Rooting for dummies: A beginner’s guide to rooting your Android device

March 22, 2011

Rooting your Android phone is a term that you are bound to come across at some point or another while learning how to optimize your Android device. With millions of new Android owners cropping up each month, we decided to give a basic introduction into the world of rooting and to let you decide if it’s something you’d like to do. Towards the end of the article, you will find links to all rooting guides that we have here on Android Authority.

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What is rooting?

Rooting is the process by which you regain administrative access to your phone. Even though Android is an opensource operating system, you still don’t have full “root access” to do what you please on your phone. Back when the iPhone launched in 2007, the hardcore techies quickly realized the true potential of the device and the cruel software limitations that Apple had sealed it with. What became ‘jailbreaking’ on the iPhone was quickly translated to other platforms as well, and when the world saw the first Android back in 2008, the term “rooting” was born.

Why root your Android phone/tablet?

Rooting AndroidThe main reason people root their Android device is for freedom and control, and when you root your Android phone or tablet you gain full control over your system and can tweak it to your liking.

Improved performance: You can speed up your Android device by relocating your phone’s cache, thus allowing you to save phone memory and have a faster phone. There are applications available in the Android Market that will allow you to overclock your device to make it go as fast as you dare.

Altering system files: You can replace many parts of the “Android core.” Doing so, you can add new themes, edit the core apps (Maps, Calendar, clock, etc.), change the recovery and boot images, add Linux binaries, and many more.

More application choices: You will be able to install apps that are only compatible with rooted phones. For instance, you can install an app for taking a screenshot of your phone, or for overclocking your device, or for tethering.

Install applications to your SD card: One of the most talked-about feature (or disadvantage) of any Android device is the limitation where you can install applications only in the phone’s internal memory and not the SD card. While Google may reason that SD cards are slower in general and cannot run apps as effectively as internal memory, the fact of the matter is that most Android devices do not come with massive internal storage and, hence, greatly limit the number of applications that can be installed at a time. With rooted devices, you can use Apps2SD, which will copy ALL your applications to an ext2/3/4 formatted SD card and will also store future builds in the card. That is freedom to choose.

Latest Android OS (operating system): With many carriers holding back the updates to the latest Android operating system, rooting your device will give you the option to install any current and future OS’s by installing custom-tailored ROMs.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Tethering: After having rooted your device, you can also use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth tethering to share your cellular data connection with your laptop, PC, or other capable mobile devices. The application works with ad hoc connections and will get you up and running online on your laptop in no time. Similarly, tethering can also be achieved over a Bluetooth connection.

How to root your phone/tablet

To root your phone, in some cases, you will have to download an application from the Internet (such as most popular rooting apps like SuperOneClick, Z4Root and Universal AndRoot. Such rooting tools are easy to use. At other times, you will need to go the manual way by using either Fastboot or Android Debug Bridge (ADB). This latter case often requires you to type commands at a terminal or command prompt.

The procedure for rooting an Android device varies from device to device. So, in almost all cases, a rooting solution for a particular device will not work on another device. Also, a particular device can have several different rooting solutions. That is why it is crucial to always double-check that the rooting guide you are following is intended for your specific device.

Here on Android Authority, we have a fairly large collection of guides for rooting your Android phone or Android tablet. They are written in as simple a manner that can be understood by a first-time rooter. Other important sources of information about rooting various devices is the XDA Developers Forums and RootzWiki. There are also other sites and forums that provide rooting information for specific devices.

In most cases the rooting procedure is as easy as a couple of clicks. These days, the process has became less bloody and less painful. It is a relatively safe procedure. Although, there have been some nightmare stories and people having difficulties. Rooting may be relatively safe, but it is not entirely risk-free.

Android Root Risks

What are the risks of rooting?

Rooting your phone does come with some risks. The most notable risk is that you will void any warranty that you have on your device. However, you may be able to find the stock ROM (i.e., the firmware that came originally from the manufacturer) for your device, in which case you can reverse the rooting and bring your phone back to stock again. You may have difficulty finding the stock ROM for your device. It all depends on your device, but it’s something worth finding before you do root.

Other than voiding your warranty, there isn’t that much risk involved. Some users occasionally run into problems, the most nefarious of which is bricking your device (i.e., rendering your phone completely non-functional–pretty much like a brick). Other possibilities include bootlooping, in which your phone boots, reboots, boots, reboots, in an endless cycle. The chances of running into such problems, however, are very slim–provided, that you follow instructions properly.

Rooting your Android device can be a fun process. If successful, it will give you freedom and complete control to take your phone to a whole new level of function. We do recommend that you do exercise due diligence to ensure the rooting process goes as smoothly as possible.

