You thought that the patent war between Apple and the Android OEMs was ridiculous before? Wait ‘till you hear about the most recent impending trial! No, this time around it’s not Tim Cook’s company looking to draw blood from a competitor, but… Goophone looking to challenge Apple in a Chinese court.

Goophone, as you might remember, was in the spotlight last week, after the unveiling of what we all called an iPhone 5 clone, even though Apple’s new smartphone is yet to be presented to the wide public.

However, what looked like the most recent cheap knock-off in a long string of Chinese-made lookalikes might well turn out to be a legal nightmare for Apple. At least that’s what Ubergizmo reports, based on a YouTube video uploaded by

According to the clip, Goophone will sue Apple if the Cupertino-based company will ever try to make the iPhone 5 available in China. The YouTube video maker, although trying to speak English, is basically incomprehensible. However, we think we’ve managed to read “between the lines” and get that Goophone is claiming the i5 is the result of “independent research and development”, which is why the Chinese have “vowed to resist the iPhone 5”. Goophone will be looking to sue Apple “whatever the new iPhone appearance” will be.

I know how it sounds. It sounds like a prank or a practical joke, similar to the story about Samsung’s $1 billion payment in nickels or the one about Sammy’s future triangle designs. But what if it isn’t a joke? And what if Goophone actually patented the i5’s design in China before Apple got a chance to patent the iPhone 5’s exterior?

That “whatever the new iPhone appearance will be” statement is still funny and outrageous, but we’re guessing there was something lost in translation. I mean, Goophone can’t sue Apple if the iPhone 5 will end up looking nothing like the Chinese i5, right?

So, again, what if the YouTube clip’s claims are serious and Goophone will try to attack Apple in a Chinese court if the iPhone 5 will ever see the light of day there? Will Apple simply skip the launch of the new iPhone in today’s biggest smartphone market? Or will they risk ending up in Samsung’s place? Or maybe they’ll try to get to a cross-licensing agreement with Goophone?

I don’t know about you, but I’m laughing my guts out in front of the computer while writing up this story. Even if it’ll turn up to be a joke, it’s a bloody hilarious one. And if it’s in fact legit, it’s that much funnier if you think that Goophone probably did inspire the i5’s design from Apple, but then had the brilliant idea to try to use legal tricks to make this look like more than just the next clone. Kudos, Goophone; in your face, Apple!

Oh right, I almost completely forgot… The YouTube clip also lists some of the Goophone i5’s tech specs kept under wraps last week. And the funny thing is that this might actually not be a pushover, but a rather decent Android high-ender, with a 1.4 GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1 GB of RAM, 4-inch IPS screen with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution, dual 8 MP/1.3 MP cameras, and Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. In your face again, Apple!

P.S.: If there’s anyone fluent in the Chinglish, do be so kind to share your knowledge and translate its “message”!

  • Apple and its bullshit…

  • Honestly, this is too funny.

  • Ralf

    Where can I buy it? I much more rather buy this than iphone’s limited OS.. :D Go Android!

    • Manifestopinko

      I wish I knew where you could buy one too….just for fun. I checked out their website and obviously they don’t ship to the US. And there are none on ebay

  • Marco Meijer

    Apple got some of its own medicine if you ask me.

  • The lesson: Apple can win the U.S. market, but it will loose the much bigger international markets… eventually Apple will cause it’s own death…

    • Joseph Steele

      Let’s all watch as this thing dies a painful and ultimately horrible death.

    • i feel for American people, they will not have freedom of choice with phones in the future. the role has reversed.

      • Mike

        Where do I start? If GooPhone has their way, China won’t have freedom of choice either. Secondly, you are really ok with GooPhone blatantly stealing Apple’s design, then extorting Apple? In the US, we have a name for people like that. I’ll keep it to myself. But aren’t you embarrassed that Chinese companies can’t develop an original design? All they can do is copy. I’m embarrassed for them.

        • iphoneispathetic

          how is it stealing if Goophone patented their design first then they have every right to sue. apple didnt invent all the tech they use in their iphone they just patented it. rectangular based phone with uniformly rounded squares….this is one of the patents apple tried to sue samsung for

  • if this is true, this gonna be a shitstorm for apple

    • No, it’s not. Apple will clearly win this. Goophone is just flushing money down the Apple toilet.

      • vikings football

        apple does have a big home court advantage in their own country and state, but i dont think apple can win in china or anywhere else outside of the u.s. for that matter.

        • Ttlvr

          I’m sure you’re an expert on patent law in every country.

          • Nathan Cox

            This just in: Snarky commenter is snarky; adds nothing to conversation.

