Motorola DROID Bionic Specs Finally Out

by: Elmer MontejoAugust 8, 2011

Many people have moved on and have struck the Motorola DROID Bionic off their lists. But, those who have been patiently waiting for nearly 8 months for the DROID Bionic’s arrival just may find their painful waiting vindicated by some of the yummy stuff that the DROID Bionic has in store for them. Mark your calendars for the release date of the Motorola DROID Bionic: September 8 (according to a leaked Verizon spreadsheet).

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) exhibits for the Motorola XT875 (model number for the DROID Bionic) are showing more details about the handset. The details revealed by the FCC documents seem to put all previous rumors and speculations about the DROID Bionic to rest.

For one, the FCC documents confirm a 4.3-inch qHD touchscreen. Earlier reports hinted at a bigger, 4.5-inch screen.

The FCC documents also confirm the presence of a dual-core 1.0-GHz processor and 1080p HD video recording capability. That’s not the delicious part, though. Here’s the delicious part: the DROID Bionic not only has 3G capability, but also 4G LTE capability and global roaming (in over 200 countries, according to the user manual submitted to the FCC). Netflix is also preinstalled.

Global roaming functionality (using GSM frequencies) on the Motorola DROID Bionic simply raises it one notch higher than the Samsung DROID Charge or the HTC Thunderbolt, both of which are incapable of global roaming. According to the user manual, switching from one network type to another (CDMA, GSM 900, GSM 1800, and UMTS 2100) should be a breeze.

You will also be able to power up the Motorola DROID Bionic without having to use power cords. Thanks to an inductive battery charging door slapped onto the back cover.

Another handy feature is the “Cool Down” mode, which notifies the user that the phone has reached dangerously high temperatures. When “Cool Down” mode is activated, only emergency calls are allowed on the phone. The user manual states that exposure to extreme heat may occur “in very limited circumstances,” in which cases “Cool Down” messages will appear on the handset. I am seriously hoping that the “extreme heat” mentioned here refers to external sources, not from the handset itself. Otherwise, the Motorola DROID Bionic can get potentially–and literally–very hot.

The Motorola DROID Bionic seems to be bringing together the best of currently existing powerful Android smartphones. It has the dual-core power vis-a-vis the 4.3-inch screen of the Motrola DROID X2, radio transmitters for global roaming compatibility just like in the Motorola DROID 3, and 4G LTE connectivity just like in the Samsung DROID Charge and the HTC Thunderbolt. The DROID Bionic just may truly be Verizon’s centerpiece Android smartphone for the year.

Do these features still make September 8 too far away? Or have you changed your mind and decided the Motorola DROID Bionic is worth waiting for after all?

  • Edswa96

    Regardless on how long it takes for the Droid Bionic to finally make it’s appearance. I’ll still be waiting for it patiently. I do think that the long wait will be all worth it. Woe to all the I impatient so called Bionic diehards who keeps cursing and blaming Verizon and Motorola for all the setbacks and what not. I’d rather prefer my Bionic to be the best there is.

    • Topher74

      I was waiting for the Bionic until I read about a whole slew of new android phones being released around the October November time frame. Including the Nexus Prime. Also a dual core 4G LTE phone on Verizon, but without all the bloatware.

      • Darkneoboi

        Where did you hear it would be on verizon, i’ve yet to read anything about that

        • Then you have not read anything.

        • Then you have not read anything.

    • Af32f23

      By the time the Bionic comes out, it’s going to be yesterday’s news

  • I have the droid 3, and am perfectly happy. The bionic does look pretty sweet though.

  • Jayge

    Did Motorola or Verizon ever set a specific date for the phone to be out? A very emphatic NO is the answer! Chill out! It’s coming!!! So they had some problems with the phone and it got delayed… So what! Would you buy a new car with no brakes? Or a new TV that wouldn’t turn on? The bugs are ( hopefully ) being worked out now as to produce a much better product! From a personal standpoint, I definitely DO NOT want an HTC Thunderbolt type of experience some early adopters of that particular phone had!!! Just sayin’.

    • Jase

      not really too worried about the bugs, plan on rootin and tossing out the stock rom anyhow for one of my own

  • Adam_frick

    Should I start googling “Droid stuck in “Cool Down” mode” now???

  • Scott4nola

    I’ll take the SGS2 over this phone any day. Hurry up Verizon and release the Galaxy.

    • Gonutlf

      Verizon just said today through Wall Street Journal that they aren’t going to have the Galaxy S2. What a bummer. Looks like I’ll be going with Motorola Droid Bionic as I need a new phone

    • Miss Teresa

      No way the Galaxy isn’t a big shot phone. I had it for a year with ATT, and it has so many gliches.

      • Bionic

        The Galaxy maybe, but we are talking about the Galaxy S2 here.

