Now this is hilarious! Just as the entire tech world was busy overanalyzing the recent verdict in the Apple vs Samsung patent war, here comes the perfect opportunity to understand what design theft really looks like.

Although the next-generation iPhone hasn’t been officially released, unveiled or detailed by Apple, a Chinese company has already outed a so-called clone based on rumors of how the iPhone 5 might look.

Now here’s the kicker. We have no way to know right now whether this knock-off will end up looking identical to the new iPhone or if it will only partially resemble Apple’s final new design, but the Goophone i5 will certainly set itself apart from the original, as it’s powered by… Android.

We don’t know if it’s Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich (or maybe even Jelly Bean) running on Goophone’s new gadget, but it will certainly be hilarious to see an iPhone lookalike with Google Play access and all the tasty treats that make Android so great.

Given Goophone’s past track record with such clones, we’re assuming the Chinese firm based its new design on something more than unverified rumors, so the iPhone 5 might actually end up looking like this little guy. I don’t know how many of you have heard about the Goophone Y5, but that was one gadget you could have easily mistaken the iPhone 4S with.

In terms of hardware, we know nothing about the new i5 just yet, aside from the fact that it will sport a 3.5-inch display. That basically defeats the purpose of having a perfect clone of the upcoming iPhone 5, as most rumors point towards a 4-inch screen for Apple’s new gadget. The iPhone 4S did come with a 3.5-inch panel though, so you could still easily mistake Goophone’s knock-off for an original Apple phone.

One other thing that has to be noticed is that the existing pics of the Goophone i5 don’t show the phone turned on, so this might actually only be a pre-production unit or even a dummy. Heck, it might even be the real iPhone 5 for all we know!

If this actually proves to be a “Goophone i5” faux iPhone however, I’m sure that many of you would love to see it released before the actual iPhone 5’s unveiling. If not for anything else but playing a few pranks on some Apple fanboys… Just don’t let the Cupertino-based company’s legal team hear about this, or someone somewhere in China will be in deep, deep trouble! That is if the legal war against Samsung was actually about protecting innovation, and not about harming real competition.


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