Chainfire, the developer known for creating Android apps like SuperSU and FlashFire, has announced the end-of-life for his root apps. The developer revealed this in a Google+ post (via Android Police) where he stated, “right now, it does not seem likely I will pick up development of any of my root-related packages or apps again.”

Chainfire said he took a break from Android around half a year ago and that he is now working on a non-Android project that is taking up most of his time.

He’s preparing to do some “spring cleaning” on his apps and websites in the coming weeks, through which “some will disappear” and others will receive “a notice about them no longer being updated.” Chainfire also noted that he may open-source some of the apps, but that he couldn’t promise anything. 

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The developer said he hasn’t been “particularly enamored with the direction [Android] has been going in,” though he didn’t leave the door completely closed on development in this area in the future. “Just because I’m not enthusiastic about working on these things now doesn’t mean a new idea or project can’t come along to change that at any time,” he wrote.

SuperSU development was previously handed over to another team and isn’t affected by this latest announcement.

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