Samsung’s new tablet design (after court ruling)

Samsung's new tablet design (after court ruling)

In view of the recent court verdict rendering Samsung guilty of infringing on Apple’s design patents, observers and industry pundits have predicted what Samsung’s next batch of tablets and smartphones will look like. Since Samsung has already accused Apple of monopolizing “rectangles with rounded corners,” the company is likely to take a radical approach to design.

And so, folks, we introduce the Samsung Galaxy Triangle.

No more rectangular shapes with rounded corners. No more imitation of the “trade dress.” It doesn’t even have square icons.

Oh, wait. Maybe Sammy should check first if Apple has already patented other geometrical shapes. Maybe it should be the Galaxy Pentagon. Or Galaxy Hexagon.

Seriously, though, this tablet originally appeared as a gag on the NBC show The Office, and an enterprising developer launched a Kickstarter project in December 2011 aiming to actually produce the tablet. The project actually got $38 of its $25,000 funding target before the project starter decided to cancel.

But really, should a tablet and smartphone manufacturer have to go to this extent just to go around design patents? Maybe if Apple went after anyone with a rectangular phone or tablet with touchscreen, companies are bound to look for an alternative.

All in good fun, folks.

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