What are your thoughts on rooting? Was it an easy experience? Do you recommend it to others? Do you have any question or concerns related to rooting that you’d like us to help you out with? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


  • anon

    I’m interested but nervous about installing an o.s. from an unknown origin with unknown ethics on my device and entrusting it with personal info. Have any info to ease my fears?

    • anon

      OS stands for operating system. Has nothing to do with rooting.

      • Snarky

        Actually rooting has everything to do with the Operating system. You are obtaining the “super user” account /ability which gives you full access to everything the OS has to offer (including screwing it up if you don’t know what you are doing). His question is valid since using a nonstock ROM is in essence replacing the Operating System and it is smart to be leary of a modified O.S. from an unknown sorce. To answer the original question, be very suspicious and do your homework. Research to minimize your chances of getting a flawed or compromised ROM, but in the end, it is trust,

        • bmoreyce

          this is true. but rooting and installing a custom ROM does not actualy “replace” the opperating system. its still android 2.x. you cant, for example, flash a ROM that turns your phone into a WM7 device (unless its some sort of emulator).

          • bmoreyce

            *WP7, rather.

  • Derek Freeman

    Anon, it’s a very safe process, trust me the hardcore techies who do this stuff are just as much if not more concerned about security. The only way you will run into problems with security is downloading fake/malware apps from the Android Market or unknown sources.

    I know it seems like a sketchy process, but it really is safe to root your device.

    • ME

      Really very safe?im thinking sbt rooting my samsung ace

  • WapGiovan

    Thank you for taking the time to write and post the article but, there was nothing instructive about the article. Perhaps I was expecting a “How to” article which I’m hoping will be found within one of the links in the article.

    I’m a totally newcomer to Android and tablets and finding the simplest “How to” has become the most difficult adventure I’ve had.

    Anyone who can lead me towards GOOD “How to” would be appreciated. More specifically, the crappy Cruz Reader R101 – I purchased by mistake second-hand by being bamboozled. I thought I was buying the T104.

    For example, and I’m sure these are questions asked by many new-comers to the Android world.

    1. I can’t no matter how I try, get the Cruz to connect to
    2. Find a place to download the FREE chm reader
    3. I have an app Aldiko.apk which doesn’t install. It has an icon with a gear icon on it, which I’m presuming is a settings icon but, there’s nothing to setup.

    I apologise for the rambling but I’m getting frustrated now.


    • Faujidoc1

      no experience with your particular tablet but in answer to Q2.. you can download a free CHM reader (I use iReader) from
      Download on your PC, copy to SD card, insert SD card into tablet, browse to the *.apk file using file browser, click install.
      If your app is not installing.. check its compatibility with your android version. Aldiko works on 2.2 and over, your android version might be older!

  • a


  • Tajinder Singh


    Any guidance please

    Rooted SAMSUNG Galaxy 551with z4root and now back is not working. Event tried Button Saviour, but it also doesn’t work. So it means not problem with hardware but some soft piece got interrupted while rooted the phone.

    Any suggestions as now warranty is void and I am left on community help.

    Thanks in advance :)

    • Wprunkard

      Try taking your phone to a service center. I bricked my phone rooting it, and returned it for a refurbished one, no questions asked. My phone was still under warranty. I will not be rooting this phone.

      • Wprunkard

        P.S. I DID NOT tell them I had rooted my phone, I merely stated it wasn’t working right. :+)

        • Max Buschkopf

          smooth :P

  • flakefrost

    deffinately not for noobs :)

  • Angelina

    Nice article….thanks a lot…I found a nice tutorial on when i was searching…



    Hi, i wish to root my HTC Desire. This will be my first time.

    I wish to know if ever I ended up not liking my rooted device, is it posible to revert back to my original firmware?

    Also, is a 32GB Class4 microSD enough (like the speed of the memory and the size)? Right now I’m using a 16GB Class2 microSD and I find it slow.

    Thank you very much.

    • bmoreyce

      yes and yes

  • CJ

    I’ve never tried to root a phone and never really knew what it was until about a week ago…I researched it and then used the unrevoked3 program to root and it was very easy. As long as you use Google and do plenty of research, you shouldn’t have problems achieving root access. I love it, I have gingerbread beta, fresh, and cm7 and the phone is easily 2x the speed it was and longer battery life.

  • hamed

    can you provide a guide for Archos 70b Reader ?

    I rooted my Device bye z4root but after root i cant copy font files to /system/fonts , this files are r/o pemission.

    I want to copy any fonts in this folder but I cant …

    Please help me .. Thanks

  • keshav jha

    i have a new samsung galaxy ace -s5830.
    i want to root my phone .it will be the first time .pls. help me to do so….

    • ME

      me too

  • Prashant

    I have an Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro with 2.1 update 1 installed. Universal Androot just does not work on this phone, and Z4 root is too weird a process because my computer just does not seem to be able to update the android developer’s software required.
    Is there any easy method to root this phone? Because the internal memory is a rubbish 128 mb and when it reaches 25 mb free space, it goes bonkers and does not receive any text messages or anything in fact.

