a larger sample should be used. Your test was not good enough and thus a waist of an iPhone and an S3.

    • Nicole

      That was the same thing I was thinking, different phones for each drop. The test had too many variables to make it conclusive. Plus when she said she was testing the drop from a certain angle, the phone should actually land at that angle. I swear when she did the straight down from the back one of those phones landed on its front. Just not a very conclusive test. Should have done another test with protective gear on as well to see if they really help.

  • Draperward

    At least the iPhone still works

  • Blue Stacks

    wow! this is great Phone

    Also try this : A new app to play games on PC Talking Tom for PC

  • Couldn’t you have gotten her to dress a bit more minxy?

  • Judy

    The SGS3 have a plastic case so of course it will pop off and the gorilla glass is just to resist against tiny scratches from keys or other small things its not for huge smacks on the floor like in the video plus the fucking fone isnt a superfone just dont buy it if you keep complaining or deal with it

  • F=MG, the greater the mass the greater the force. If you drop two items at the same height and on the same area. The item with the greater mass will have the greater force. The iphone have the greater mass so the iphone will break easier compare to the galaxy phone. I guessing this is the reason that samsung go with the lighter mass. This is my respond to anyone who talk about the plastic feeling on android phone.

  • Gaetano Mendola

    The SIII just turned off (not broken) because the battery was disconnected during the impact.

  • Tmarth5

    I have droppet my iphone 4 a few times (I had a bad habit for a while putting it in my shirt pocket so if I bent forwards it would fall out), it has got some marks, but no cracks.

    I got an SII for a subscription in my home country and while I was home, it fell out as I went out of the car. The fall was only from seat height to the ground and it fell on a snowy road (of course, very hard icy snow). The SII glass broken in a gazillion pieces.

    Very disappointed.

  • Ranvir-singh7

    the moral of the story is to take care of your phone by not dropping it. iPhones are toys and always will be. zombie loving apple/Mac lovers enjoy bashing android because they know it is so much better but hate to admit it. of course the s3 is more durbale. it has the gorilla glass screen.

    Okay you zombie apple lovers. does your iPhone have/do this? :
    expandable memory upto 32 gb more?
    take 20 pics with a rapid shot feature and pic for you the best of the bunch?
    the screen on the s3 is bigger and brighter

    the s3 is also more intuitive and simple to use. The only people that at conform or use an android OS are the stupid apple iPhone users. iPhones have everything so simplified; it is no wonder they are becoming dumber by the minute.
    and for you Mac lovers: your MacBook pro costs $1500.
    for $1500 I can get an Asus laptop with i7 processor; 15 gb ram; 1tb hdd @7200rpm with a high? end graphics card built in.
    Macs are for pic editing? that Asus i listed can do ANYTHING with Ease. Macs are so good! get the fcuk outta here.

  • Skippy2005

    The battery may have lost contact when the S3 hit the floor did anyone think of that?

    • Sam Cater

      We did. We tried to restart it but it wouldn’t work. The only sign of life from the S3 was the notification light going haywire.

      We just edited that out.

  • That’s why I use a lanyard with my phone.

  • Ryan

    1) Stop being so clumbsey with your phone or 2) Buy a £5 Gel case then it doesnt matter if you drop it.

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  • guest

    I presently have my 2nd iPhone. I have had each one over two years. I am always accidentally dropping mine. Both have suffered shattered screens. I tape them with packaging tape and keep using them. Until now. This one shattered several months ago, but half the screen could still be viewed. The other day the speaker broke and I can only talk on my phone while in my Honday 2012, over the car speaker. But I can not use my car speaker to reprogram my voicemail. I can hear what people say, but they can not hear me. I can still text & use the internet. I was wanting to go to Android for a change. I was thinking of the Galaxy sIII, but now this scares me about the glass. I always understood you could not get insurance on an iphone. Cases do not protect the front. My first one shattered when I tripped and fell with it still in my hand and it hit pavement very hard. The second one broke when it fell off my desk at work and hit a metal leg.

  • sar

    well i drop my galaxy ace nearly everyday and so far it’s not got a mark on it and it works perfectly

  • ciliiblog

    What is the point of the video?