  • i cant wait for this it just keeps getting better and better

  • Maggs1042

    not real specs it is not an gsm world phone

    • Amakrakis

      Evo 3d has more ram then the bionic and a faster processor which makes me a little unsettled.

  • Maggs1042

    everyone should just stop speculating no one has the correct info on the bionic, you will be surprised when it arrives

  • In tech terms this phone should be a world phone with the GSM card included. It should have a 4.5″ display, a network ready capable to do video chat (it doesn’t) come with the induction charge mat, (it doesn’t) a 2.0 GHz Quad Core processor (it doesn’t), a U.I. never seen before (it won’t, gingerbread 2.3.x) and something that sets it apart from the fake current 4g phones and the fabled iPhone 5. This is not enough to show us why we waited 8 months for. There are 7″ tablets that do the same thing, what sets them apart is that I assume the Bionic can make calls. Check out some of the reviews made at CES 2011 on that “original” Bionic and there’s nothing different besides the design. Why not make it “BIONIC”!!!

  • Anonymous

    Too bad this is not the Bionic try researching again

  • Anonymous

    I heard the Bionic will have laser beams and be able to project images up to 10ft away. Confirm / Deny?

    • MR. COCK

      and Sharks with laser beams attached to their heads.. REALLY???

    • Anonymous

      I work for Motorola and I can now legally say the Motorola Bionic will indeed come with laser beams and will have to capacity to project images up to 10ft away. IN ADDITION, the Bionic will have the ability to break the space-time continuum, make your penis larger or night, and prove that aliens are really watching over the human race.

      Have fun with your new Bionics, people, and make sure to use your enlarged penis safely.

      In some rare cases, your penis enlargement may exceed fifteen feet long and 7 feet wide. If this happens, we hope that you are not having sexual intercourse because you will “bore” out that hole and ruin its fun for future sexual partners. Remember, call a Physician if your penis enlargement experience this rare symptom.

      Your Welcome

      • Anonymous

        over* symptoms*

      • Montanakid

        Can you also confirm that the projected image will be able to physically interact with the end user, allowing him to utilize his new 15ft addition? I’ve been waiting many eons for technology to advance to the point where I would never have to leave my room (I’m 35 and live with my parents) to have sexual relations (with a woman this time) with a beautiful midget (I mean “little person”).

      • revelator

        Lmao!……..good one!

      • Joe

        haha, you now work for Google!

      • Lefty

        Will it help my curvature to the left? All I want is a 90 degree angle!!!

        • Jed Hunsaker

          Penis curvatures are caused by the doctor clipping off too much foreskin during the circumcision process, so when you get an erection it runs out of skin and banks to the left or right :)

          • Gringogringo

            Naaa that’s not true.. It’s cause you play with it too much and stretch the skin. So people who are right handed, they curve to the left, lefties curve to the right. LOL

  • PJ

    I am waiting on this to be my new company phone. I love the idea of built in inductive charging for a 4G phone since the battery life is so much shorter on them. I just hope we get a tester before the general release so I can have it before everyone else!

  • Ev3044

    I hear it has a laser pointer, and can charge by solar.

    • where did you hear that!?

      • Anonymous

        He heard it from a troll. =)

  • Novak8080

    Ive herd that it has a santa claus tracker, can shoot real laser beams, and can make you orgasm at the Tuch of a button…. that is of course if you buy the HDMI cord apparatus, and dock … sold separately for your safty! Nerds!

    • Erik Eri69k

      It would be appropriate for you to return to English class, right now, so you can learn how to spell/grammar. Oh, and remember: Nerds: you’ll work for us.

  • Devon

    just curious what kinda mp will we be looking at for the front camera any clue?

    • SomeAwesomeGuy

      It will be an 8MP camera in the back.

  • DoC

    a 4.3″ display SUCKS, plain and simple. Too Small

    • mr. Cock

      then get a tablet……

    • Do you realize 4.3″ is almost the largest out there? Main alternative is Samsung Infuse at 4.5″

    • Do you realize 4.3″ is almost the largest out there? Main alternative is Samsung Infuse at 4.5″

    • Jessaboucher

      use a tablet then! How big do you want the phones to get



    • Gbush


    • Misteresamiller

      State your arguement…

    • Motorola has the best reception, no contest. Like Misteresamiller said, state your arguement.

    • jimbo

      Guess whose chip started the industry – MOTOROLA!

    • r6titan

      the only phone i’ve had last through an entire two year contract and only need one insurance replacement (leaving your phone under the hood of your truck usually doesnt do anything good for it) has been the MOTOROLA droid (original) only reason i even started looking at other phones is because of the bionics hdmi, hd camera, dual core processor, and 4g compatibility. If it wasnt for the droid being technologically behind the times i wouldnt have any reason to replace it. and just like katie said motorola in my experience has reception in areas where most verizon friends have to walk around for a half hour for 1 bar while i easily have 2-3

      • VinnyVino

        Totally agree with your Droid 1 comments. For such an old outdated phone it still holds up 2 & 1/2 years after I bought it! Was about to upgrade (finally) to the Droid 3, but decided to wait for the Bionic to come out and get some real user reviews.