    • kausik

      Hav u got ur answer I am also facin same problem,plz let me know.

  • Alex

    Thinking about rooting my atrix 4g. I have 2 questions, 1st, if I root will i be able to rid my phone of MOTOBLUR? And 2nd, if I want to go back to stock how easy is it to do?

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the nice written articel. I never knew what ‘root’ meant – but now I do. Very informative :o)

  • Jade

    Can anyone help im new to android I have a motorola atrix and I’m trying to root and my phone doesn’t allow me to open the z4 root deal after I downloaded it help please !?!?!

  • Rahul Aggarwal

    Another disadvantage about rooting your device is that, now Google has banned the movie rentals which of course is enjoyed my all the android users. So when your rooted devices try to request a movie rental, one gets a error message. This is owing to the copy write issue. So this is a limitation you will face in case you root your android device.

    • bmoreyce

      thats why you:
      a) rip whatever movie you want from a DVD, or
      b) just download the movie form a torrent – same filesize

  • Filthy Morphine

    Android noob thanking for useful info.

  • Root Android

    Rooting always gives us more power over our device, unless you damage it!


    The semilar term of rooting in microsoft OS(PC or mobile) i.e WM7 or windows7 or windows XP is tweak. When tweaking we are breaking the security of our OS which id being control by i.e microsoft thus we are taking and gaining the full control to our device OS i.e adding themes(writing new themes) in the OS folder…in other words we are breaking the copyright protect of the our device i.e Samsung to the Google Inc., that provide the samsung the so called android OS. In this case Samsung has the full rights to resserve and protect the OS in the device yet by rooting we are throwing samsung away to stop controlling our device OS. Before rooting the sharing percentile of the privacy in our device is 25% owner, 25% google inc., and 50% samsung but after rooting this would be privacy sharing percentile owne 50%, google 25%, and samsung 25%. I hope it helps to your decission..

    • Ttmmnnll

      If I understand you correctly, you have no idea what your’e talking about. Samsung has no rights or any of that bs to android os. It is owned by Google and its open source. They encourage people to modify and improve it to their liking. Samsung has nothing to do with android.

      Posted from a new Xperia Play

  • GA_Dawg

    Has anyone had any luck rooting the Samsung Galaxy S2? I currently have a jailbroken IPhone 3GS, but I want to switch to Android and have been waiting for the S2.

    • Metalfang

      Rooted it using Odin and SuperOneClick. Was quick and painless. Done this mainly so i could modify the default.prop for some custom homescreen changes without having to use an app

  • Phenom

    Is this the same site that that decided to write a whole article about how horrible it was that ios5 was already jailbroken?? But when it comes to rooting an android it’s all good and well. This website truly is comedy and nothing else. The bias is taken way to far and I’m wondering if anyone who writes for this site is over 15 yrs old. Basically the message this site is putting out there is that rooting an android is cool but jailbreaking an iPhone is bad. If you guys want your opinions taken seriously you need to turn the extreme bias down just a notch mabye.

    • stuff

      Not sure if it’s the same site, since you don’t link the offending article and phrase it as a question — implanting the idea that they did without specifically stating as such. However, ignoring this…

      There’s also multiple ways to root on Android, some of which are safer: custom firmware comes with root access toggle-able and all the tools needed to protect yourself against malicious software that would love root/jb access. Rooting due to a bug in a PDF? Not so much. Who knows if there’s a malicious payload secretly hiding in there? You *ARE* breaking in the built in protections and safeties when you root/jb.

      Also, the article specifically states for the i device: “.. the hardcore techies quickly realized the true potential of the device, and the cruel software limitations … ”

      It’s not saying JB is bad. They’re saying that the restrictions that big red put on their device is bad.

      I tend to agree. I mean, ignoring the Android fanboyism and focusing SOLELY on just the i-platform:
      1) JB users have enjoyed two backgrounds (one for lock screen, one for home screen) for years, not just last year.
      2) JB users have enjoyed multitasking for years, not just last year.
      3) JB users have enjoyed tethering for years, not just last year.
      4) JB users have enjoyed a large number of the same customizations offered by Android… still not available yet. Check back after the next version of the OS comes out (Lock screen shortcuts? check)
      5) JB users have enjoyed customizing their 6 available SMS notification sounds, can’t do that normally.

    • Superduper Pad 2

      Good, they are probably a lot older than you. This is an ANDROID forum. Of course they will disagree with apple happenings. Of course they are basically the same thing, jailbreaking and rooting. But you are probably an Apple fan just letting out fumes on the opposing side to look cool. So stop being a big baby… And Fuck off.

