6 future Android phones to keep an eye on: January 2015 edition

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 2, 2015
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2015 may have only just begun, but the first smartphones of the year are right around the corner. CES, which is less than a week away, will give us our first glimpse at this year’s smartphones, and there will be plenty more to come over the next twelve months.

The world of Android is full of companies all vying for our attention, especially as 2014 saw competition heat up substantially. While all of the big names will no doubt be releasing some exceptional hardware this year, this list takes a look at those upcoming smartphones bound to make the biggest splash.

Editor’s note: the first edition of this post was published in April 2014. We’ve updated the post to devices coming in 2015.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Is it ever too soon to start talking about the next-generation of flagship smartphones? Probably, but the Galaxy S6, or mysterious “Project Zero,” as it is known, is definitely a handset that everyone will be keeping an eye on.

samsung galaxy s5 aa blue logo 3

Samsung has said that it’s turning over a new leaf when it comes to smartphone design. In fact Senior VP Kim Hyun-joon said that the company plans to “fundamentally reform [its] product portfolio”, and the Galaxy S6 will be Samsung’s first flagship to appear under this new ethos. Although recently leaked images suggest that Samsung’s design mentality might not have changed as much as some may have hoped.

Given that Samsung has been paying additional attention to build materials with the Galaxy Alpha and A series, there’s a good chance that similar attention to detail will be applied to the S6’s design aesthetic. The real interesting part comes from seeing what Samsung plans to do to win over lukewarm consumers.

Samsung’s approach of throwing as much technology as possible at its flagship smartphone doesn’t appear to be working any more, so we may see a more refined and selective approach this time around. There’s a sense that almost anything could happen. Will Samsung try to compete with HTC on audio and materials, with LG for value, or will Samsung’s changes only be skin deep?

The Galaxy S6 isn’t only one to watch purely for the spectacle, of course. The smartphone will likely be another showcase for some of the best technology available to the industry. The Galaxy Note 4 gave us our first look at Samsung’s QHD AMOLED display technology which would look even sharper in a 5-inch form factor. Samsung’s Exynos 7 Octa chip is scheduled to appear early next year, as the new the wave of 64-bit Snapdragon 8XX series processors. Samsung also has new higher resolution camera sensors that it could throw into the mix. You can check out all the latest hardware rumors right here.

The Galaxy S6 is most likely going to be good, but it’s tough to see how Samsung plans to fundamentally reform its approach to flagship smartphones. This smartphone could make or break Samsung’s dominance in the high-end market.

LG G Flex 2

The LG G Flex 2 sticks on our watchlist, as this handset is expected to be the showcase for LG’s ever improving flexible display technology and is said to be a marked improvement over the original G Flex.

LG G Flex Hands on AA (13 of 19)

LG Display is already planning to move on up to 1080p flexible display over the coming months, which will make its next bendy handset a much more serious contender to the plethora of flagship smartphones, compared with the 720p offering from the original G Flex. Furthermore, LG Display’s most recent roadmap point to a “bending”, rather than a simple “curved” smartphone sometime in 2015. The company’s plastic OLED design not only improves bend durability, but could also lead to a slimmer, more compact smartphone from LG.

Qualcomm has also recently hinted that the G Flex 2 could arrive as early as CES, sporting a new high-end processors in the company’s Snapdragon 8XX series. Being one of, if not, the first handsets to feature a 64-bit Snapdragon 808 or 810 would certainly give LG a big head start this year and will keep the handset on par with other flagships heading our way later in 2015.

Curved smartphones were novel, but a bendable smartphone has all sorts of interested implications for durability, practicality and design aesthetics. Even if LG’s bendable handset turns out to be more gimmicky than useful, it’s going to be interesting to see how such a concept works in the real word.

