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Here are the best Samsung Galaxy chargers — wired and wireless options

Whatever the Samsung device, you'll find a charging solution here.
February 15, 2023
samsung galaxy s23 lineup ports
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Samsung has long been a leader in the Android smartphone world. Its Galaxy-branded handsets, including this year’s Galaxy S23 series, have been hits for years. Every Galaxy flagship since the Note 4 has supported fast charging technology, but it’s not always easy to find the right charger to tap into the top speeds. So let’s make it easier for you with this list of the best Samsung Galaxy chargers around — wired and wireless.

Best Samsung Galaxy fast chargers:

45W USB-C wall charger

Samsung 45W USB C Fast Charging Wall Charger press render

Samsung finally embraced modern fast charging with its 45W USB-C wall charger. According to Samsung, it provides up to a 45W charge to USB PD 3.0-compatible devices with support for Direct Charging. While it’s far from all of the handsets, more Samsung smartphones are gradually getting the total 45W capability, including the Galaxy S23 Plus and S23 Ultra. The wall charger works with other USB-C devices, though charging rates vary.

Anker wireless charger stand

Anker PowerWave Stand hero shot
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Samsung’s wireless charger stand was our top choice for a few years, but it seems to be off the market. Luckily, Anker is ready to step right into its place. It shows that you don’t need a wired Samsung fast charger for the best experience around. The output tops out at 10W, which isn’t the fastest, but will get you back to a full charge before too long.

The features don’t stop there. The LED indicator lets you know when a device is charging and finishes charging. It even offers a comfortable angle so you can watch Netflix while you refill your battery.

Samsung Wireless Duo Pad

galaxy pad duo

The fast Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad now features USB PD support. That means Galaxy S23 phones charge up to 9W, with older Samsung smartphones charging up to 7.5W. The charging pad also works with other Qi-compatible smartphones.

Best of all, there’s a dedicated area to charge your Samsung smartwatch or true wireless earbuds. The LED indicator lights let you know when devices are charging and reach 100%.

Samsung 10,000mAh power bank

samsung 10000mah power bank

Sometimes it’s tough to limit yourself to charge only when you can find an outlet. So whether you find yourself on a long hike or enjoying a day at the beach, a trusty power bank can be a lifesaver. This 10,000mAh model from Samsung should have more than enough power to recharge your battery twice.

It’s designed to fit conveniently in your pockets or a purse, and the sleek design matches most other Samsung products. In addition, the Samsung 10,000mAh power bank is available in micro-USB and USB-C configurations, so you can charge in any way you see fit.

Samsung 25W USB-C fast wall charger


If you don’t need Samsung’s beefy 45W wall charger, why not get the smaller and still-capable 25W USB-C Samsung fast charger? It pushes out up to 25W to any device with USB Power Delivery 3.0. The charger also works with any device with a USB-C port, but make sure your device doesn’t need more than a 25W charge.

Samsung Fast Charge wireless charger stand

Wireless Stand press render

The Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand is precisely that: a charging stand outputting a charge to Qi-compatible smartphones. Output tops out at 9W for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and 7.5W for iPhones. The output for other devices may vary.

The fan makes sure the stand doesn’t overheat when charging your smartphone. An LED indicator turns red when a device is charging and green when a device is fully charged. If the light bothers you at night, you have the option to turn it off.

25W Wireless Portable Battery

samsung super fast power bank on table charging s21 and galaxy buds above
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The Samsung Wireless Portable Battery is unique in that it can charge your Galaxy phone with or without a wire.

The battery supports up to a 7.5W output for Qi-compatible devices, with a cable getting you up to 25W of output. The 10,000mAh capacity should be enough for up to two full charges for smartphones and over 10 full charges for your Samsung smartwatch or Galaxy Buds.

That’s just a brief look at the Samsung fast chargers out there right now. Of course, other wired and wireless chargers might be interesting too. We’ll update this post with new models once they launch.