      • Pedro

        Jeez.. That was an immature, totally unnecessary response. If you don’t like someone’s opinion you make completely unfounded assumptions about them “probably” being appple fans then swear at them? Grow up

      • Helen

        Ignorant whore!!

      • DeathsKlown

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        • Jvillarreal07

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          • ISDAMan

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          • Me

            You know you can get AIDS from women too. Unless you do it with a chicken. Wonder who is ignorant here. Go back to school and educate yourself before opening that filth of a mouth!

          • ROFL

            wow that escalated quilkly…

          • Jurafffe

            Haha foreal.. theres so much of this on the rooting forums ive seen.. relax ppls its just the interwebs machine

          • Geovanny

            Wow think I made a mistake I was trying to reach an android forum not a sexual orientation website

          • JusTryinToGetAlong

            Good thing all this is relevant to the forum. Well done guys.

          • Pentti Karviainen

            I now have rooted all of my gays. All I get is the pink screen. What next?

          • RyanT

            I just want to see how narrow this window gets

          • Jj

            this gets really narrow

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          • dickpop

            Haha the guy above me is called Asshole :D

          • BORNWOMAN

            Mind ur own business. He was right. It is sick.

          • Iaml33t

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          • Nancy Decker

            Jvillarreal07 Please don’t feed the trolls.

          • review centers

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          • Dude

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          • Anonymous

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    • Stephenb137

      This is trying to inform people about rooting. I used Google to find out more about rooting, this site helped me immensely, stop putting things down just because you might disagree. And what point did you intend on making when assuming that the code writers for this forum were all under 15 years of age? Is that supposed to be some poorly thought of insult? Fail. Besides, who gives a goats crap whether it is biased toward Apple? I am biased towards Apple, and it’s only in good fun because I am an Android user. The iPhone is fantastic, it doesn’t suit my needs however. That is ME that I am speaking for. are you going to criticize me because of an opinion i may have? This said nothing about rooting an Android being cool that I saw, only informative knowledge regarding the process, the benefits, and the risks. Informative knowledge designed to help the readers make an informed decision is definitely not an opinion as you stated in your last sentence either…

    • S Griefnow

      I think you don’t quite get that blogs and articles are opinions. Like all opinions they will veri from person to person.

      • Spencerman

        wow I thought this was a android rooting forum. can ya’ll stop with the insults.

    • yiweitech

      …wow did this conversation get off topic or what?

  • kinderkat

    I’m the sad owner of an obsolete CLIQ the it went no where fast original Cliq. And wondering if it makes sense to do the download from moto so Im at 2.1. Or should I just say.. #:+$(*& and go with the rebels who want me to root it instead? Any ideas comments or anything for a girl in distress?????? :(( this is my first android and blurrrrrr sucks,as does the controls hidden down deep inside that make owning it as is beyond bad words!!

  • Grant

    Odd question for someone fairly tech savvy… I’m a fairly new to the Android system. I’ve no real worries with the actual rooting process itself, not to mention, am eager and have no choice but to root given storage restrictions. However, I’ve been unable to really find any info on what exactly I need to backup, and weather it was possible to restore my device (interface, function, apps, docs, data, etc.) to it’s prior state of usability. It seems like most of the info I’ve found relates to a new device, not one loaded with data. In my experience, a new partition usually results in some sort of reformat. Can’t be without the phone for more than a few hours. Just trying to make sure that, disregarding catastrophic failure of the process, I am able to backup and then restore my phone to it’s current state and use after application of the root.

  • Adam

    Hi, thanks for the helpful article.

    Just wondering though:
    If I root my HTC Desire (which is currently running Android 2.2) will I be able to safely update to Gingerbread when it becomes available for my device? Or should I wait to update before I root it?

    Thanks again :)

    • pik1973

      gingerbread is designed for tablet systems so no real point

      • d.user

        I think, youre thinking of honeycomb pik1973.

      • jepe


      • AndresGalvan98

        Faaaail, Pik1973.

  • Nathaniel Bailey

    I have a new Xperia Arc which is running on “Android 2.3 Gingerbread”. Does anyone know if this can be rooted yet? And if so do you know of any bad turn outs for it and where I can get my hands on the stock ROM just in case things go wrong?!

  • Monsterman2002

    So I rooted my huawei m835 2.2.2 & now I can’t download from my basic browser?

    • Joshua

      how did you root it ive been trying to root it for 2 days now?

  • help

    I am not tech savy at all, I’m just a 13 year old girl who knows nothing at all about electronics, but I would like to root my new Samsung infuse
    The only reason I want to do this is to take screen shots
    I have NO IDEA what the rest of this article was about
    Is it safe for me to root my phone? I got worried when it said that some people’s phones have broken from rooting. Is it worth it for me to do this?