OnePlus Two

The OnePlus One has turned out to be a controversial smartphone. There are dedicated fans, those still eagerly scavenging for invites, and some left dissatisfied at a product facing a small selection of hardware and software issues. OnePlus clearly hasn’t made choices that have satisfied everyone, but the company is bound to have learnt a lot by the time the OnePlus Two rolls around.

oneplus one aa (6 of 34)

The OnePlus Two is expected to arrive sometime in Q2 or Q3 of 2015. Hardware specifics are still being kept under wraps, although designers are apparently thinking about altering the size of the handset this time around. Regardless, we can expect OnePlus’ next smartphone to be a low-cost high end affair no matter what the form factor. The contentious invite system is likely to remain in place, at least temporarily, by the time the OnePlus Two launches, so it’s likely that the company will be making headlines for mixed reasons yet again throughout 2015.

Interestingly, OnePlus is also planning several changes to its OS of choice for its next smartphone. The company is developing its own custom ROM for the future, at least in China, rather than relying on CyanogenMod, which recently bit the company during its expansion into India. OnePlus has recently released an alpha preview of its in-house Lollipop flavoured ROM.

OnePlus already offers some support for other custom ROMs, so we’ll have to see how the move away from a dedicated single OS affects support and updates for the OnePlus Two.

Xiaomi Mi5

Xiaomi has been making waves in China and India with its cost-effective brand of smartphones throughout 2014. Although the Mi4 has been released not long ago, the company’s plans for expansion will be slowing taking place over the coming year, right in time for the company’s next flagship smartphone to launch an assault on the established brands in Latin America and the rest of Asia. The Chinese company will be looking to make some noise early this year, as it has an unspecified flagship scheduled to launch in January.

xiaomi mi4 review aa (8 of 19)

While there is likely a long wait in store for anyone who wants to know the handset’s specifics, although another low-cost high-end flagship is probably a safe bet, Xiaomi’s low-cost business model and cheap flagship smartphones are the real talking point. With more expensive OEM’s struggling for market share, Xiaomi has quickly risen to become one of the biggest players in the global market.

The Mi5 will be the company’s first flagship smartphone launch in a variety of new countries and could decide whether Xiaomi becomes a dominant global brand or remains locked in the competitive Asian market. This is a phone and a company that many will be watching over the next 12 months.

Project Ara

This leaves us with the biggest potential game changer of them all, Project Ara. Project Ara’s modular design could completely reshape the way we think about smartphone upgrades and components. Although the device is still in development, we are edging ever closer to the consumer pilot anticipated to arrive towards the end of 2015.

For now, it’s difficult to gauge how well picking and choosing components would go down with the average consumers, who typically prefer products that just work out of the box. However, for us smartphone enthusiasts, Project Ara should allow us to keep up with innovations in smartphone technology and build our ideal devices, without having to fork out for a new handset every year.

Project Ara crop

For a recap, Ara’s modular design means that there are a limit number of slots available to assign components too. Each component can be placed in any slot that will accommodate it, and, providing that you’ve included the basic CPU and battery, you’re free to build whatever type of smartphone you’d like. Project Ara will ship with three different sized skeletons, each offering a different number of modules and layouts.

This means that owners would be free to change out components for whatever suits their budgets or needs. Fancy a better camera, you can just change out the camera module, or if you want to try out a heart rate monitor to help track your fitness, you can just pick on up and slot it in, and cracked screens can be replaced far more easily. The most recent images have also shown that users can opt for different display sizes with each skeleton, and can even customize the type of keyboards and number pads used on the front of their device.

There are also plans for an online shop for picking your parts and Google Play integration to come, which opens up potential for a whole new market in third party modules. Project Ara may still be quite a long way away from a consumer release. Early 2015 is the current estimate, but there’s a lot of potential here, which will hopefully open up smartphone technology to people of all budgets and needs.

Longshot: Nexus 5 Refresh

There’s actually no real information circulating about a refresh or replacement to the existing Nexus 5, but considering the mixed responses to the huge size and price of the Nexus 6 and the roll-out of new 64-bit SoCs next year, there’s a small possibility that Google may want to put out an improved 5-inch handset sometime in the next 12 months. It’s clear that Google doesn’t view the Nexus 5 as part of its current line-up.

Google Nexus 5 black aa 12

Google may desire a 64-bit reference smartphone for assist developers with working on and testing out 64-bit apps, after all the Nexus 6 is a little too expensive for testing purposes. Alternatively, Google may want to replace the Nexus 5 with a more high-end handset to match the premium build quality and hardware offered by the new Nexus 6 and 9, even if it’s just an update to the underwhelming camera and battery.