  • Poipleshadow

    My Galaxy 5801 was dropped off the motorbike by accident TWICE and survived both times (well the back cover got run over so that didn’t fit, but the screen stayed scratch-less – it then fell off the table at home (granite floor) screen side down and smashed… I don’t know if it was weakened, or just the way it fell. Still works though! :) Now buying myself a S III and will hopefully look after it a little better….

  • Hothead 1999

    i would more get the iphone at least everything still works and the screen is broken awesome

  • Hothead 1999

    i could never break one of those spite

  • Nash Makado

    People are gonna end up making phones that bake bread and drive them to work. No seriously, “Hey Emily, preheat the iphone”.

  • In theorie when you drop your phone the the whole thing should fall apart to disperse the energie…which could prevent the glass from breaking….this is not the case with the iPhone…which could explain why there is my screen damage….bit strange why the s3 didnt turn on again…..: /

  • i cant do this :( how could you do this

  • Dylan

    This was so painfull I watch! D’:

  • ajeaton7

    First let me state that I have owned both Androids and Iphones, so at least I have a semi-open mind.
    I love how Android owners chastise Iphone owners for being Fanboys!! But I find it funny and ironic, that the writer of this article, still has the audacity to say that the S3 is more durable, even their own drops tests rendered their phone useless. The Iphone screen survived until the 3rd drop, but at least the phone still functioned.
    The S3’s screen broke after the 2nd, and then the phone dies completely after the 3rd.
    Who is the Fanboy now?

  • CommonBeauty2

    Actually Moral Of The Story Is To Get a Damnn Casee . -__-

  • weeksie89

    You are all failing to see that, although the iPhone in this instance was way more superficially damaged than the Korean export, it was still fully usable. The new S3, with a different construction to the S2, was not. You all argue “I dropped my S2 millions of times, it never broke” but it’s like saying you crashed your morris minor, it never broke when compared to an F1 car!

  • Ed

    Galaxy. Its shit and also android its small shit of windows how stupid can be people

  • Ed

    Iphone (mercedes ) vs galaxy s 3333 (for ever be hyuindai)). Stupid people apple its 50 years up

  • AlohaMatt

    That woman is THE iPhone killer…

  • mmmac

    not many people drop their phones from that height. You should have dropped from waist down and would love to see how the Galaxy is. I dropped y iphone from knee height and shattered. I think any smart phone would be really damaged from that height.

  • Helene

    I have dropped my iPhone 4s so many times AND into the toilet for who knows how long. Sill works perfectly. Maybe I’m just lucky but I’d go with apple any day :)

  • ela …

    its really how u drop the ph …. that why ….. i think when thwy are testing they have to drop it in the same side …. and same angle …. i have drop my iph4 while making a call …. the scree crack just like that

  • abigail weed

    every time i drop my iPhone it drops face down. I don’t know why, I am using it, i lose grip, it flips around and drops face down. Like, what in the world. and yes, I WAS using it face up

  • boogawooga

    I dropped my baby while texting his head shattered like the iPhone. I’m getting. A Samsung guerilla baby next

  • Awesome! Lets all try dropping our phones!

  • Sarah

    My 2 week old galaxy S3 fell out of my pocket when i was sitting on a lawn chair and fell not even 1 ft from the ground and the screen was badly cracked. Not impressed with Samsung. I want to set this phone on fire and buy an iPhone.

  • Bane


  • I dropped my iPhone from the empire state building and not a scratch

  • apwittrock80

    Owning any of these phones (especially an iphone) without having a case is like playing ice hockey without wearing a cup. Eventually you’re going to pay for it! :)

  • BigTexFyre

    Moral of the story…. get an Otterbox

  • Random Guy

    @3:34 was the best part :))

  • S3 guy

    I personally recommend the Samsung Galaxy S3(my phone:D)

  • t

    I don’t care about the phones, but who’s the redhead?

  • Мы

    Это всё пиздешь!

  • lemSkiE

    you know what i want to buy?.. the pretty girl on the video not that fucking phone XDDD…

  • cami

    i had the htc evo 4g and it broke couldnt even see the screen, now i have the s3 and ive droped it on the driveway, ran it over with my car and it still works:)