    • David

      I have a Samsung Infuse (new and not rooted) and was able to find an app in the standard market that does screen capture well, you might want to check there.

      • help

        Can you give me the name of the App please? That would really help.

    • Albert

      At least on the Galaxy S you don’t need to root your phone to take screenshots. Just hold down the back button and click the power button, and voila! Give it a shot before rooting.

  • Jayvonneholman16

    I can’t find a root app any suggestions n is rooting illegal,

  • Aa2606


  • Queenie337

    I want to root my coby kyros 7015 tablet, what do I need to do, what do I need to even start the process and I am a “dummy” when it comes to this, so i need a basic, simple directions, and do I do this from my tablet or pc?

  • Misspurpleladi

    I recently purchased a MID tablet from China. It has android 2.2 but the app for market leads me to apps in Chinese. Would rooting help me in this situation?

  • soonsoon

    Thank you Derek, for yr article on Rooting For Dummies. I want to share my experience of rooting my Attix (2.2.2) with gingerbreak via 4shared site.

    I was hesitant at first, so I read and browse xda-developer’s threads to understand the procedures and risks. I am no Techie, a noob I may say. I went ahead with the rooting and the first thing I noticed was enhanced brightness. So I just had to lower the brightness bar to a quarter of it, from 3/4. Next was the enhanced volume. I hope to look forward to more good news. By the way, pls backup data saved such as videos & movies on yr internal storage as these were all wiped out. I did mine, so all I need is to restore the data back.

  • Nguyendelvin

    Well I was deciding to root my Tmobile G2x but im running on Froyo, Not gingerbread.Im just a 12 year olld boy and i dont really know anything about all this rooting stuff. Can anybody confirm the root working on Froyo?

  • Viji Dreamdestiny

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  • Aarav Bansal 2011

    I want to upgrade my Galaxy 5 Gt i5503. It is android 2.1.1. Wanted to noe how can i upgrade it to Gingerbread?

    • Themagnificentmombajomba

      You can do a root or you can use Samsung Kies depending on your location. I know it is available in the states.

  • Moowithme

    My Droid Incredible 2 came with an obnoxious amount of preinstalled apps I do not want. I am not tech savvy. Is it worth rooting my phone just to get rid of those? Is there a way to just get rid of those apps without changing anything else about my phone?

    • Theaceofdaves

      try installing Android System Info app and uninstalling them using that. It hasn’t crashed on me yet, and that’s saying something for most apps

      • Kenneth LaMontagne

        Tried to remove Drive Smart App using the Android System Info app. Sorry to say it did not work.

      • Miriam

        Try removing Facebook from your Android. It seems to be impossible without re-flashing the ROM. I want to remove Facebook because of its extreme intrusiveness and disregard for privacy.

        • brian mcnellis

          Disable the app…root

    • Johnniejr243

      Yes root it then but titanium backup.
      it is easyvto uninstall them.

  • AlanC

    Android is a flavour of Linux which has always had a root user. The reason Linux doesn’t get hacked/viruses is because of something called permissions- for example, a non-root user simply cannot write to a file to anywhere other than a small ‘home’ area. If you are root, you do not have this protection. Someone will one day write a virus that will decimate ‘rooted’ phones. So the proper advice is: don’t do it. I would also point out that the manufacturer has gone to some lengths to optimise a device for the best user experience. There is little to be gained by playing with non-user settings, whatever software vendors may claim, and there is every chance you will trash the device as well. Sorry guys. I just don’t think we should be selling the message that rooting is cool.

    • Senkolkata

      I believe I should have the full access and control to the hardware and software I am paying for. It is my hard earned money and I expect that the hardware i am paying for performs at its peak and I be in control of its behavior. This reasoning may not be applicable for non-techie people, but for a person like me I would love to have full access to the system I am paying for.

      • Viliusk

        It’s like going more than 250 km/h with a brand new Lexus. Some clever tech guys thought about safety and added limitations to max speed of new cars. Some other clever tech guys thought about safety and created non root user with limited permisions for your own good and safety.

        Don’t be smarter then others and use “root” users propertly.