There are potential partners for Google in LG, Motorola and HTC these days, leaving the doors for a simple LG Nexus 5 refresh, Motorola Nexus 6 slimdown, or premium HTC build all slightly ajar. Then again, the current Nexus 5 might be suiting Google’s intentions just fine and still holds its own.

Have any of these handsets made their way onto your watch list? Which devices are you most looking forward to over the coming year?

  • rogue3

    I wouldn’t mind a OnePlus One or an LG G3, but I don’t want a 5+ inch screen. Manufacturers seem to think we all want giant screen and keep making bigger and bigger phones. I’m still on a Galaxy S3, and its 4.8″ screen is just right in my hand. I know there are plenty out there who do like bigger screens, but they aren’t the only ones buying devices.

    • Really good point Rogue3. Having played extensively with all the current flagships, I still find myself longing for a device a touch bigger than the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. The Moto X had arguably the best ratio of display to body size, but as always, no device is ever perfect. Personally, I’m most excited about the LG G3, Project Ara, and the Moto X+1. And Moto 360.

      • thartist

        Wtf is the Moto360??? Second time i read a comment about it but i haven’t seen any article, and i read blogs several times a day!

        • Manda_Panda_III

          The new smart-watch from Motorola. It’s time a watch told you more than just the time. It’s time a watch kept you up to date, without taking away the moment. It’s time a watch to kept you on track and on time. It’s time a watch let you stay connected and in control. It’s time a watch did all of this, while still lokking like a watch. It’s time, for Moto 360.

          • thartist

            Ah that!… Not a smartphone. Wtf with the speech btw!

    • Norman Zaczyk

      They said that the OnePlus One will be smaller than the Xperia Z1 and even published a photo of it: http://forums.oneplus.net/threads/the-oneplus-one-screen-bright-sharp-and-power-efficient.370/ This would be pretty cool and the price is said to be very low (like the Nexus 5)

      • kirakira

        almost anything can be smaller than the z1 :D

        • caureu

          Yeah you god damn right z1 and compact
          Z3 an it’s compact is best all around and all time

    • MrMagoo

      Well I know this is already out an all but I have an G2 and my daughter has an S3. When held up together, with the teeny tiny bezels on the G2, the width difference is negligible. I love the size of the G2, PHENOMENAL COSMIC SCREEN, iiiiity bitty living space. :-)

      • rogue3

        +1 for Aladdin reference!

        • Keg Man

          you probably dont realize what your missing. My wife had a note 2 and raved about it. I was ready for bigger so i got the note 3. had it for a few days and was starting to wonder if i got too much screen. After a month, i realized how awesome it was and was disappointed the phone wasn’t big enough. I totally want a 6″ phone now.

    • neu

      Stop having small hands. Get hand surgery and don’t complain

      • pippen

        Lolwut, what are you smoking xD

      • arcwindz

        Yeah right, now get an xperia z, hold it with your right hand and try to reach the home button and go straight to Notification bar without stretching your thumb or moving your hands.
        You can? Congratz, you got a very very big hand, unlike most people

      • Keg Man

        has nothing to do with small hands. note 3 is absurdly popular in one of those asian countries. (they have small hands)

    • The Djan

      I agree 100000%, i’m surprised more people don’t complain about this new 5′ screens standard. It’s really annoying.

      • Airyl

        You’re annoying.

      • smokebomb

        5 ft is a huge phone!

    • Seriously. This is why I’m looking at Project Ara – believe it or not, some people like small screens. I personally like the Xperia Z1 Compact’s screen size and resolution, but an Ara could be upgraded easily.

      • caureu

        I think project are is not that exciting more like a phone for developing than daily use

      • Guest

        The smallest version seems to be 4 inches, glad Google is throwing away the smaller version else they alienate a fraction of their customers as this will “not” be for 6 Billion people if they do.

