Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery Review (Slim and Powerful!)

by: Matthew SabatiniJanuary 11, 2012
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Since I could not take my hands off my new Galaxy Nexus, its battery life has been tanking. In my last article I had explained how calibrating your battery could solve your problems. However, for most Galaxy Nexus users, calibration isn’t the problem. It’s your beautiful 720p 4.65″ display. But why limit your phone right?

Instead, you should head over to Amazon and pick up a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i515) Extended Battery with Battery Cover for just $36.50 with Free Shipping. As you can probably tell from the picture, I managed to get the extended battery myself.

Normally, my phone gets about 12-14 hours of normal use. Clearly, I am a heavy user.

After swapping the regular battery for the extended one, I got 15 1/2 hours on pretty heavy daily usage. Keep in mind that I also had 14% battery left. If you manage your usage conservatively, that could result in another hour of use.

Although it is only a 250 mAh improvement (1850mAh to 2100mAh), I can assure you that if you’re willing to spend the money, it is well worth it. Finally, just because you bought an extended battery, that doesn’t mean that you have to throw out your old battery. Whenever I have down time, I charge up my old battery and then charge my extended battery overnight. With thanks to having a removable battery, you now have a total of 3950 mAh battery power.

Do you have the extended battery? What kind of results is it giving you? Let us know in the comments below.

Take a look at how the extended battery matches up to the regular battery in a thickness competition:


NOTE!: The extended battery does fit in the Otterbox Defender and Commuter cases!

  • galaxy user

    through settings>apps .. I disabled gtalk and g+ … was able to get my phone to get into a deep sleep. Problem before was that the phone’s CPU stayed awake for prolonged periods of time to drain. After buying the extended battery and changing the settings I would have 59% battery with 10.5 hours of use… I almost had 24 hours of life out of my extended battery. I also changed my background to be black. you can do this by emailing a black image file to your email and changing it that way or taking a picture with your finger on your camera lens.

  • akamuaka

    Can anyone provide second confirm that the Otterbox Defender case still fits (correctly) afterwards? Good deal if so…

    • nate

      I have the extended battery and otterbox defender. No problems.

    • Guest

      I likewise have the extended battery and the otterbox defender case. It’s a little rounded on the back, but there’s not problems with the fit of the case.

    • Matthew Sabatini

      The video in this post shows me putting the extended battery into the Defender Case. I do it at the end.

  • akamuaka

    Note to self… “yes, most definitely!”

    I hadn’t realized the video link incl.was for just this question…

  • Powersde2000

    does the extended battery fit with the case that has a soft rubber sleeve and a hard outer shell?

    • Chace Elliott

      Yea it does fit in the incipio case that Verizon sells. The back of the hard case will be rounded a little bit due to the new thickness but nothing to be worried about

  • off topic question I really wanted to get myself an extended battery for the Galaxy Nexus .I’m just a bit worried it won’t fit in my Otterbox Commuter Case that’s why I haven’t purchased one. Can someone confirm please?

  • Amanda

    I got the extended battery when i first purchased the phone about a month ago. it was lasting me well over a day for the first few weeks but within the last week or two it has started to die much quicker.

    For example…I will unplug it around 10:30 AM. Go to work where my phone sits unused in my locker. By 4 or 530, Im down to 85% without any activity on the phone. Sending about 20 texts and 1-2 phone calls later Im getting the 14% notification and within the next hour with limited use it dies.

    Not sure if this is happing to anyone else. Thoughts?

    • Orlando Ortega

      Your phone probably is searching for signal while in that locker which drastically drains battery, I know it happens all the time to me with my phone when i leave it in the locker at the gym for a couple of hours… put it in plane mode when not in use in a locker or remove the battery, that should fix the problem

  • Anonymous

    i’m getting that 3800mah battery that i just read about. if i can’t surf the internet for hours on end and still have over 75% battery left, it’s not a good enough battery. that doesn’t include gaming and wifi tether.