        • Stephenb137

          good thing rooting isn’t a life or death matter…..(like driving at 250km/h)…

          • Bryan Miller

            Yeah but its mine and i want to have the option to do whatever i want, taking allfactors into consideration and knowing i could brick it. additionally someday a virus will be wtitten for everything so that argument is ridiculous

          • Dj ROOTZ

            Im sure you’ll die driving at that speed

    • 5L1D3R

      Senkolkata is right. Would you buy a car if the dealor sealed the trunk and hood shut and said you could only carry 3 passengers, even though it seats 5? They have no right to tell me what I can or can’t do with my phone. If I brick it, it’s my fault. And I would point out that the vendors do not try to optimize the experience. …ever hear of “bloatware” or buy a HP or Dell? Every system I’ve bought for the past 15 years, I have spent over an hour when I got it home, cleaning all the junk off of it, and optimizing it’s performance. It’s amazing how much faster a system is and how much storage space you recover when you remove all those “optimizations”

      • SomeOneOtherThanU

        I’m not pro or con but I do think it is not like having 5 seats and only getting to use 3. It is more like having 5 seats and a trunk and wanting to add a few seats in the trunk. If done right, it could add to your needs and make “what you paid for” better. However, if you don’t need the extra seat (speed/options) why risk fucking it up. I think the post above said it best that most techie would want and could saftly do it but others should not risk it. Maybe at most let the techie friend do it but still they only cost a little so have fun! PS I’m an Electrical Engineer and my choice is not to just because I don’t use it although I have done it on amny phones and tables both for myself and others. I feel it comes down to do you need it Vs the risk Vs cost/loss if bricked!

      • jeff

        Does anyone work for a living anymore? Who cares if your phone can open a web page 3 seconds faster. Just some people get bored with life. While im in bed with my BRIDE you are trying to overclock your phone. Get a life !!!!

        • googlethis

          You’re in bed with your BRIDE and reading this discussion?? She must be just the luckiest BRIDE ever!!! ;)

    • daveW

      not quite. The reason linux doesn’t get viruses is because only 5% of web users run on linux. No one writes viruses for to attack 5%, they write viruses to infection the majority, windows. Mac only owns 8%. Win 7, and other flavours of windows make up over 85% of the market. Same amount of effort to write the virus, Well over half of the market. Also people that use linux tend to be a bit smarter when it comes to computers so they don’t fall for the things everyday users do. I won’t comment on the people who purchase old hardware for twice the amount of new technology..cough*apple*cough.

      -Everyday linux user

      • Anonymous

        Not quite. :-P If you think about the amount of extremely technical and talented people who would love to be credited with writing the first famous Mac OS X or Linux / Android Virus, then a low userbase would not be a disincentive.

        The fact is that self-replicating viruses which DO NOT REQUIRE USER INTERACTION are more difficult to write for these OS’s due to the way the kernal and drivers and underlying structure of the OS is written. I don’t claim to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I can read and understand the overview of what is being said, and this is the gist I get.

        Although Linux desktop users may well comprise of more ‘techie’ types, tablet users are the exact opposite. It would be relatively simple to trick most tablet users into accepting a prompt to install something. If a device is ‘rooted’ then I can only imagine this would make writing a virus simpler for those users as if nothing else it’s one less security ‘barrier’ for them to overcome.

        All imho ofc.

        -Linux / iOS / Windows user. I’m an OS Slut… :D

    • Anonymous

      Rooting isn’t ‘cool’…. it’s ‘neccessary’ if you wish to do certain things, is this not true? Such as if you want to install the ‘full’ Android market? I’m new to smartphone and tablet OS’s, so forgive me if I’m wrong…. :]

      As much as I’d like to see all manufacturers as altruistic, with a ‘what’s-best-for-the-customer-is-best-for-us’ attitude, I suspect in many cases it’s more a case of a ‘What’s-going-to-make-us-the-most-money?’ one ;-)

      If restricting functionality and performance of something will increase their revenue, I bet you my bottom dollar they’d not give doing so a second thought :)

    • Rey Jukes

      android and apple are similar in the fact that both of them limit the ability of their mobile devices. Apple is more stringent than android but nonetheless both limit the device. Most super user apps (this is needed to control your new root and make sure malicious programs don’t get root access) have password protection and operate like that protection that gives only programs you want permission to write a file anywhere on the device. Rooting can be hazardous if you try something potentially hazardous (like installing a ROM) when you don’t know what your doing. Rooting can be safe and take away those nasty limitations from the factory if you know what your doing. Like if you want to over clock your device. Be smart about it. Don’t over clock it for too long unless you want the CPU to burn out. If you want to improve your performance and your rooted I HIGHLY recommend this app boosters plus. (Look it up in the play store) it actually works idk how the guy did it but it works.

  • DC Tzone

    I for one, don’t understand why should I root my sensation 4g. Everything that rooting allows me to do, my sensation does it natively. Except overclocking cpu.

  • Mlsmith

    Good info – thanks

  • Sparks68

    My previous Samsung Galaxy s ran a screen capture app without ny “rooting but my new S2 won’t!
    Why should there be any difference?
    I use the twi key combination but its hard to get right most times.

  • JuGGz

    Iv rooted my Samung:Galaxy-Prevail andfreed up twice the memory and have a F**KLOAD!! more Custimization optionz plus it seems to have solved the bad glitching problem they seem to come with –JuGGz Da Haker–

    • Tshane

      Galaxy Prevail is my 1st Android.