    • Samsunggirl

      You’re Retarded? Lol 5+? Um Oneplus One Is A 5.5inch Screen And More Likely The LG G3 Is Going To Be Bigger Than Its Predecessor (5.25inch) which will be like 5.3inch so get your facts right honey ugh stupid

      • caureu

        Xperia z3 compact would be the right choice

    • markk

      You’re right. I would not want to buy anything that goes beyond 5″ no matter how good it is. I’m sure size does matter to millions of users and that means anything between 4.7 and 5″.

    • caureu

      Yeah that’s why xperia z3 compact is best

  • Shark Bait

    One plus sounds like a lot o bs marketing talk to me, real world will be the tell !

    Project ara sounds totally awesome !! Real in innovation like the birth of the smart phone all over again.

    New moto x could be great, finally catching up to the specs race. That couppled with motos features and moto maker could be real good. As long as they make it available world this time.

    Other will be routine updates I think. G flex could be interesting if priced right this time

    • We’ll be taking a closer look at the OnePlus One very soon. Stay tuned. Same display as the one used in the Find 7a, 5.5″ 1080p. Not many of them on the market Let’s wait and see what they do with the bezel. :) The G Flex is a mega boss phone. G2 Flex will be even better, with their second generation P-OLED display. Crazy battery life on it!

  • Greg C

    my eye is on the oneplus one and the iocean x8

    • The “iOcean x8′ does look gorgeous but…. it will never reach Western shores. I do admire what they are trying to do with the build quality though. It’s like a huge iPhone, but running Android.

      • Greg C

        they are planning to market it internationally. maybe that means you’ll have to purchase it off contract from their website.

        • Any idea on the price? What resellers? Just the name… iOcean. What’s in a name, though?

          • Greg C

            no idea yet. they plan on making those announcements end of this month.

  • Xavier_NYC

    I’m personally looking forward to the LG G3 and the OnePlus. I have the G2 and have been nothing but happy with it and it still competes with phones like the GS5 and M8 so I can only imagine what the G3 will be like. OnePlus is exciting because of price point, great specs and CM behind it. The other phones listed should be pretty interesting as well.

  • Mike Reid

    Project Ara leads the votes.

    I hope it sells as well as that implies. Only sales can ensure success.

    • hoggleboggle

      It is pretty much a given that it will not sell in the same amounts as an s5 or m8. At best you could hope for nexus levels of sales. Let’s be honest, this only really appeals to tech heads like us . The average consumer likes the idea of choice but hates the reality of having to choose. Just picture your mum in the store looking for a new phone and being offered the ara. By the time she has had to choose which camera module to get she will just give up and buy whatever phone currently has the biggest store display.

    • supremekizzle

      I like the idea of Ara, but part of the fun of new phones coming out is the overall design of the completed product. Yeah, with Ara you can upgrade components to keep your phone current and fast, but it’s always going to the same exact rectangle. At least when buying a new phone now you get a different feel in the hand and weight and materials. Just my thoughts…

      • duck hairs

        Wtf need to get your priorities in order mate

      • magikstik2k3

        Uh…. apple iphones have been relatively same size and shape since the beginning.only difference is a slight chip mod…….oh, same thing you can do with ara. But android chips upgrade and updste much faster, and I’m sure they will have chasis mods or different cover panels released.

    • kirakira

      no, you should hope IT BECOMES AVAILABLE. it may turn out to be like the nexus.

  • MasterMuffin

    I voted for G2 Flex, party because it was last and partly because I really actually like it. Of course Ara is the one pretty much everyone’s looking for, because it’s so much different from the others, but I like LG (dem bezels!) and I want to see bendable phones!

  • Anonymousfella

    I voted for the note 4. It’s the only line of Galaxy which hasn’t disappointed and will probably be the first to get 4gb ram+ 64bit processor.

    • thartist

      Like you need 4gb on a smartphone, really.

      • Anonymousfella

        Good to have I guess. 2gb has been the upper limit in flagship phones for long enough

      • Epic Tea

        i agree sounds overkill but think about this, that amount of ram opens up the door for game developers to really push the envelope for android gaming in the future.

        Also don’t forget apple put 64bit in the 5s and raved about it yet less than 2% of devs have even taken advantage of it and probably won’t for another 4 or 5 years, which is just as useless right now.