  • Tonic

    Is this the crowd that will pay any price for the newest phone that does one thing different from the previous model but not all the time? The DX has cool down mode, just lay your phone down at the beach for a minute uncovered to experience this great feature. The 4G would be sweet if they actually had it in all 3G areas. Dont pay $600 for a $30 Tickle me Elmo ;-)

  • Bionicalltheway

    I am waiting for the new Samsung Infineon 4G. I read its supposed to be out sometime before Christmas. I also read its gonna have the inductive battery charge plus will be a world phone!! Supposed to have a 2150 mhr battery and a higher resolution super amoled screen!!

  • Techjunkie

    The reason the bionic got delayed is because they had to redesign it as other phone manufacturers copied its design when it was being shown in 01/2011 and yes for sure it coming sept 8 without delay

    • BB

      WRONG!! The original design had overheating problems.

  • drv

    Coming over to Android from WebOS. Seriously considering the Bionic. Wondering if the touchstone could possibly be used with the Bionic for charging..

  • Miguefjjfuuu

    Are we going to be able to make calls from mars?

  • missteresa

    Ugh I want it now, I’ve been waiting since June!

  • Hb

    System Memory (RAM)? I assume 1 GB, but the article does not make any explicit statement. Also, in general, this device is utterly unimpressive. I also noticed there is either no HDMI or no remark of (the lack of) it. All in all, this article is a poor one and seemingly feels biased, as though this device was worth purchasing (@ 299.99 WITH contract? Laughable) when compared to the Thunderbolt, Evo 3D, or Charge. Worthless.

    • Hb

      I’ve forgotten that the Evo 3D isn’t available on Verizon; shame on me for getting anyone’s hopes high. And of course, the Bionic device does have a dual core processor, which the others do not have. I have to say that I was too hasty, having confused myself between the offerings of Verizon and Sprint. After reviewing my initial response, I realize, however, that the current offerings at Verizon are seemingly lacking compared with Sprint. For Verizon customers, it is not a “worthless” product (hyperbole aside). Compared with Sprint customers, it is just comparable, on par with the Photon and lagging behind the Evo 3D.

  • Drscot

    Motorola and Verizon can wait for me for a change. I’m going to sit back and wait until something better comes out. I don’t like the game they have played with the Bionic.

    • Cpalmer

      Yeah it’s a toss up between the bionic or just waiting for the iPhone 8. I hear the iphone 8 specs are amazing, it apparently uses your brain as external storage like a bluetooth floppy. Go on…

  • this phone is gonna suck, evo 3d user

  • Nakedgoat

    How much RAM!

  • So I guess I’m the only one excited about my contract ending so I can go from my $90 per month droid incredible to a $50 per month feature phone. :)

  • NateSLC

    My DROID X went into ‘cool down’ mode once after sitting in direct sun on a black metal patio chair in 95the degree weather. It’s not a new feature nor anything to start a conspiracy theory over.

  • Natedogg0427

    I have a droid three and it does everything the bionic can do minus 4g. They are also bogo. How can you go wrong. Works absolutely perfect. No glitches

  • BionicFail

    htc sensation’s specs still blow this away and its out 3 months after! Verizon and Motorola are horrendous

  • JB

    What, no front facing camera?? There is no reason at all to make a phone without a front facing camera anymore, not with the popularity of video calling and social media.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    surely one of the most waited phone was worth the wait
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  • This is truly unacceptable that Motorola has launched this android phone without GSM abilities .Earlier I was believed that this will be a world phone & will work on CDMA and gsm both. I don’t know what they have been doing? Motorola…

  • Rivera939

    I have always been a Droid fan ever since the Droid x. The Droid x was a great phone but when the thunderbolt came out l just had to have that 4g service. In my opinion the TB is definately the best choice of Verizons Android phones at this time . The call quality is not as god as the bionic or let alone any other Motorola phone but the HTC sense and the camera and camcorder take way better pics than the bionic. The dual core really isn’t that useful at all . Its an unnecessary feature on a phone. Regular 4g speed is more than fast enough. So if you are looking to buy a phone and android for sure go with the thunderbolt with the extended battery.

  • Ejp8311

    what is the deal with the little “speaker grill” at the top of the camera, is it just a cosmetic thing?

  • matronedea

    But… it isn’t global at all. I bought mine thinking it would be, now I have to return it -.- perfect phone, otherwise.

  • This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.

  • Diana

    How do I change the font size on my Android Bionic?