galaxy s6 avengers (1)

Okay, stop throwing your money at the screen for a second: this is not a real product, as far as we can tell. But if this concept would ever become a real thing, Samsung would definitely have a summer blockbuster on its hands.

The “Avengers Edition” Galaxy S6 Edge concept comes to us courtesy of Korean blogger Jang Yunseong, but the actual source seems to be Korean forum Seeko. While the blogger claims on Twitter than Samsung is “considering” making something like this, there’s absolutely zero guarantee that will ever happen. With that said, Samsung should totally make this a reality. It has the marketing budget to match Marvel’s profits off the Avengers franchise. And the phones would look totally awesome. So, Samsung, just do it. You know you want to.

Iron Man is, of course, present. But not Robert Downey Jr. Is it because he is involved with a competing Android flagship? Who knows…

Which one would you pick? It’s Black Widow for me.

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