      • Keg Man

        it probably raises the cost of the phone by less than $5. I’ll gladly take it

      • Samsungfanlol

        Um? Lol You Wouldn’t Understand Because All You Do Is Sit Down And Use It Like A Big Phone, Unlike Us The More Ram The Better Because We Sure Run Alot Of Shit

        • paxmos

          Your shit must be really thick maaaaan

          • Fiddle Castro

            Moto X Pro

        • abhish3k

          I don’t think people can actually manage running more than 4 apps simultaneously (even in Note 4). Mind you, I am not talking about background services.
          You, maybe, like to keeps things running in RAM because it’s faster to access the app than opening it again. Increasing RAM is one approach.
          But, IMO, focus should be on faster Storage (like Apple). That way, it would not feel like opening the app again. And, our data transfer speeds would also increase.

          P.S : Not a Apple fanboy. Just saw AnandTech’s memory benchmarks. Memory speeds are very low in Android (compared to Apple). Hence, the lag.

      • Greg Zeng

        My THL W200S has a OTA-ROM factory installed, with 6gb of RAM, & 14gb other inbuilt RAM, plus mSD card slot. I bought it for $US200 earlier this year from the factory’s shop, but it is already replaced by a later model. Some retailers will still sell it.

      • Flowingwind

        4GB of ram in a smartphone is what is recommended for Android L with a 64bit chip.

        For most apps, a 64-bit processor doesn’t offer much benefit. Most of the apps we use on our phones and tablets really don’t have much need for 64-bit integer operations, or more than 4GB of memory per program. In fact, a 64-bit app can sometimes run slower than a 32-bit app, because using all those 64-bit memory pointers can make the app larger, sucking up more cache and RAM.

        So why are 64-bit mobile processors better?

        The move from 32-bit to 64-bit ARM processors in our Android devices is just one development in a greater, much more important change: the move from the ARMv7 architecture to ARMv8.

        For nearly the past decade, all the chips in our smartphones have been based on one principle set of supported instructions and features—ARMv7. All our modern smartphones, from the original iPhone and T-Mobile G1 through the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S5, have been built with processors that adhere to the ARMv7 specifications. Yes, ARMv7 has had its share of improvements and extensions over the years, but at its core, it’s still the same fundamental architecture we’ve been stuck with for almost a decade.

        There’s one more piece to this puzzle: the operating system. If you buy a 64-bit phone with Android 4.4 KitKat on it, you won’t really unlock its potential until it gets an upgrade to Android L.

        You see, to properly utilize ARM’s new 64-bit architecture, you’ll need both operating system and application support. Android L has been designed to fully support ARMv8 and 64-bit platforms, while KitKat has not.

        The compiler in Android L, known as ART, is made to produce code that’s optimized for the new ARM architecture. So, with Android L and a 64-bit processor in your phone or tablet, your apps could run faster without a developer lifting a finger to make special optimizations. And if they do make those optimizations, their apps could run even better.


        • thartist

          Aha… Like you need 4gb on a smartphone, really.

          • OF

            I do.

      • Cole Raney

        People said the same thing about hard drive space back before we got to a gigabyte of storage.

        Honestly, there are things I would like to do on my phone, but they just arent that fast yet.

        Although storage needs to go way up.

      • JDMillest

        thats like saying we really need 720, 1080, 2k, 4k etc etc etc etc.

      • namesib

        Fewer redraws and a more tolerant LMK are good things, surely. The more RAM the better.

    • Ronaldo Frota da Rocha

      Why not 16gb of internal Memory for the OS alone, 32 or 64 for user and 4gb of ram? My old nokia n8 had something like that (not that big ram, I mean the user storage apart from the OS)

    • Skye Simoncelli

      My Note 4 uses over 2gb ram as standard, with all background services stopped. Some may moan that Samsung needs to lighten touchwiz but I’m sure a little more ram would do just as well

    • ADB

      Note 5…? I think the 4 GB of RAM would be useful. As the systems themselves get more an more advanced, they require more devoted RAM. For example, my Note 3 has 3 GB but only 2.3 GB accessable because of the system. So with 4 GB perhaps only 3.1 would be available to the user. With Samsung Multi Tasking devotion and constant improvements, the more RAM the better.