      Glad to have a phone with web access, but the storage limitation is really irritating. Only about 165 Mb, most new apps don’t go to SD card.

      Plus I want to get rid of laysr, and some other annoying apps. Any advice? Which routing abs are the best for this phone?

  • Mnewby5158

    Very good explanation of rooting an Android phone.

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    Get REAL! my tablet could NOT get APPS from the android market because it is not a major brand Google will grace with their regal largess and allow access to their “Market”. So therefore I should be penalized and denied access to perfectly GOOD software APPs because of policy mechanization’s of the uncaring corporate GIANTS to put Bovine Excrement on the little guy! I was able to PURCHASE– Torque– a program available nowhere ELSE I could find but on the MARKET…
    Really sorry Columbus didn’t have a couple dozen more Righteous nay Sayers like YOU with him pointing out the earth really IS flat just ask the authority on this THE CHURCH. Us Cherokees would still be living the good life EAST of the Mississippi…

  • Sirbreakemstuff

    who do you work for AlenC ? not much to gain, sound like your talking from the provifers point i view. go away

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    New LG Thrill with Unlimited data.
    Q: How to do the tether hack so my Win 7 Tablet can access the internet through it.
    Is this possible?

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  • Benefits of Rooting

    This is truely an awesome Guide that certainly help Android Users to understand the cons and pros of Rooting their device. I’m using android device, but still not aware of benefits of rooting. This article helped me to know the benefits of rooting android devices.

    Thanks for the Quality Article!

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    I’m looking for a 10″ Android Tablet that is rootable. I’m a Linux user and want to enjoy tweaking around with another gadget. Any experienced advice would be helpful.

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    Any one know how I can root my moto droid x2?

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  • Nelly

    I don’t have an Android type of phone but an Android tablet. It has an appsmarket icon on the menu.
    However, when I wanted to download games from Android market website using my wifi connection via my DSL/router at home, It kept on telling me that I don’t have an Android phone even I did set up a new account with google gmail.

    It will be very much appreciated if you can give me some pointers on this issue. I wanted to try my cheap android 2.2 version tablet before deciding if I should buy some tablets for my
    college student nephews for christmas.


  • AndroidSim
  • Syuenc

    Hi, i’ve gotten myself in some serious problem. After successfully rooting my Samsung Galaxy W, i downloaded the rom toolbox pro. I uninstalled my stock status bar. Though i already backup the apps + data by rom toolbox pro, when i tired to restore it it won’t work. Please help me out, thanks.

  • ipodtouchdude

    I have jailbroken atleast 6 iphones and i still have no idea how to root my new android tablet

  • Mark

    Completely new to all of this but is it possible to go back to original stock rom/system after rooting if required? Also, does rooting replace all icons and apps etc on the homescreens (Desire HD)? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I am onto a discussion for finding Top5 reasons to Root your Android Phone.. Join me at on comments..

  • iceman

    if someone wants to vent about nothing, ok, let ‘em. i have an android netbook, 2.2 and i need to root it. i wish to use ttorrent and the internal memory is too small. i have purchased a 16 gig, class 10 card for this. which is easiest and best way? i need pretty good description of process while doing it. not a nube, but new to rooting.
    thanks all

  • Helpmeplease!

    Im a 14 year old gal who is not tech savvy at all. i got an evo 4g for my birthday and i wanted to know what the benefits of rooting it would be and what risks there would be? because i cannot exactly just “get a new or refurbished one” since that money would come out of my parent’s pocket and they would tell me to use my old gravity from t-mobile until we get an update (next year!) Any advice? Thanks!

  • UP

    im rooting my samsung galaxy captivate and its been sitting at a “downloading..” “do not turn off target!!!” screen for about 40 minutes now im just wondering if i should be worried?

  • Jagan

    My Mobile Usb Cable is Not Working I am Having Problm Connecting With The Device Can Any1 Tell If It Is Possible To Root With Bluetooth Or Is There Any Other Way to do..

  • Anthonypp22

    hi, i wanted to root my evo 4g but your guide says I need gingerbread on my phone. When gingerbread was first released I heard installing it would make my phone unrootable so I didn’t install it. Do I need to upgrade to 2.3 to use your guide to root my evo 4g?

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  • Jpauldibert

    I have a LG vs9204g. Do you have a guide for that phone? Thank you for your forum and your help.

  • Robert

    Are you familiar with the NextBook2? If so, is there a way to root it?

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  • Sick_puppy99

    i need a little more help about rooting. if the device is rooted, can you uninstall programs that have nothing to do with the OS? programs that came with the phone that you can’t get rid of like twitter, facebook, and other minor programs.

  • 123doc3

    Hello Derek,

    I have purchased the cube U17GT. Now this tablet has android 2.3.1 installed and I was told that we would get an android .0 update in the near future.