      • itoilte

  • CM10@SGS3.EDU


  • Labrat1128

    Hey apple, Who is thief now. Its absolutely hilarious how the tables have turned. You thought you could practice design theft yet whine because people “infringed” on your patents. Looks like your lawsuit might just be overturned and, you will be forced to repay Samsung all that ill gotten money that judge awarded you. How does it feel not being able to sell your garbage in China? I have always thumbed my nose at apple . Now, I have a reason to laugh at your shame. Good luck trying to sell in China, you’ll need it.

    • Akilo

      Now apple has spit out 1billion dollars to access Chinese market.

      • Julia Jiang

        Yay! ‘Cause I’m Chinese!

    • You are really stupid to believe any of what you wrote.

      • Nathan Cox

        Why? It would be hilarious if Apple got the tables turned on them. Everything Apple has done has been done while standing on the shoulders of someone else. They used technology and design principles already on the market, and they claimed that they did everything on their own; abusing a broken patent system to snuff out the competition wherever possible.

        I would love to see Apple fall victim to their own bullshit.

  • Daniel Pass

    This is what happens when you get your product manufactured in a country with little adherence to copyright laws.

    The factory that apple were employing must have passed the design on, or made more at slightly different specs and they cant be touched because no-one will fuck with China and they won’t hang out one of their own companies.

    • Akilo

      Apple is out sourcing. Probably Samsung hires more people than apple in US. I
      don’t know. Just guessing.

      • Drew

        seriously? ALL of them outsource to china.

        • Vadik Golovin

          He’s right. If you don’t count Apple stores salesmen, Apple doesn’t make anything in U.S. while Samsung did, does and increases production in U.S. with 4 billion USD more invested in Texas plants this year.

  • Chumlee

    hahaha. I hope they win, because…fuck you Apple.

    • Old Man

      Meh… you work for another company?
      If not, why such strong feelings?

      • Julia Jiang

        You are right…

  • John

    As a Chinese, I must say this isn’t even legit Chinglish. It’s just broken Chinglish at best. Anyway, she is trying to say, who invents the iphone 5 doesn’t matter, because “According to trademark law, whoever gets the trademark (i think she means patent) for the appearance FIRST is the winner”.

  • I would pay 1000’s of dollars Just to see them Sue the shit out of CrApple..

    • Julia Jiang

      Why?Did Apple do anything to you?They helped peoples lives’ and helped them see a brighter future.Apple didn’t sue you or anything.Plus,I don’t think your wife would recommend you typing bad words on Google +. Hmm?Why support Android?Ya know,they copied Apple without asking.Apple didn’t threaten to sue them!

      • Rajvir Singh

        Yeah sure, they helped a lot of people to END their lifes..
        Perhaps that’s the reason they have nets outside the Apple products manufacturing site now to catch the workers that jump off the buildings to try and suicide..

        • Julia

          How did it end their lives?And,the workers could just quit.Duh.

          • Rajvir Singh

            It’s not as easy to quit as typing Duh.
            They were (still are) treated like slaves, if they wanted to quit work they were going to be blacklisted.
            So they were in such a dark frame of mind that they thought suicide was a better option than dying from hunger/unemployment/poverty.

          • stevon

            So Rajvir, according to your reasoning, any company is responsible for the hard lives of it’s workers.. the workers are NOT responsible for their lives.. that’s what you’re saying.. damn apple, causing these people to not study when they were kids, take manual labor jobs.. they’re horrible.. sounds like your life sucks, Rajvir. Sorry to hear that.

          • Rajvir Singh

            I am pretty happy with where I am at..
            The thing is evryone doesnt have the ability to “Emphatize”.
            (Google = Emphathy) Cause I am pretty sure you dont know what that means..

  • Akilo

    Bravo Goophone. Apple started this goobal madness with their rectangle with rounded corners drama. The writer of this article finds it hillarious that a Chinese company can build a phone. The last time I checked they built more complex things like spacecraft and rockets. Wake up!

    • vikings football

      actually, i think 99.9% of consumer electronics/electronics componants are built/manufactured in asia (china/japan/korea/taiwan, etc…)

      and for those that dont know, the u.s. is always the last in the world to get the latest greatest tech gadget

  • mohammed

    New android app just released by secret iOS coder… iSue beware do not download or you will be in court next week!! (

  • Silly people at Goophone don’t they know Apple leaked this design months ago on purpose to let copiers start to build this design. You suckers, the new iPhone will be a Triangle shape not a rectangle anymore.