  • Guest

    Im not thinking that it’s that pretty…

  • I dont like the design of LG G2 Flex… What do you guys think about it? :)

  • Phillip Bee

    Asus Padfone in the US finally

  • Marky606

    All of these phones sound amazing, but fact of the matter is that the most powerful and probably the most anticipated will be the Samsung galaxy note 4. This isn’t only for the fact that samsung are always unveiling new tricks and treats in their arsenal, but more so that we don’t really have a clue what they are going to get up to, where as with the others we can get a clear silhouette of what they will resemble. I am curious to see where they take the design of the note 4 as the leather worked so well… hopefully not in the same direction as the S5.

  • jeddo45

    Waiting for the Nexus 6 :)

    • duck hairs

      *cough* nexus 5 2014

      • jeddo45

        You know what I mean bro…

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      Yup, Nexus 5 too small, Nexus 7 too big, Nexus 6, perfect, 64 bit, 4 GB of RAM, QHD, 64 GB flash, 20 to 14 nm, hundreds of GPUs.

      • goobypls

        Hundreds of gpu cores. Not physical GPUs

        • stucrmnx120fshwf

          Lol, I thought the GPU cores were part of the physical universe too, although they simulate different physical universes. He he haw haw, so I suppose they could be considered theoretical units, being mathematical physics, chip micro architectures. So in a way you could consider them theoretical units, guffaws, but wait, the Buddha tells us that, we create the world with our thoughts. Also the physical universe, maybe merely a mathematical construct, like a video game. After all we’ve found error corecting code, in string theory physics mathematics.

          Laconic larican Aussies, enjoy a metaphysical debate, as much as the next Joker, enjoy the game, ha ha. Seems to me 9 months down the track, that One Plus One, half of the price, 64 GB of flash, 3 GB of RAM, is better value than the Nexus 6. Paid a whopping price for my 32 GB Nexus 9, 192 GPU cores, 64 bit, only 2 CPU cores for K1, 8 CPU cores for X1, announced CES 2015. Where’s my extra RAM, extra flash, why’s my Nexus 9, got less pixels and although 64 bit the same number of CPU cores as my old Nexus 10. My $100 android TV HDMI stick, has 32 GB of flash, 2 GB of RAM for crying out loud, where’s my UHD tablet, it’s over a year late, I want something to go with my $400 UHD TV. Just having some fun with you, hope you had a laugh, happy second half of the first decade of the twenty first century.

  • AndroidBrian

    I’m not really feeling project Ara. Flagship devices have the best hardware available. I don’t see how Ara can offer anything better, or at a lower price point. Its just a gimmick that wont last IMO.

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      Disagree, have you seen the Amlogic S802, you could upgrade the CPU/GPUs massively for a pittance. The screen could go from QHD to UD at a reasonable price, because you’ve already paid for the battery, frame, processing, memory, communications. Just as with the S802, you’ve already paid for the screen, screen processing, screen power, since it’s Android TV. You get UD, 2 GB of RAM, can put a micro SD card in it. With power already fixed, communications already fixed, at 4.4.2 Kit Kat, for, get this $80.

  • hoggleboggle

    So basically this will be an exact rehash of 2013. The big players all release their top phones in the beginning of the year to much disappointment after all the hype. This is then followed in the autumn by a slew of new top spec releases that make the spring phones look dated.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Too many phones. :'( I don’t have enough money for all of them. Wish I could get the s5 but switch it out with a Note 4 or whatever is better

  • Stephan Hall

    waiting for the Moto X to lower the price or I’ll buy a Nexus device!

    • BenGezarit

      I just spoke to marketing management. They are devastated that you will go with Nexus next time. Low it is. Just asking, how low should they go?

      • Stephan Hall

        yeah they call It “capitalism”! Get the “mostest for the leastest”! I prefer the money in my pocket …not theirs! Yes ….. the “marketing management” team are meeting now …plotting! bastards!

  • joser116

    Where is Nexus 6!

  • Karz000

    I will stick with Note series.
    Unless someone release Xperia Z2 Compact with stylus + thin bezel + s-lcd3 + stereo speakers + waterproof..

