The Samsung leaks just won’t stop these days. It seems Samsung may launch the Galaxy S3 with its own proprietary wireless charging station. The smartphone will not even need to touch the charger, as it can charge from a distance of 1-2 meters. That seems pretty futuristic, if you ask me, considering that only a few years ago wireless charging was more of a science lab experiment.

Of course, Samsung wouldn’t be the first to use wireless charging for a phone. The Palm Pre was one of the first to have to boast the wires-free charging technology. But Samsung may have improved the technology, if the information concerning the 1-2 meters charging range is to be believed. This also means that we’re talking about Samsung’s own proprietary technology, one that they’ve potentially patented, and not the Fulton eCoupled method seen at CES.

Apparently, Samsung has not decided yet whether it will include the wireless charging station or not, because it adds quite a bit to the cost of the phone. When you consider the rumored quad-core chip, the LTE integration, ceramic casing (maybe Micro Arc Oxidation, a la HTC One S), the 4.8″ Super AMOLED screen, and even the 1080p resolution, all of those  high-end specs will add bulk to the cost of the phone.

However, even if they can’t include the wireless charging station in the Galaxy S3 base package, you will probably still be able to buy it separately, so, ultimately, it will be your own choice if you want to pay the premium or not.

  • Gabriel Alejandro Zorrilla

    Wow, they are adding value to the phone. Too bad this baby is gonna be expensive. I think my next phone will be a down to the earth HTC ONE S (coming from a Milestone 1!).

    • 303

      samsung rockzzzzz iphone. now in the bascket

  • Shahin M Yavari

    even though it is HIGHLY unlikely that this phone will come with wireless charging…. FUCK YEAH

  • Upip

    I have no patience to wait for this phone OR the Xperia ion. I might get the Galaxy Note instead. Will be hitting up best buy tomorrow and play with their display models before I make my final decision.

    • Shahin M Yavari

      perhaps wait for skyrocket HD? should be out this month, since it passed through FCC.

  • WOW! That looks Awesome.

  • Hope this would not end up as a rumour !

  • 123

    lol how much cancer will people get from this?

    • Danielsbc

      Not nearly enough! errr… what?

    • Dicky

      Haha like that everyday got people die for cancer ar?? Haha :)

    • Mychy

      i informed myself, this technic words via induction. induction just produces steady changing magnetic fields, so atoms start to vibrate and warm up. (heat is when atoms vibrate) this won’t cause cancer.

  • Amazing :D

  • Master Of Chant

    I liked the idea !

  • Mychy

    how is this technic working???????

  • Jarakii2

    AWesome. wireless charging, hope it happens

  • tommariner

    I hope it is “optional” wireless charging with a normal mini usb port as standard — Samsung is not exactly Motorola when it comes to providing home and car cradles.