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(Update: $35,600!) Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition going for a truly intergalactic price

There are only 1000 units produced (for Korea) of the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition. Suffice to say eBay sellers have wasted no time cashing in.

Published onMay 28, 2015

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There is a certain sense of irony in Samsung making an official website for a product it only produced 1,000 units of, and which is clearly marked as “Sold Out” already.

Update, May 28: It seems that we were shocked a bit too early as thanks to one of our intrepid Facebook readers (thanks MK Samanta) there is, in fact, a completed eBay auction that will by far take the cake for a positively preposterous price. Take a look at the following image:

iron man galaxy s6 edge ebay

Thats right, $35,600. This was obviously the product of a bidding war, and it remains to be seen if the buyer will in fact, go through with the auction, especially when there are several others now listed for a positively “modest” amount of a few thousand dollars.

It should also be asked just why anyone would spend such money on a Galaxy S6 Edge when they could have easily bought a Vertu phone complete with precious minerals and a lifetime worth of 24-7 personal concierge assistance.

Original post: Earlier this month Samsung announced plans to release a limited edition run of Iron Man-branded Galaxy S6 Edge units, and despite not having formally launched just yet, we’re already seeing the first units hit Ebay at quite extraordinary prices. As of the time of this writing, of the 7 different auctions for Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition, the highest is sitting pretty at $7,100, with over 2 days remaining before the auction ends. It needs to be clarified that this isn’t a “value proposition” by any means; said auction has 49 bids on it, which means that barring any potential default on payment, someone will be forking over the better part of 10K, if not more.

Iron Man Edge 6 eBay Auction
Yes that’s right. The current highest priced auction for the S6 Edge Iron Man Edition is going for no less than $7,100. WITH bids.

The high pricing is an example of supply and demand at its finest. The “supply” issue is indeed a problematic one, as there are just 1000 units produced for Korea, and unlike some other limited S6 Edge, the physical product itself is serially numbered. A certain sense of irony is also in place, as given the fact the phone hasn’t shipped yet to these sellers, none of these eager capitalists can know which of the thousand they actually will receive. Just imagine if the current top-dollar auction ends at close to $15,000 and winds up being serially numbered 973. At the very least number 1 (0001) or even 1000 would seek to command much higher price tags. Buyer beware, indeed.

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It will be interesting to see what final price these auctions end at, and for that matter, how the pricing scale changes when the device launches next month in additional Asian territories. How much would you be willing to pay for such a limited edition item?

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