  • prefriero un androide que ipone

  • Andrew Davis

    I believe this…. Goophone has consistently used the exact t same body style and they are in China…. So I’m sure a factory worker leaked the design and Goophone decided to use it…

  • Edward

    Goophone is reading all these comments and is laughing because everyone (except me) believes them that this “news” is true.

  • Thank you, our Asian brother!

  • Just4Fun

    Question: What’s the name of the last masterpiece from Steve before he passed away?
    Answer: iDied

    • Bill

      The whole world mourned Steve Jobs. Is anyone going to care when you die? Just sayin.

      • Julia Jiang

        Well,he created apple devices.when he created apple,he helped peoples’ lives and technology get better.If u have a iPod or whatever,u should be thankful he was even born.he died pretty young.Steve Jobs did something great.He created Apple.Well,I guess no ones going to care if u die.What did you do anyway?You didn’t create something that was as great as Apple!

    • PowerOfTwo

      Is it patented?

  • Sorry, there is no way Apple will lose this.

    • vikings football

      i garantee you that apple loses this in china…come on man, goophone has a patent…no way they lose in china

      • stevon

        So what happened.. did they win or lose?

    • Julia Jiang


  • oGtomasX

    APPLE SUCKKSSSS..!!!!!! suck on that you freaking Crying little girls……FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Apple…………..

    • Mike

      Get a life, dude. It’s Just a phone.

    • Jens

      Chill out bro (and the other crazy haters)! Why all the rage?! It’s just a phone!

    • Julia Jiang

      Well,let me describe boys then.Idiotic,dumb,always cussing,drunk,mad,hotheaded,greedy,and bullies.Think you’re so cool?Not anymore.At least we girls can use our wits and get out of bad situations.

      • Tech First

        I think the crying girls comment was meant for apple fanboys. I don’t think it was so much meant as a sexist comment even though you chose to take it that way.

        either way this convo has become a tit for tat between fanboys on either side, think im done reading it lol.

    • stevon

      you sound like you’re poor (in spirit and things that matter) and have a pretty awful life.. you’re jealous of people that can afford apple products.. I’m sorry for you… at least there is eBay.. you can get an iPhone 4 pretty cheap.

  • mike

    omg… this is so freaking hilarious. t

  • This is the ending of Goophone. Apple will win the trial, because it is clear that Android and Goophone copied Apple case design, and even the software design, and apple will prove that they are nothing just some idiots with no brain. I just wait to see the moment when Android and Goophone will have to pay for this stealing just like Samsung!

    • Marvin Nakajima

      How does this bring Google to the point of paying a cent? It’s like someone suing me and Sears if I use a Craftsman tool to damage something not mine.

  • augst6

    I am from Hong Kong… Man… That speaker’s English is terribly bad…
    I’ll try to translate them, not by that voice that I heard but by reading those Chinese subtitles. Today, I will show you the first iPhone 5 conceptual super (replaced “God” which means so in Chinese.) phone – Goophone 5 I5.

    The product will be sold right before the iPhone 5 being revealed throughout the country (China, possibly HK too).

    It was said that the phone was researched and developed independently by the goophone company.

    With a quad-core processor.

    It has (protected by?) independent intellectual property rights.

    And has the patent of the phone’s appearance.

    The posters (advertisements?) in the official website is ‘sniper’
    *I guess it means that it will ‘kick out’ apple

    it’s goal is to kick iPhone 5 out of China, no matter how it looks.

    According to the trademark law(?), whoever first uses or operates have the right of property.

    Apple have patents all over the world, on everything has caused global indignation.

    If the appearance of iPhone 5 is as same as goophone I5

    That would be a repetition of the “iPad trademark” event.

    Lets wait and see how the outcome is!

    Well, I guess thats it. Please pardon my english, it is not my mother tongue and I’m still a secondary student. (First year of high school in US is guess). By the way, I loved how it goal on suing Apple. =]

  • It feels good to know that Apple is going to be sue and I can’t wait when Apple whine about it…

  • Marvin Nakajima

    Well, the iPhone 5 IS supposed to be revolutionary. Maybe they made the phone SMALLER to go against the larger screen trend. To support the new size it will be COMPLETELY voice activated and touch will be a secondary concern. :P

  • Peeny

    China is an insignificant market full of poor people. Goophone has ripped off many phone companies including Samsung and Apple and this is just the start. As people have realized China maybe a big market but its a market of insignificant margins. And the rich in China knows the difference between knock offs and the original product and wont spend a dime looking like a moron with a knock off.

    • wergf

      this is the most retarded thing i’ve ever read on the internet. i hope your kidding, and if not, may osiris have mercy on your soul

    • Julia Jiang

      Applause…Hey!Whattya expect?I’m Chinese.