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Xperia Z2 Ultra! :)

  • Luke Nesh

    actually looking forward to lenovo

  • kirakira

    you failed to include sharp’s aquos flagship in your ranking for the phones with the best screen to body ratios


    this phone has a screen to body ratio of 80+%

    • Andrew White

      Agreed. Just had a look at the Sharp and the specs are impressive. Similar to the LG G2 in terms of size, processor etc. but the front and rear on paper are superior and that screen….simply beautiful.

  • najiy91

    just fine with 5″ display..and my answer will be something else,xperia z3 with oled and ir blaster and body made of full aluminium(overcome heat issue).that’s all.

  • Groud Frank

    Phablets were once the laughingstock of the smartphone world but even Apple is folding and supposedly offering a 5.5 inche device. Glad to see that they have stolen the attention of OEMs. I voted for the Note 4. Project Ara will not be mainstream anytime soon.

  • Andrew White

    Odd that the very revolutionary super fast charging, 1440p screened, TD-LTE 4g connectivity, carbon fibre backed and support for a 128GB SD card ‘Oppo Find 7’ wasn’t included in the brief review.

  • Nexusfan

    What about the next nexus?

  • johnyboyluzig

    I’m really looking forward to Project Ara and the Note 4. I picked up the Note 2 when it first released and had an overall positive experience. I’m hoping the camera gets a slight boast over the Galaxy S5. Project Ara looks like the backup phone I’ve always wanted to create or tinker with…..It would be interesting to create a type of Wi-Fi only phone just for fun.

  • Epic Tea

    I have a feeling this is going to be the biggest year for android ever, especially if all apple has up its sleeve is a bigger iphone, they are screwed. Android is just moving way too fast for apple, sure people will still buy iphones and they will still be one of the most popular devices, but with most android’s software in a snowball of innovation in features and improvements not to mention OEM’s bringing feature rich devices, even if some of them are gimmicks, they are stepping stones to innovation.

  • iamajimm

    Gawd I love my Note 3!!

  • Ryo


  • Jonathan Engelbart

    Forget the note 4. If Sammy does the same thing with the software like they did on the s5 it won’t be worth picking up. The latest touchwiz is horrible!

    • Samsungfan

      You’re A Joke

  • LadyinRed

    I voted samsung note 4 my next mobile early this year. ..

  • where nexus 6?

  • Annaise

    just wanna say Mi4 is probably a better option than OnePlusOne

  • Suleman Siddiqui

    it would be better if Samsung launches note 4 with 4 gb ram and 64 gb internal memory

  • Ahmad Awad

    sony z3 wo

  • D’Sar Darkstar

    I’m waiting for the HTC One M9 Prime. Period.

  • Nabil

    all articles available in this blog is very interesting and useful Pantangan Makanana Kista Ovarium

  • Vinay

    One glaring error in this article…LG WAS NOT THE 1ST COMPANY TO COME UP WITH A 2560×1440 DISPLAY…IT WAS 3RD!! First it was BBK Vivo, then Oppo with the find 7, then LG. And how can you include OnePlus One and LG in this article without inclyding the find 7?? It deserves to be on the list just as much as the other 2…

  • Yash Jain

    what about xiaomi mi4………..

  • John Zakaria

    No z4 on the list….

  • LG G4?? Anyone see the leaked pics of the HTC?? Looks like the front is all screen….if they are accurate

  • Cole Walter Tague

    Are people sure that the galaxy s6 is indeed project zero and not project o because past galaxy phones have been project m n etc. Because project o makes more sense especially since the latest leaks show a phone that is not a makeover or built from the ground up. It’s last year’s and the year before that but bigger with metal frame like the note r. Oh if the leak is real anyways. Project zero or the letter O?? Lemme know

  • hariton

    HTC One 2 ???

  • Abhinav Singh

    Iphone 6s which will maybe have sapphire display

  • Marius Rye

    LG G4, it’s rumored to have a pen like the Note.

  • Marty

    I’d say the HTC One M9 is the most anticipated. HTC makes the best phones. And they’re made of metal – always a plus.