    But my question is regarding – SIMCARD error

    I tried to insert a simcard (UK simcard) but unfortunately it cannot be detected.
    I looked at the settings and I got the following message ‘ network not available’ .

    Please help (

  • Dannygrady Dg

    i cant find a rooting system for my phone…… is it possible for me to root my phone from y phone…… i have no computer so whats the best possible answers i can get thanx

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    if i root my lenovo a1 tablet will i still be able to get and run lenovo updates.and will i be able to install android 3.2

  • moges G.

    I am using LG-P990 2X smart phone. And I wanted to use amharic/ ge’ez (ethiopian) font.
    So I installed MultiLing keyboard, MyAlpha and MultiLing Amharic Plugin. I was hoping to send messeges using amharic/ge’ez letters.
    But after installing this all I have got the virtual amharic keyboard, but when I try to write messeges I can only see boxes/ squares on the messege field.

    Would anyone help please.

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    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100
    Android: 2.3.5
    Baseband: I9100XXKI3
    Kernel Version: #2
    Build Number: GINGERBREAD.XXKI3

    Can anyone please E-mail me a FOR DUMMIES, full out guide step by step from the beginning about how to root, flash, and backup my phone, as well as any other information in full you think will be nessecary to do so.

    I need links of where to get the Kernels, ROM’s, Flash files…etc… for everything to do with my phone. I don’t know if it would be better to flash a different firmware onto my phone because I can’t find kernels for my build version anywhere, or any files compatable for rooting etc……

    I am a total newb when it comes to this stuff and I’ve already bricked one phone, luckilly they took it back. I couldn’t even revive it with a USB JIG. yea…… THAT BAD! I checked Re-partition in ODIN and the flash didn’t work, so I bricked it. Luckilly the store took it back and exchanged it, I just told them it wouldn’t turn on for some reason hehe, and they took it back, I was lucky.

    So this phone is my baby, and I don’t want to do anything wrong this time.

    someone please hold my hand through this proceedure I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

    Here is my info.
    (705) 721 8937

    I live in Barrie, which is 1 hour north of Toronto Ontario, in Canada. Feel free to call if you wish to help. If you Dial 1018450 before the number, all long distance calls are a max of 50 cents, even if you talk for 5 hours.

    Thank you in advance, and I hope someone out there who is a pro at rooting can help me out. I might even be able to pay you something if you do a good job.

    Thanks again,


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    I want to root my android tv box name Rk29_Rbox having android 2.3.1 os.Can anybody help me?
    Please mail related to this on
    Thanks in advance.

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    thank you for the guides, these will help me out so much.

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    Seems pretty simple. Worked for me

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    Kernel version

    Android 2.3.3. gingerbread XWKE2
    What guide do I have to use ??

    Thanks already

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    after rooting the phone can we bring it back to the previous stage?????????????
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    I am new to android. I picked up a Polaroid tablet, cheap, to see if I liked using a tablet. So far so good. What I would like to see is an app that would allow me to set some or all of my internal 4gb of memory as Virtual or Extended RAM. My tablet has only 512Mb of RAM and sometimes is slower than I would like. I downloaded “ANDMemory” which has provided some increase in performance.

    Is there anyone working to creat such an app with or, without rooting?

  • kelkraut

    I have a coby tablet. Installing Apps is very limited. Google play says it is not compatible, Amazon has limited choices that are compatible. Will rooting help? And how difficult is it?

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    And after rooting it if android updates system software do i have to reroot it again?

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    If I have to root I would need rooting instructions for this tablet. Thanks.

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    i did the instruction but i get this erro
    signature verification failed
    i have android 4
    thanks in andvace

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    Is there a way to do this by rooting the tablet??I dont know much about the term rooting,except what is posted here.Matt

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  • gtrunks

    Hi, I installed in a Samgung Galaxy S III the mspy program. Once it was
    installed I couldn’t see the whatsapp messages so I was told to root the
    phone. I sed the Framaroot program and chose the Aragorn. Now everything is
    working correctly but the rooted phone is constantly flashing messages of the
    rooting program, asking permission to a super user. What I want to know is
    how to turn it to invisible mode

    • Lhmb

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    PLEASE can somebody give me some advice or something!!!!????

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    I know this discussion is old, but i would like to add that Samsung updates have ruined my tablet TWICE! I had to wipe everything and start over or send it to them and lose my tablet for weeks. I’m rooting because CLEARLY the manufacturer does NOT know best.

  • jim

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    has anyone in southeast Georgia rooted a moto droid RAZR xt912 job 4.1.2 I’m jus saying most phn now can be rooted by jus down loading an app but mine happens to be the one with rooting problems

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    If yes then how???!!
    I’ve tried many a tyms but always been unsuccessful.
    Plz help

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