“Double lucky” Iron Man Edition S6 Edge sold for $91,000

by: Nirave GondhiaJune 12, 2015

samsung galaxy s6 edge iron man

The Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition is a limited version of the handset emblazoned with Marvel’s Iron Man character and customers have been clamouring to get their hands on this truly exclusive handset. We’ve already heard that some sales were fetching over $35,000 but this pales in comparison to how much one particular handset sold for in China.

China’s second largest e-commerce retailer JD.com auctioned off one limited edition Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition handset yesterday and a total of 92,429 bids sent the final price to 568,788 Yuan, or 118.6 million won. This works out to a staggering US$91,635 which is almost 100 times the handset’s $1079 recommended price tag.

S6 Edge vs the rest

The Iron Man edition handset offers the Galaxy S6 Edge in a unique red color on the back and front and given that red is popular in China, Samsung predicted the popularity and plans to offer 16 million units for sale in China. Originally, there were only expected to be 1,000 Iron Man edition handsets available to buy and these were limited to Korea only but the rollout to China suggests we may yet see the handset offered in other markets around the world.

A very lucky number..

Each device has a unique serial number and the handset auctioned in China had the serial number 66; given that 6 is a very lucky number in Chinese custom, the 66 serial number suggested that the handset will bring twice as normal good luck. The connotations of the serial number is undoubtedly one of the reasons it sold for such a high number but the final selling price was exceptionally high and probably one of the highest selling prices for a smartphone ever.

The Galaxy S6 Edge is one of Samsung’s flagships this year and brings the style and specs of the Galaxy S6 with the addition of a curved edge screen on either side of the display. While the functionality is limited somewhat, the higher selling price, slightly bigger battery and better design of the Galaxy S6 Edge (over the Galaxy S6) has many people claiming its the true flagship.

Having spent a month with the Galaxy S6 Edge, the handset offers one of the smoothest experiences on Android to-date and is arguably the best phone of the year so far. As a massive Marvel fan however, I would happily buy an Iron Man Edition Galaxy S6 Edge – at a reasonable price at least – if it was available in the UK. Then again, Samsung could also tempt me with the other Avengers concepts handsets or alternatively, one of these Iron Man slick wraps could be the cheapest way to create your very own Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition.

Would you buy the Iron Man Edition S6 Edge if available at a reasonable price? What about one of the other Avengers characters if available? Let us know your views in the comments!

  • kudus

    MKBHD is sooo lucky !!!

    • shojus

      I would not say that he is lucky, he is actually giving that away… Hopefully to me! :)

  • Cicero

    Wating for green Hulk edition. If not the “regular” green edition is welcomed. Still not available on my country.

  • Sevuz

    Some people have way to much money xD

    • Siralf

      teamed up with very little wits and a waterfall of insecurities

    • Nakz21


      • MattEgansHairLine

        This is where Samsung spend their $14.5bn mobile marketing budget!

        There are loads of these not selling on eBay for a fraction of this price.

        This is a ad by Samsung hosted by Android Authority.

        Ps Ad copywriter/author, eight is the lucky number in Chinese culture that people will spend thousands on number plates and refuse mobile numbers without 8s in it.

        I didn’t think you could make this stuff up, but you can.

  • Camilla

    So RDJ bought the device?

  • does it have Jarvis?

  • Martin Lane

    Somebody must really love Iron Man..

  • Sapiderman

    and what about “triple lucky” number? 666?

    • jasonlowr

      Some chinese dont even know or care about illuminati. 6 and 8 are their lucky number and even houses and car number plates with 6 and 8 can sell 10 times worth of normal price.

  • muscles

    16 million units? i gues the price will fall on ebay :)

  • Eddie J. Camacho

    Dumb ass only for Cosmetics, it doesn’t even have JARVIS

  • san

    This shows that people are not using their brain….. Excess of Money Makes A Man Insane…..



  • 3223

    There’s a phone importer selling the iron man edition S6 edge in my region for a ‘steal’, at a ‘paltry’ 4k+USD. You may/may not get a unique serial number, but it’s worth a shot for those who want one.. :)

  • ajai kishore

    I’m getting crazy for this madly need one of these

  • aaloo

    Probably the same guy who bought gold apple watches for his puppy in China :)

  • Babidi

    If 6 is a lucky number in Chinese custom, then do they believe that anyone having a dick larger or smaller than 6 inches won’t be a good pleasure-giver?:p

  • John Garlits

    It was actually Iron Man that bought it.

  • motijin94

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    ……………….. Find Get More </b

  • Jalil Dixon Zen

    Can I just have it lol

  • bobby darmadi

    OMG i really want that S6 EDGE IRONMAN EDITION ! so cooll !!

  • bobby darmadi

    i hope i was the chosen to get this gadget for free xD