  • Stas

    Someone can explain me why One Plus simply doesn’t take android as operating system instead of experimenting with CM and own rom? From my point of view, this is the unique weakness of the phone.

  • joseph carmine nero

    Sony xperia Z4

  • Alan Leon

    Sooo…no love for the HTC m9?

  • Emmet

    Can they not use an old polling page to create this new one? We have comments on here from 9 months ago.

  • Glenn MochaRaptor Daniels

    HTC M9? Cannot believe you did not list the M9.

  • Ronaldski

    LG G4. 64-bit, 4000mAh battery, water/shockproof, you knowwww

  • Skye Simoncelli

    I shall be sticking with Samsung until other OEM’s up their game. Sure my Note 4 is plastic and stutters occasionally but changing to any other phone would be sacrificing more than I am gaining. The display, camera, battery life, robustness and extra features…I guess I’m choosing to believe Samsung can improve their software before anyone manages to beat their hardware.

  • Lilith_Black

    I am looking forward to see what Note 5 has to offer: that’s only coz I like phablets (changing to bigger screen and never going back XD)

    If Note continues its monopoly as the only phone with decent multitasking cap capabilities to take advantage of bigger screen and RAM (i.e. windowed apps for even popular 3rd party ones like Dolphin, WhatsApp etc, the reduced display and side bar for one hand use) I will definitely get Note 6 (I need to wait for my contract to end).
    I love those bonus (to me since I still don’t see good notetaking apps on Android: pls develop for Android Notability/Goodnotes! ) nifty cropping tricks and stylus function and sensitivity which really gives really realistic handwriting and convenient features like scribbling and automatically saving contacts!

  • Major Sceptic

    In all honesty I don’t know if I will be upgrading next year, I’m pretty happy with my note 4, I can’t see the screen getting better than the note in any meaningful way,
    Like most of the other current flagship models it runs pretty fast on 99% of things and I’m happy with the build and form factor.
    For me personally some software tweaking in some areas could be done just to polish the user experience.
    most of the flagships of today are pretty good,

    instead of building whole new devices…….. how about just perfecting the ones we already have , I just don’t see a need to spend a big wad of money every year for small gain.

  • The Calm Critic

    Voted for Mi5 as I’m done with the “established” flagship RRPs. Can’t vote for G Flex 2 yet if LG is still stuck on their ridiculous 3rd devs’ unfriendly ways and I’m the only guy here who’s up for a Nexus 6 refresh (because..batt size).

  • Jeff Martinez

    My dream phone for 2015, a Sony Xperia Z4 GPE.

  • Rick_Deckard

    Sony Xperia Z4 for me!!!!!!!!

  • ccc

    enough, i had Android phones for about 4 years, my next one will be from apple. This crap is still laggy crap, even with ART. Android is not meant to be on touchscreen, it wil always be crappy, with stutters etc. ef it.

  • Cellphoneguy

    Tired of Samsung, have a Nexus 5 on Lollipop now and battery is garbage, looking forward to the Sony Z4.

  • Jamie Watt

    What, no mention of the Motorola Droid-branded successor to the Nexus 6? Sadness.

  • namesib

    I’m most looking forward to Project Ara (for its potential and novelty), followed by the S6 (because I like Samsung phones).

  • namesib

    Wait, why are there 9-month-old comments? :/ Isn’t it easier to just create a whole new article?

  • Nikhil Kalra

    I would like to see Nexus5 new version with premium build and upgraded specs no need to change anything else. It’s just perfect even now. Rock solid performer just lil week in build wise.

  • caureu

    Waiting for xperia fourth generation line (Z4, E4 maybe C4 too)

  • jj

    I fundamentally do not understand Project Ara. The lifecycle of a phone is not long enough to warrant the whole upgradable chassis thing. It’s going to fail. Most people are not going to want to have the same thing in their pocket for 3, 4, 5 years.

  • dominated by low income mom and pops. (i use to work for the insurance company that handled their phones).

    Latest Mobiles News

  • Stanly David

    can simply turn it upside down? If this does not work, they’ve really missed a trick!

    Latest Mobiles News

  • Sandesh S M

    i can see some nice future in asus zenfone 3….